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  1. Nothing stopping you, except it won't do anything unless a mod has been written to specifically use it. Far as I know only TAC LS and my other mod DeepFreeze are the only two that use it.
  2. I don't see that myself. You will have to provide a lot more information. Nope. But providing as much information as you can would help to reproduce the problem. ie: Step by step, what to do to see the problem? Providing save files also helps. (assuming your save doesn't have 50 other mods installed).
  3. pretty much most of the mods should work OOTB with 1.9 from 1.8.1. We always work to limit the impact on mods as much as possible. 1.8 was a big one because we updated the underlying Unity Engine.
  4. Need a bit more info. Such as, what window is open. What was happening at the time? Can you supply some simple reproduction steps?
  5. Copy the Endurance folder into GameData. The Zip file contains pre-built ships using the mods parts. that you can unzip and copy into your saves/ships folders if you want to use them.
  6. depends how far away they are from the telescope. They all have ranges. So if it's too far away, you can't see it... so you have to move it further out in the solar system. and yes you can change this. it's in the cfg files.
  7. I ditched this mod myself.. and my mods don't use it. Instead I wrote my own. It's currently distributed with a couple of my mods. I did have plans to release it as a separate mod, but haven't got there yet... you know, real life priorities, etc.
  8. Suggest updating to the latest version of KSP and the mod. I only support the latest version.
  9. No sorry there isn't. No there isn't. If you want to start modding, I recommend using the latest version.
  10. Do you mean what bodies and galaxies appear in the telescope UI? It should show only ones you have discovered already or ones that are part of an active contract depending what option you select in the UI in career games. In sandbox games you should see them all all the time. I couldn't find anything in your log.. but if you are still having issues with a particular save if you can share that save file then I can try to figure out what is going on.
  11. This didn't make it into 1.8.x. sorry about that. That said, the materials can be changed for a part with a small piece of code. The AvailablePart for your part has a reference to the iconPrefab template object. You could search this for renderers/materials and replace them as you so desire. EDIT: Though reading your comment again now, I'm not sure it's understood what you are asking for. Do you want to be able to specify your own materials to be used instead of the masked 3d objects shaders? Do you want to be able to map your own shaders to one of the stock masked 3d objects shaders?
  12. V7.9 published. Fixes the broken chem cam. Fixes bodies not showing up in the bodies list in the telescope UI in career games.
  13. Ah yea.. Because something changed in KSP 1.8 that I missed. I'll release a patch. Yeah, I've reproduced the problem. I will release a patch. Should be. But you can change it in TSTMMKopernicus.cfg file in the TST folder in gamedata.
  14. No they shouldn’t. Almost all mods that have been updated already to work with 1.8.0 should work fine in 1.8.1.
  15. This was fixed in 1.8 update. There is also an ability to delete all messages in the messages app as well now.
  16. The message spam was fixed in 1.8. There is also an ability to delete all messages in the message app now as well.
  17. They are per celestial body as Vanamonde said already. You can deploy more that one of each experiment on the same celestial body but they generate diminishing returns of science.
  18. The Surface Features and Deployed Science have contracts. There are no contracts for Robotics.
  19. 1.8 changelog: * Add alternators (producing electric charge) on LiquidFuel Robotic Rotors.
  20. From changelog: * Fix Deployed Science Log and Message system spam. They were always meant to send every 10% of the data. So the bug was fixed and it’s now working as designed.
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