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  1. Good point. I forgot. I could do what I do in my KabinKraziness mod and shut down the EC usage when timewarp is over 5x (EC usage seems to work up to 4x). So taking the list angel-125 posted, where are we at?: - management window that is standard toolbar and blizzy toolbar compatible - Done. - thaw all kerbals - Can be done - but tricky - you need 3000EC stored on the vessel per kerbal.. otherwise it is going to stop thawing at some point. - freeze all kerbals - Cane be done - but same issue as previous point. - KAS container with Glykerol, fits standard mounting rack - could be done... I'm thinking what about KIS/KAS now.. is this still what is wanted? - small KAS grabbable Glykerol processing unit - KAS or KIS? probably both. Need more info on how this unit functions - inputs and outputs parameters anyone? - check resource requirements before freezing - it does already. - ongoing freeze requirements - done. but as per previous post, timewarp stock bug with EC and solar panels isn't going away. Perhaps I can turn it off when timewarp is high (I know this works, but cuts back on the realism). - 6-person hitchhiker-sized kryopod - Is support, just needs the models.. - IVAs - Hmm more models. anyone putting their hand up to do the modelling for the containers, smaller cryopod and IVAs? Also, Crew Xfers - needs to be fixed properly and work more friendly with Ship Manifest mod. - My main focus right now. New request from curiousepic to have a operating temperature range. - What do people think? Thoughts on the above?
  2. Well it's modder built documentation, through trail and error. I suggest we all pull together to update it ourselves. Instructions are here - https://github.com/Anatid/XML-Documentation-for-the-KSP-API/blob/master/README.md
  3. Are you using my forked (latest) 0.14.3 version? because I thought I fixed the crew xfer pushing each other into lockers. This behavior just has to stop! I know there is an issue with Xfers using Shim Manifest if you have realism mode on in that mod.. but I thought I had fixed the other bugs. As stated a few posts back, I'm not planning on doing much more with my fork of this mod just yet until we establish the whereabouts of the original author, if he plans to keep developing this, or if he wants to hand over the reigns.
  4. Ok, I get where you are coming from. Final question is: how do we regulate said temperature with any kind of consistency? What parts can we use for that? Oh - I have an idea or two, but looking for other ideas on that one as well.
  5. Im not sure I am following you. you want the cryofreezer to have a maximum temperature? And what happens when this max temperature is reached? All parts have a max temp so not sure that is what you really mean. Do you mean a minimum operating temperature? Or, Do you mean it should have a temperature range that it must be kept at? How do you regulate this temperature? - - - Updated - - - NP
  6. Not by me sorry. I am not the author of this mod, nor do I have his permission to maintain or change it. But the license does allow me to branch off my own version, which I have done. I have no intention of continuing to update this mod until we establish the intentions of the original author.
  7. V0.14.3 NEW FORKED UPDATE VERSION CLICK HERE. To install, Delete <KSP install directory>\gamedata\PaladinLabs\*.* Download new ZIP from link above and unzip it into your <KSP install directory> This will BREAK you SAVE games unless you: Un-Freeze all Crew and return/destory/recover all vessels with CryoFreezers attached. I've created a new update V0.14.3 on my forked branch of this mod. Changes are: So Many fixes... and tweaks. -Crew are now not assigned DEAD status when frozen, but are changed from type=crew to type=unowned. Changed the Freezer Part to have Placeholder Internals and Crewspace for 10 crew by default. Removed how the mod changed the Crewspace dynamically as this was causing problems with other mods. Added Blizzy Toolbar Support (if you want to use Blizzy Toolbar you will have to download and install that separately) and Applauncher Icons - with built in GUI that will: -Display frozen crew and buttons to thaw them. -Display crew in the freezer part and buttons to freeze them. Now has a Config.cfg file in the Plugins directory. Settings for:- - DFWindowPosX and Y (default X & Y position for the GUI window). - useAppLauncher = True - will use the stock app launcher buttons for the GUI window. - useAppLauncher = False - will use Blizzy Toolbar (have to install this separately for the GUI window. - debugging = False/True - turn on/off debug messages in the KSP log. - ECreqdForFreezer = False/True - Turns on the consumption of ElectricCharge when you have frozen kerbals in the freezer part. Default this is set to False. If Set to True, you can change the amount of ElectricCharge used in the part.cfg file for the CryoFreezer. Set FrznChargeRequired = X, where X is the amount of EC to use per frozen kerbal per minute. WARNING: If you turn this feature on and you run out of electric charge Frozen Kerbals WILL DIE! randomly. Added KSP-AVC support for my forked copy of this mod. Please be AWARE that there are some issues still with transferring Crew using Ship Manifest mod (SM) as per previous comments. But as long as you do not freeze/thaw kerbals whilst you are transferring kerbals (IE: Wait for each function to finish before doing another) then you should be fine. I am working with the author of Ship Manifest for a permanent fix.
  8. Hi again Papa_Joe. Hmmm.. reverting your crew move behavior isn't a clean fix from the perspective of the actual xfer process. But would remove the issue. and as for exposing flags - perhaps a simple Interface exposing the Bools for the various Xfers might be useful to other mods? IE: A clean Interface file like the CLS one you use would be best. An ugly one would be making the bools public. What about this idea: How about using the actual in-game crew transfer 'CrewTransfer.Create' method. I haven't tried it myself, but I'm assuming this is how the Xfer works when you click on the hatch of crewed parts and it also fires GameEvents.onCrewTransferred which other mods can use to know when a xfer is happening (which DeepFreeze is currently doing).
  9. Yes thanks, I have some fixes regarding the crew going missing and all working except when you do crew transfers using SM in realism mode, if this scenario you can freeze kerbals while they are being xfered in SM and end up with two of them. Waiting for some more info from Papa_Joe (author of SM).
  10. Hi Papa_Joe, yes I revived this mod for 1.0.x. I've looked through the DeepFreeze code again and believe it is not entirely working the way I think the original author intended, and it indeed is not playing nicely with SM. I'm working on fixes from a DeepFreeze angle, and believe I got it all working - EXCEPT - SM when it does crew transfers in real mode, during the delay processing there appears to be no way for another mod to know that this is happening as you have all your vars set to internal and there is no API? So I can start a xfer in SM and still move and freeze/thaw them during the process. When SM finishes the transfer - suddenly I have TWO crew. The quickest fix for this I can see (other than implementing an Interface for SM) would be to expose crewXfer in SMAddon that I can check, or perhaps in WindowTransfer.TransferCrewMemberComplete you should be checking the crew member is still there before completing the move?
  11. Yes, as tobyb121 has been missing in action for many months, I have taken on caretaker of this MOD and started a new thread here, here I am maintaining it.
  12. Ok thanks Angel-125. Before I embark on adding and fixing these things... Do we want to establish what has happened to the original author of this mod???? Should we try to track him down? Give him some time? Or just add and fix these things in my Forked version? - Thoughts from people? Now what everyone has been waiting for. A fully working version that works in KSP 1.0.x This version (0.14.2) Works fully in KSP 1.0.x ----> GO TO THIS LINK To install delete your old version (even my temp fix version from the other day) by deleting <gameinstalldirectory>\GameData\PaladinLabs\ Download the ZIP from the link above. Unzip it into your <Gameinstalldirectory>\GameData\ Fixes from my other temp patch the other day: Fixed the Part right-click Action buttons glitch. Works great now. Tested Freezing/Thawing multiple Kerbals. EVAing Kerbals, re-boarding Kerbals, switching vessels and Recovering Vessels. All seems to work just as it did before. Enjoy!
  13. Working on it... Something has changed in 1.0.x - I've got it half fixed. Give me a day or two. I don't think this is a bug with this mod. I think what you are describing is a Feature of RemoteTech. IE: You can't command a vessel if there is no manned Pod or Probe. If your vessel has no probe and only a command pod, the way remotetech works is as soon as there is no Kerbal in the pod you cannot control the vessel. Try attaching a probe to your vessel if you want to freeze ALL kerbals on the vessel and have an antenna connection. That's how RemoteTech is supposed to work. What you are asking for is a work-around to RemoteTech.
  14. Work In Progress KSP 1.0.x compatible update is located here. DELETE OLD Versions completely. And re-install from this ZIP file into your gamedata directory. What WORKS: The part attach nodes now work correctly in the VAB. No errors encountered in VAB. Freezing and Thawing Kerbals works. KNOWN BUG: The part right click menu to thaw and freeze kerbals is glitchy. But it DOES work from what I can tell. If it glitches, close the part menu and re-open it. - I need more time to fix this, but have run out of time for today. UNKNOWN BUGS: Dunno - use with caution. May kill kerbals, or make them vanish. I did minimum testing. But seemed ok.
  15. You are two versions behind the latest and there was a bug that was spamming the log in the VAB. but it is fixed in v0.16a. See the changelog in the Opening Post. As suggested before, delete the mod version you have installed and download and re-install manually from kerbalstuff or GitHub. See OP links.
  16. Is anyone willing to update this mod? Angel-125? If not, I will take a look at it. Give me until the end of this weekend to see what I can do. EDIT: actually. The author, although hasn't been active on the forums. He has been active on GitHub with the source. 20 days ago he reverted his code that someone had done for 1.0. So perhaps he is still maintaining it? Just busy? Although he did make a commit/revert comment saying "more than I've been doing lately". I'll get a forked version working. What would speed things up is a list of what's broken or error msgs or logs. cheers.
  17. Thanks. I don't support CKAN. I didn't put this mod on CKAN. If you are having issues with CKAN installs please install manually from the download links in the OP. I don't trust CKAN. Also check you don't have a BTSM.DLL somewhere in your install. Also, if you get it to do it again, please post steps of how to re-create the problem and a log file. I've had a look just tonight at the code, and my own installs. I can't get this issue myself, and like I said BTSM has not been updated for KSP 1.0.X. So unless you have a old copy of BTSM installed.. you should not get this error. Does it occur in VAB(editor) or flight? or both?
  18. BTSM wold be wrong no matter what - seeing as how it is not updated for KSP 1.0.x yet and I haven't updated this mod for any KSP 1.0.x version of BTSM - obviously. I don't get this problem without BTSM installed and surprised you would either. I'd need more info to do any further investigation. Ie: what version of AmpYear are you using and a log file please.
  19. Yeah thanks Sarbian. I was looking at the classes already and it looks easy to add your own checks like you describe, but I was trying to figure out how to turn off some of the design concern checks on some parts etc. as it has some defaults for checking if resources are used, or not. Eg: RCS fuel in command pod but no RCS thrusters you get a warning about not having anything that uses the resource. Also, how it reports no parachute for some reason in some circumstances and not others.. When the pod does have a parachute. It's obviously bugged. But I haven't gotten far yet into looking into it as I am a bit time poor. So was wondering if anyone else has played around with it.
  20. Updated to v0.3 which fixes the Kelvin temperatures to use correct Celsius conversion in the command pod right click menus. Added KSP-AVC support... Things to to, but short on time at the moment: Want to add the new KSP 1.0.X heat system affecting the cabin temps. Other ideas such as Remote Tech / comms checks, etc.
  21. What version are you using? I fixed this bug in the latest version. Please check you have the latest version 0.16a from kerbalstuff. If you installed 0.16 you will still have the bug because I accidentally distributed the old 0.15 DLL in the 0.16 package but fixed it in the latest one you can download. See posts above. If you still have the error and are using the latest version please post a log.
  22. This is something everyone wants. Resource usage and/or now in 1.0 resource conversion etc on vessels that are on rails. The game just doesn't support it. Sure you can simulate it like the life support mods, but they do it by hitting the vessel when you switch back to it. Not when it is on rails. There is another mod called background processing but again it's simulating/replicating the resource usage. It's a lot of work and Right now this mod does not support electrical charge usage for on rails or during high time warp. Because electrical charge was weird and flakey in .90 at high time warp. I haven't had time to check it out in 1.0.x yet. But I will, so high time warp, yes, on active vessel I would like to fix. but this mod doing resource usage for vessels on rails.. Not so sure. Once you d it for one part, why not all parts, etc. not sure how far I'd like to go down that rabbit hole. Why are you requesting this feature? Perhaps if I knew that would help me form an opinion.
  23. Yes, thanks. Change to my distribution process made for conversion to DDS texture formats, didn't actually work and distributed the old version in the ZIP file. New version with the right DLL in the ZIP has now been published.
  24. Small changes - V0.16 published see OP - Fixed log spam in the Editor. Updated to support scanSAT v12 and Remote Tech 1.6.4. Converted all textures to DDS for faster loading. Added KSP-AVC support.
  25. Yep thanks. I'm waiting for other mods to be updated to 1.0.x and I will do an update. Currently they are: Near Future Electrical (think it might be already), KAS, RemoteTech (just saw it got updated today), ScanSAT (was updated couple of days ago). that just leaves KAS, which I dunno is going to be udpated or not as KIS reigns supreme at the moment. I'll do an update later tonight. sometimes Real Life gets in the way.
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