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  1. Has anyone figured out how to manipulate the Engineers report yet? There is a new EngineersReport class and PreFlightTests namespace. I've been playing around with them but can't figure it out.
  2. Ok thanks, I'll look into a fix but right now I am at work. EDIT: Fix sorted, but will release when I have some more updates as the bug doesn't cause any problems with the mod, just log spam if you have no vessel loaded in the VAB, once you start building a vessel or load a vessel it stops.
  3. Excellent. Glad you like it. the load shedding functions are still basic, so open to any and all suggestions in that regard. currently, it shuts down lights, wheels, non-essential power consumers and activates solar panels automatically when low main power, and of course runs off reserve power if you have it on your ship. Or, you can manually transfer reserve power to main.
  4. New version 0.15 includes fix for the Z-1k reserve battery attachment node and fix for log spam if you have wrong version of TACLS installed. Also updated to support TACLS v0.11.1.20, AntennaRange v1.8, Near Future Solar v0.5.0 Still awaiting updates to: Near future electrical, KAS, RemoteTech, Interstellar, BTSM, RTKolonists. If anyone wants a particular mod support to be added let me know. Support is only added for mods that contain ELECTRICAL CHARGE (EC) parts that use or produce EC, and are popular. As that's what this mod is about.
  5. Hi xEvilReeperx, I've run into an incompatibility with other mods using Contracts. This mod is blocking the ability for contracts to complete science transmission. IE: If a contract requires science to be transmitted or recovered then transmitting the data does NOT complete the contract. Completion of science in contracts is usually done by most mods via a GameEvents.OnScienceReceived callback, but your mod seems to be blocking this. I tested it with several mods, and the science transmission on contracts does not complete with this mod installed. When this mod is removed, it works fine. EDIT: Never mind, it was 1.8.5. Works now with 1.8.6.
  6. Yes, thanks. 1.0 has fixed and made attach nodes more rigorous. Already fixed for next update that I will release when other electrical charge mods are updated and I update for the new parts. Probably in the next week.
  7. Yep, noticed this too. But actually, stuck debugging this now for the last few hours testing my mods for 1.0. I found the event just isn't firing at all... it is adding correctly but unless I am doing something wrong. Anyone else dealt with this change to GameEvent OnScienceReceived yet and had success? The only change I made was to add the new protovessel parms as:- GameEvents.OnScienceReceived.add(newEventData<float,ScienceSubject,ProtoVessel>.OnEvent(OnScienceData)); and obviously I added ProtoVessel to the called method... but the method is not firing at all when I transmit or recovery science even though it is being registered to GameEvents. EDIT: Several hours later, agonising debugging. It seems my contract is being spammed into the contract list.. so perhaps that has something to do with it and the event is being added to the wrong contract? Investigation continues.. So no one else has had this issue yet with 1.0? My contracts were all working fine with 0.90. EDIT: Figured out the problem, new day, back to basics, but lost 8 hours of testing and hair pulling (what hair I have left). Lesson there: I usually test my mod updates in a vanilla copy, then a copy with most popular mods, but I skipped the first step rushing to get updates out. ScienceAlert was blocking the callback. xEvilReeperx has fixed it already. FYI for others I guess.
  8. Sure, not a problem. Was a pre-morning coffee response. You can remove any or all of the parts yourself if you don't want them... so remove the battery folders from the parts folder if you don't want them and only want the RCS, etc, or remove them all, or keep them all.
  9. I've answered this before. Not going to remove the parts from this mod. But nothing stopping you from doing so in your install. Simply remove the \gamedata\REPOSoftTech\AmpYear\Parts folder. This will remove the RCS and Battery parts but still give you all the AmpYear functionality. You just won't have any reserve power except what is default reserve power stored in each command pod/probe core.
  10. Great. Added basic support to my AmpYear mod but struggled to figure out how it scales the isru converter, etc. IE: how to know what EC they are actually using? Looking at what's exposed I couldn't find anything obvious. Am looking forward to some modder API notes for resources and the parts.
  11. Updated to support KSP 1.0. You need to re-install both AmpYear and KabinKraziness as per the OP. EDIT: works in 1.0 but needs some work, such as temps changed in 1.0 to use Kelvin, so the cabin temps are not in sync (Klimatekontrol is in Celsius, external temp is in kelvin). Need to look at taking advantage of all the new heating / radiated heat and using this in this mod. Will look at fixing this up in the next week or so. Stay tuned.
  12. Updated for KSP 1.0.0 see the OP. Will do some more updates and testing for new resources parts and will have to do an update once all the supported mods (such as KAS, RemoteTech, etc) are updated (currently not). EDIT: only basic support has been added for new resource stock parts. Needs more work in this area. a number of supported mods have been updated so will wait for most of them to update and will look to fix support for all the new electrical stock parts and other improvements that came with 1.0 in the coming week or so. KabinKraziness also updated, see OP for link.
  13. Try my caretaker version (which I am maintaining in tobyb121's absence) which is supported in 0.90. If you are using the version from this OP thread or earlier it will not work in 0.90. Link back 2 posts from this one above. You can check the science required for a part in the part.cfg or start a sandbox game. Both telescopes require advScienceTech node.
  14. I've moved my reply to KabinKraziness thread here as this is related now to KabinKraziness, not AmpYear (i've split them into two mods)
  15. copied across from my AmpYear Post, as it's a KabinKraziness related post. This is pretty much what KabinKraziness is now doing... but, more complicated that current version of KabinKraziness. And I developed it without even knowing about this thread. Basically KabinKraziness increases based on :- Space available to Kerbals (number of seats) / Actual Kerbals on-board - the more Kramped they are the greater the Kraziness Factor Distance from Kerbin - the further you are away the greater the Kraziness Factor. The Kabin Temperature - if the temperature is more than 5degrees <> the set KlimateKontrol temperature than an additional factor is added on to the KabinKraziness. KabinKraziness is reduced based on:- Use of the Luxury Items within the cabin (IE currently: Radio, Massage chairs, KlimateKontrol). where each of these reduces the KabinKraziness factor by a set number. KlimateKontrol doesn't REDUCE it, but it does reduce the negative effect of being outside the +/- 5 degrees range to ZERO if you have the KlimateKontrol and the temperature is within this range. The key difference I have currently:- KabinKraziness is Applied to the Crewable PART rather than the Kerbals themselves and is expressed as a percentage (iE: It's an atmosphere within the part/cabin rather than attached to the Kerbals themselves). KabinKraziness accumulates onto the crewable PARTS based on the above factors over time. KabinKraziness does not accumulate within Kerbin's atmosphere. When the KabinKraziness reaches the initial warning amount then the probability of the Kerbal's doing something occurs whilst above this warning amount. This increases again when you reach the Critical warning amount of KabinKraziness. What do they do:- Well currently they may dump resources, dump science results, disable the autopilot, one of them might just go on EVA... which is all a bit silly. But then KabinKraziness is meant to be silly. So Where to from here? I'm open to suggestions.. there are a NUMBER of threads including this one just brought to light by sc0rch all looking at this kind of dynamic on Kerbal kraziness, Kerbal sanity, etc.
  16. At the moment AmpYear has specific code for the mentioned MODS to include in electric charge calculations. With regard to NFE AmpYear includes the Fission Generators in calculations for electric charge. It's actually a fair bit out of date. I should add support for NFE Radioisotope generator, capacitors and fission reprocessors as currently AmpYear does not identify them.
  17. KSP is a solid sandbox game. I agree the science is poorly implemented and if it was done right it would provide a stupendous foundation. With the ease and support for modding and with the right business model to support the modders it could be amazing. Having said all that what it is right now is a solid base that with the mods available can be almost anything you want it to be which I think is what makes it stand apart. That's MHO.
  18. Real heat and DRE only simulate heat in an atmosphere, I've been looking for a while. yes you could do this but I think it's a separate mod to this one and should be done properly. And finding the time to do this is my issue. I probably already spend too much time on KSP as it is. I have a real job and a family life to consider. I'll think on it if I can come up with something simple for this mod.
  19. Yep... Of course I was referring to the game... and what is in the game. but haven't noticed KSP modelling the sun's radiant heat... or solar wind... hmmm... now there's an idea.....
  20. Thanks. Yeah probably might have messed up some of the settings while I was testing. But you can change pretty much all of them via the settings menu which allows you to set your own difficulty. IE: Use more power, reduce Kraziness less... etc. Which reminds me probably should put something in the readme explaining the different settings. - - - Updated - - - Thanks. Hmm.. what would the heat radiator due? yes I know - radiate heat .. but now sure I am following how this would interact with this mod itself. Are you suggesting radiating heat instead of using the KlimateKontrol? I find the KlimateKontrol usually is all about raising the temperature.. rather than lowering it.. because space is soooo cold. But I have been looking for a while for something that can radiate heat from other parts into the cabin, which could bring this into play. Let's see where that goes first.
  21. Can I use this mod and couple it to my KabinKraziness mod which has KlimateKontrol for crewable parts to transfer heat from other parts to the crewed parts? What I've been looking for I think... I want to transfer heat from engines, etc to crewable parts which will impact the temperature of these parts. Which in turn I've implemented KlimateKontrol onto. If I'm making sense? Need some coffee I think. My only other concern is your note about NOT installing this AND DRE... would like to keep DRE in the mix as well....
  22. Very sorry... my humble apologies... surprised it took almost a day for someone to raise this. First release of stand-alone KabinKraziness was incorrectly linked/compiled to the wrong version of AmpYear. If you completely delete AmpYear and KabinKraziness and re-install BOTH then all should be fixed. Follow the install instructions in the OP. Again, sorry. I've now moved AmpYear and KabinKraziness into a shared folder within KSP gamedata folder and fixed all my compile processes, etc. So hopefully won't happen again.
  23. KabinKraziness has been split into a separate installable. go here for the forum post, links and instructions.
  24. Kabin Kraziness A modifier attached to crew-able parts. The KabinKraziness goes up over time based on how much space the crew have, how far from Kerbin you are and if your Cabin temperature is within 5 degrees of the climate control setting. This Mod is an ADD-ON to AmpYear and does not function without it. There are two levels of Kraziness Alert - Minor and Major (configurable via AmpYear (required) settings menu on Space center screen). Once these levels are reached random events may occur where the crew may:- Disable Autopilot functions for a period of time (cumulative). Throw out (dump) some resources. Throw out (dump) some science results. A crew member may decide to randomly go on a space walk... (EVA). Luxury Fitted Command Pods Yes all command pods now come with Klimate Kontrol, Jazz music and Massage chairs. These items reduce KabinKraziness, consume electricity and makes missions more pleasant for the crew. The Klimate Kontrol function maintains the cabin temperature to a pre-set value, and the cabin temp can be viewed through the command pod right click menu. If turned off Cabin Temperature will slowly change towards the outside ambient temperature having a negative effect on KabinKraziness of the Cabin Temperature is +/- 5 degrees from the Klimate Kontrol Pre-set Temperature. The Klimate Kontrol, Jazz Music Radio and Massage Chairs reduce KabinKraziness over time at the cost of electric charge. KabinKraziness will Hibernate at high time warp settings (can't be avoided due to issues with electric charge in KSP at high rates of warp). ChangeLog: Ideas for future changes to this mod: Transfer of heat (conduction) from adjacent parts to the crewable parts affecting the Kabin Temperature. Expand the cramped calculations, as they are primitive (number of crew spaces / number of crew) and perhaps integrate to CLS? Potential integration to a sanity/crew feelings mod? perhaps... if one comes along. See the Readme file for more details. License: This software is licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0) creative commons license. You should receive a copy of the License along with KabinKraziness. See <http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/legalcode> for full details. This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin Be a COOL PERSON and help me by raising bugs and feature requests on GitHub here. For support please ensure you are following these instructions. From now on I will NOT respond to requests for support if you have not at least attempted to follow these simple steps. NO LOG = NO SUPPORT. Whilst I agree CKAN is a great mod for those that can't use Zip tools. I take no part, nor am I interested in maintaining the CKAN mod metadata for my mods. Please don't ask me about it but refer to the CKAN mod thread if you are having issues with CKAN or the metadata it maintains. Install Instructions Install in this order. First the Dependencies: 1. You must have Module Manager installed. 2. CRITICAL When installing over version 0.1 or earlier your MUST delete the following folders manually first. [kspdir]/gamedata/AmpYear/*.* and [kspdir]/gamedata/KabinKraziness/*.*. Also Please ensure you have not installed previously in the wrong folder. IE: That you do not have a [kspdir]/gamedata/gamedata/AmpYear/*.* and [kspdir]/gamedata/gamedata/KabinKraziness/*.* This would occur if you unzip into the wrong folder when you install. 3. You must have AmpYear installed before installing KabinKraziness. 4. Toolbar - OPTIONAL. 5. - Install KabinKraziness (GitHub) Source Code here
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