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  1. Sorry you downloaded what version from what thread?? If you downloaded the version from THIS thread it is OLD. Please go to the new Thread on the link below and ensure you are using the latest version. If you require support and you are using that version. Please follow the instructions below and post help request on the NEW thread. As per my previous post in this thread: If you are using this version of the mod I am not surprised. I have been maintaining a caretaker version since KSP V0.90 here. If you are in fact using the latest version of the mod (currently 5.2) then you will need to post more information. But please do so in the new OP as per the link above. Follow these instructions for support.
  2. Yes thanks. As per previous posts by Olympic1. This is a known issue and will be fixed in next version, which is coming soon. The Next Version will include new single Kerbal 1.25M freezer (a.k.a. the CRY-0300) Sneak-peek (textures and internals are not finalized), and Yes that is a transparent part with external doors that open and close and is fully active (not a dummy) so you can see the internal from the outside.
  3. No Probs. Problem fixed then! I hadn't noticed that before. This is because AmpYear adds 50 Reserve power to all parts that have ModuleCommand (IE: Pods and Probes) using the power of Module Manager. The Mechjeb parts have ModuleCommand on it. You can change the file \GameData\REPOSoftTech\AmpYear\MMConfigAmpYear.cfg to the following (the change is highlighted) it will remove all Reserve Power from both MechJeb parts. I'll include this change in the next version. @PART [*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleCommand][B],!MODULE[MechJebAR202],!MODULE[MechJebPod][/B]]:NEEDS[AmpYear] { RESOURCE { name = ReservePower amount = 50 maxAmount = 50 } }
  4. Should work fine adding to an existing save. without Logs... I can't help much. Refer to how to get support thread here.
  5. Latest version now allows you to show the Parts List consumption/production of EC part by part while in flight.
  6. I had a look through your logs. I see nothing related to AmpYear in the log. You still have errors in your log for various mods.. KerboKatz, FPSLimiter, FAR, remoteTech, Contracts+, CapCom ,.. to name a few. I'd say a) your save file is corrupted. Why that is: could be a lot of different things. with so many mods installed and errors in your log probably some mod is creating these errors/corruption. You could try uninstalling mods one by one by process of elimination to find what is causing the problem. But I would copy your save file first. Because removing mods will create problems with your save file. Also upgrading mods can create problems with save files. You should always copy your save file before upgrading, adding, removing mods against a save in progress. Sorry but I don't see this as being a AmpYear issue as it works in a new save and/or a new install. I'd say your current save is corrupted.
  7. That KAS msg is because AmpYear is compiled against KAS version 0.5.2 and KAS is now up to 0.5.3, but that does not stop AmpYear from working and has nothing to do with why you are not getting the icons. Your log is the same. I can't do anything more without a log with "debug" on and even then I would as I suggested try a new separate install with just AmpYear to see if you get the icons. If you do then that would indicate some other mod is causing the problems.
  8. Wow. So many mods. I'm not going to add a lot of value here. I looked through your logs. I cannot see anything obviously wrong with AmpYear. It loads and there are no errors related to AmpYear. You do have LOTS of errors though in your log. Pretty much all of them are related to FAR. Are you sure you are running FAR 0.15.4 (the latest?) because in your log it just says FAR 0.15. I would try a vanilla/separate install of KSP with just AmpYear first. If that works your problem is all these mods. IE: Something else is interfering. I'd also suggest turning debug on in AmpYear config.cfg file to capture more debugging info for AmpYear. I can't offer much more than that as I don't have linux.
  9. If you want to share and have me distribute this with the general release of the mod please send to me via Private Message. Thanks. EDIT: Sorry, just picked up your pull request. Thanks!!! I'll look at it later.
  10. Really? Thanks. Thought I changed that. I'll fix it next version.
  11. No it shouldn't if you are using up and it Should work with 1.0 up. But as always back up your save file when you upgrade any mod
  12. What a lot of you have all been waiting for. V0.17.1.0 is a Parts release. Yes finally, a 3-kerbal Part the CRY-1300 has been added. See changelog for full details. Please ensure you Delete old installs before installing new version due to re-factoring of directories. This will NOT break save games.
  13. New Version fixes Icon issue and updated for Latest SCANSat V14.0. If you use SCANSat please ensure you are using V14.0. - - - Updated - - - You are correct. But AmpYear Kerbal Engineers here at REPOSoftTech don't know about that... so their AmpYear device uses 0.17EC to perform all AmpYear management functions per vessel. BTW: Latest version I have added ability to show the PartList in Flight. So you can see Power production and usage per part on your vessel now in flight (previously only had this in the VAB/SPH). Enjoy!!
  14. As mentioned. My DeepFreeze Continued... mod does animations in IVA. for what you are talking about it can be done, But you will need to a) create your model in blender/unity with animations. create your part/mod c) create code for your part/partmodule to intercept the event and do the animation
  15. Sure. They shouldn't cause issues with AmpYear. But like I said there is a bug with using ToolBar that I will fix this weekend. I've also just noticed SCANSat was updated on the 5th (V14.0 same day as I updated AmpYear) but I did not pick this version up. Hence the AmpYear message about SCANSat. I'll include update for that version as well when I fix the icon issue.
  16. You have lots of errors... most of them appear to be for USI and Kopernicus. Are you running the latest versions of those? The only message related to AmpYear in your log is: AY.AYController[FFF6452E][98.10]: Wrong SCANsat library version - disabled. Which means you don't have the latest ScANSat installed. All the final errors in your file: <RI.Hid> Failed to get device caps is related to your controller (joystick?) I can see no errors in your log related to AmpYear but I did find the bug you mention about Blizzy toolbar in flight. I will post a fix for that in the next few days, in the meantime please use the stock app launcher. I would suggest upgrading SCANSat, Kopernicus and USI. (save your persistent file if you haven't already). With all these errors, may be corrupt already.
  17. Or you add a MM config file for them? Which is exactly what I, and no doubt others, have done. But having this available would be awesome.
  18. Yes. Latest version is compatible with USI-LS. Refer the OP and change log.
  19. First, Thanks for your feedback. You can stop the power drain by turning the Manager Off - So if you want to hibernate your vessel you can do that. This is a FLAT management overhead of: 0.017 EC per sec. I'm not aware of any kind of monitoring equipment that does not require electrical charge? As for doubling up on calculations. I do not believe this to be correct. The only Electrical charge this mod consumes is:- Management overhead. Power turn when on and in use. ION RCS uses EC if you are using those. That's it. The rest of what you see is consumption of EC by all the parts on your vessel. Not AmpYear itself. So what you might be seeing, incorrect reporting of EC usage? So you have singled out TAC LS and Probe cores. - I will check the function of AmpYear (which is to report usage of these parts and mods) are in fact showing correct values. Perhaps what makes it hard is it doesn't split out the different parts and mods usage, it just shows one usage figure under Power Drain which is ALL the parts and mods using EC. So to summarize: AmpYear adds no power consumption to your vessel except the Flat management overhead of 0.017EC per second when the Manager is switched ON. Because all electronic systems require Power. Power turns and ION RCS when on will consume EC (and is shown separately). The "Power Drain" figure is a TOTAL of ALL EC usage on your vessel including TAC LS, etc.
  20. Hey thanks. But all Cred for the models must go to MerlinsMaster. Send him Rep! - - - Updated - - - Thanks! It was tricky, haven't seen many animations in IVA before. and thanks to MerlinsMaster for his Amazing Modelling and animation work!
  21. V0.17.0.0 "Animated Cryopods" edition. Yep, cryopods are now animated. This completes the core functional code changes that we have had planned for the past few months. Coming up very soon, what you have all been waiting for - more freezer parts in various sizes. But wanted to get this out so everyone can enjoy the animations, and the fix for USI Life Support. Enjoy!!! PS. See the changelog for full details and ensure you delete previous DeepFreeze folder before you install. This should NOT break save games from ver onwards.
  22. OK, I've looked at RoverDude's code.. I can see what is happening. And good news is I can fix it without having to ask him to make a change. (unlike TAC LS, which needs a change at the TAC LS end). So I will make a change and test it and get a patch update out in the next couple of days.
  23. This is with USI LS not TAC LS? This is a known isue with TAC LS, and I have posted a work-around as have been waiting for TaranisElsu to update TAC LS. So this is also occurring with USI LS? OK - thanks, I'll investigate.
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