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  1. Nope, sounds like a bug. Nope Yep, go to the difficulty settings menu. There's an option.
  2. Hmm, I thought I had fixed that. I will investigate.
  3. That depends on whether whatever planet pack you are playing with actually supports this mod or not.
  4. Thanks, but thre is a very long history with regard to CKAN, and modders time being wasted with such. Hence, I do not and never will support it. Spending hours upon hours on mods for no reward is bad enough. Spending several more hours maintaining meta data for CKAN just isn';t worth my time. If the community can't install them without CKAN that's up to them. Unzipping a file is not hard. I play with tons of mods installed, and I have no issue doing it without CKAN. But,each to their own. Have a great day!
  5. Sorry it took like a century to update this mod. I still haven't finished fixing the visual bugs, but I figured better to get something out that functionally works. Download links in the OP V1.13.0 (10/04/2021) - NOTE there are still issues with the detail levels of planets and viewing them through telescopes that I need to sort out. *Re-compile for KSP 1.12.x. *Fix issue where CBs were becomming visible when they shouldn't be. *Fix issue where CB visibility was not being reset when loading different save games in the same game session. *Fix issue where errors would occur and game stuck when entering the SOI of a CB that hadn't been discovered before. *Fix issue where Asteroids entering CBs were making them discovered. *Fix issue with bumpmaps on CBs. *Fix issue with lighting on CBs. *Added setting to DAtabase.cfg file that allows the player to manually change the research percentage step for research plans. (Default 10%). *Fix RCS FX on TRBH-75M telescope (thanks linuxgurugamer).
  6. That's a mistake on my part. Background resources is required for Deepfreeze to run and is distributed with Deepfreeze in the distribution zip file. The problem is with people playing around with the install files, so if you install the zip supplied by me you will have no issues. As stated in the opening post, I do not, and never will support the likes of CKAN. The install instructions for all my mods are included both at the download site and in the opening post of the thread for each mod.
  7. No doubt it does. A request can be made to add support. I have to say it's going to be terribly low on my list though. ie. Probably never happen.
  8. There is no way to make it work with stock parts. This variable only works on vessels that are NOT the active vessel.
  9. I will have to look into that issue/conflict when I have time.
  10. No logs = no support. sorry. Without logs I can't investigate your issue. For yours in particular I would also need the save files.
  11. quite likely given it was the first mod I ever did for KSP, and some of the features are very inefficient
  12. This depends, I would not say they are nor recommend it. This is because generally a verison of a mod is compiled against a version of KSPs DLLs. So it may be using code that is introduced or changed in KSP for a particular version. Bottom line is: You should use the version of the mod to match the version of KSP you are using.
  13. There is a totally separate, but equally complicated heat system.
  14. It is on my list. But Holiday season, family things, etc have meant I didn't find the time I wanted to. I will try to get it done as soon as I can. I know a lot of people are waiting for this.
  15. You are missing one of the installation files. Please re-install as per the instructions in the opening post.
  16. Still not following you. The TST telescopes part module is responsible for running the animations for this mod. The animations are legacy animation (as is all parts in KSP1). There is no toggle animation. there are two animations on the model. One to open it and one to close it., Some mods use just the one animation and run it backwards or forwards. This mod does not. Perhaps you are referring to actual KSP actions? where an action appears in the part action window that allows you to "toggle" the part open or closed? That is different to the actual animations themselves. in the code for the part module it will run either the open or close animation when this is clicked by the user. baseTransformName = "Telescope"; is the default for the field you asked about. But this field isn't actually used for anything in the mod. Because when this mod was made, the stock KSP science containers couldn't do what they do now. Believe most of the functionality as you have pintyed out was added with KSP 1.2. Before that they were much more limited. Hence this mods containers were superior.
  17. there is no toggle? Not sure what you are looking for now. The transforms are not the animations. you asked for the animations. The animations are named "open" and "close". The transforms are used for other functionality such as - "control from here" - where the camera is attached to "cameraTransform" and the "LookTransform" the transform it Looks from.
  18. [KSPField] public string animationClipNameClose = "close"; [KSPField] public string animationClipNameOpen = "open";
  19. DeepFreeze requires CRP for resources used by this mod.
  20. What @Anth12 says is correct, and it was never intended to completely fix the issue. For a full explanation and some of the reasoning, read my devblog. Link is in the opening post.
  21. not by me. This mod is now superseded by KSP 1.12.3 release. You can safely remove this mod once you upgrade to 1.12.3 and your crafts and saves should continue to work without an issue.
  22. Welcome to another KSP Devblog! This time we’re going to talk about some bugs. In particular, two, Docking Port Drift/Issues and Robotics Drift. What am I talking about when I say drift? A number of issues have been found and brought up on both the forum and our bug tracker regarding the new Docking Port rotation feature that was introduced in KSP 1.12 On Final Approach.These issues are similar and somewhat related to a number of issues we have known about for some time with regard to the robotic parts from the Breaking Ground DLC. Both sets of problems are inherent to the architecture of KSP due to the way it defines and saves information about the connected parts in a vessel. In order to address and fix these problems correctly (if indeed it can be fixed totally),we would need to spend quite a bit of time and resources, as well as consider the risk associated with making a large change to the way KSP handles this information, and also do it in a way that would not break everyone’s existing save games. As you all no doubt know by now, we are no longer planning any further major updates for KSP and instead the whole team is now engaged on KSP2. That said, we know how much these two issues have been hurting the community, and hurting us knowing that, so we have put together a small patch to address these two issues in the most practical way possible considering all the delivery factors. The Fix In order to address these two issues without re-architecting large parts of KSP code we have found a compromise solution that reduces the impact of these issues whilst not completely eliminating them. We hope, to a point, that means they become less of an issue for you all. Docking Ports and Robotic parts all have an option that allows you to “Lock” the part in place. This option is available via the Part Action Window (PAW) or right click/context menu for each part. The compromise solution involves handling the saving of all the vessel’s parts differently depending on whether a docking port or robotic part is “Locked” or not. What happens “under the hood” so to speak is that when a Vessel is either Put on Rails or Unloaded / Saved KSP has to Save both the position and rotation of any Unlocked Robotic parts or Docking Ports (as well as ALL of their children in the part hierarchy) so that when it is reloaded or taken off rails it can re-position these parts relative to each other. This is not usually an issue for parts, as their relative position and rotation does not change once the craft has been built in the VAB/SPH and subsequently been launched. The exception of course is the Docking Ports which can now rotate (and rotate everything attached to them) and Robotic parts that can perform rotations, movement, etc. The changes that have been made involve not saving the rotations and positions of all docking ports and robotic parts (and all their children in each case) if the part has been placed in the “Locked” state. So in summary,if you want to avoid the “drift” and rotation issues with Docking Ports and Robotic Parts, just remember to always set your Docking Ports and Robotic Parts to “Locked” state when you aren’t rotating or moving them.
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