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  1. Interesting stuff. Not sure I'm up for some murder either...in my idea I was toying with the idea of changing the kerbals experience stats. i'm also curious to look at how your logic works for the moods and the mechanics behind it. I also had a similar idea/concept as part of my AmpYear mod I developed a KabinKraziness which affects the crew over time. Based on how cramped they were, how far from Kerbin they are and the cabin temperature. All linked into AmpYear. Which also provided KlimateKontrol, radio music, and massage chairs which for the price of electric charge reduces KabinKraziness. If the crew get to certain craziness limits they will do Krazy things like disabled the autopilot for a period of time, or dump science experiments, or resources. Or even just go on random EVA That's as far as it has got so far.. And right now if you go to AmpYear you will see I have removed it and I'm in the middle of splitting it off into it's own mod seperate to AmpYear (am actually halfway through drafting an OP) and have the code here. I also had some threads going and have discussed with Codepoet before. I have been considering about where to take this game mechanic for a few months without trying to turn KSP, which lets's not forget is a rocket/space game, into The Sims or somewhere else where I'm not sure it belongs.
  2. Hi Mods, can someone please close/remove my poll from this post please. Thanks In Advance.
  3. No Probs. I don't support CKAN and I didn't load this to CKAN, nor do I use it myself. The distribution files/folders I will look to fix for the next version when I release KabinKraziness.
  4. This would probably indicate the mod is not loading correctly. I would need a log to confirm, but I would ask you to check you installed it correctly. You should have both an AmpYear folder AND a KabinKraziness folder in your Gamedata. My bet would be you haven't installed KKInterface.dll in the KabinKraziness folder and the AmpYear mod needs this to load correctly. if you have got both folders installed pleasepost a log file.
  5. V0.13 Released. See the OP. Removed KabinKraziness - will be releasing this as an add-on to AmpYear in the coming days.
  6. Actually I just figured out what is happening here... I'll look to incorporate fix in next version, basically the GUI is showing the figures out of sync with the game/time updates. EDIT: 3rd April: Found there is bug in KSP at high time warp with regard to electric charge generation. So looks like only alternative is to re-implement the Auto-Hibernate at high time warp rates. So close to release of V0.13 with AmpYear and KabinKraziness split, but have been trying to deal with this issue most of the day. Think I will have to re-implement Auto-Hibernate and re-test then should be good to go.
  7. I can't seem to be able to produce this. Can you please turn on Debugging mode in the AmpYear settings menu in the spacecenter, then re-produce the problem you are talking about and post your log file. - - - Updated - - - Try latest version I just published. v0.12e. Changed default value for all new craft to have the Power Manager function switched ON. I also updated the OP post to call out that you need the power manager ON for all subsystems to function including RCS and SAS. This is a quick fix, I didn't change anything else as I am currently working on splitting KabinKraziness to be a stand-alone mod and some other features, fixes and polishing which I hope to have done over the Easter break.
  8. Can't help much Without a log. Go to the space centre and turn debugging on in the AmpYear menu. Then repeat the process, capture the log and post a link. If you need help doing that read this. It could be corrupted save file? Did you install and then try to use an existing save file? I had this happen on a save file when testing a new version of the mod. Starting a new save fixed it. failing that I would need a log.
  9. Yeah I've had weird things too that can't be explained. My mods code is shared between flight mode and editor so it could have been something that executes in both. Anyway, hopefully it's fixed. And hopefully I don't introduce more problems splitting KabinKraziness out. I've started the work but it's got some way to go because I want to do as much testing on it as I can before I release it. Want to make sure it works. Fingers crossed.
  10. That's great... weird... but great. I found what I was doing around tracking vessels and saving the settings. was pretty busted.... and causing everything to be a bit weird in flight. Which I have now fixed. But your issue was in the editor.. So I can't really explain that. Anywho. Glad it seems to have gone away now.
  11. Thanks Probus. I'm just glad others are finding it useful. The latest version (0.12d) fixed the problem when switching vehicles and EVAing wasn't saving the settings correctly for each vessel. But are you talking about setting the Power Manager ON and RCS and SAS ON by default when a Vehicle first launches? I've also been slightly annoyed by that, so was thinking of adding that as a setting. I was also thinking about making it save the GUI state as well for each vehicle (currently it doesn't and you have to turn it on each time). I'll look at adding this in the next version. I have started work on splitting KabinKraziness out of the mod and making it separate, but dependant on AmpYear. The separation would see AmpYear Base mod including all the functions it has today including the ION and PPT RCS but without KabinKraziness the Luxury features and KabinKraziness are removed. If you add KabinKraziness add-on mod you get all the functions as per v0.12d.
  12. V0.12d published. See OP post. Fixed Vessel switching bug (save settings correctly). Kraziness balancing. Removed Auto-Hibernate and added timewarp/low power warning pop-up. Updated to latest versions of other mods. Next up: Look at splitting KabinKraziness out to a separate mod and/or look at the Emergency Shutdown function - critical parts function to expand out as per previous posts.
  13. It does actually have the rudimentary beginnings of this already... hidden away... There is a button that says "EmergShutActive" or similar on the GUI (at work at the mo, can't actually check). What this does is: 1) Shutdown lights, wheels, few other things (again will have to go back and check) automatically when you reach a certain percentage (config via the space center GUI). 2) It activates solar panels automatically when same trigger is reached, but it will only do this if you are not in an atmosphere or landed. But I like the idea of using a GUI to assign parts to this function, and the idea of powering critical systems directly from reserve power... although, will have to think a bit more of how to implement this effectively.... right now however, when I have some spare time (maybe starting this weekend) I want to:- a)finish the current non-published version I have which squashes a bunch of bugs etc and get that out. b)look to split KabinKraziness into a separate mod c)I feel it is close to a proper release.... then maybe can look at adding features like this... hmm, I need some more time to think about this. Which is not right now. thanks for the ideas and feedback.
  14. Thanks. Not sure what you mean by backwards? The Reserve Power is exactly that. The ship will draw electric charge from the main batteries first... when these run out you can transfer power from any Reserve Power you have. You can store Reserve power in Reserve Batteries just like you can store Electrical Charge in normal batteries. Recharging - When the ship is producing more electrical charge than it is using it will first re-charge regular batteries (stock) and when they are full (well at a certain percentage to be exact, which you can set in the Settings panel) it will recharge the Reserve Batteries. Finally, you can transfer power from Reserve to Main or Main to Reserve using the in-flight GUI. Thanks. As I mentioned before to Errol. I am reticent to split the ION/PPT RCS from AmpYear as it was part of the original mod by SodiumEyes even though he has given permission to do what I will with it. I'll have a think about it. The reason I put the poll is I am really trying to decide if I want to split the KabinKraziness, or to scrap it (cause I just don't know what it is adding to gameplay, perhaps some realism, not sure). anyway, I'll continue to ponder it. In the meantime been working on a new release which has fixed a number of bugs including fixing vessel switching when you go EVA (nasty bug I didn't even know about until I tried it myself). Re-balacing of the KabinCraziness calcs, I've removed Hibernation if you time warp, so everything keeps running in timewarp, but will drop you out of time warp if you hit a configurable Low Electrical Charge Percentage. Still got a few bugs and testing to do before I release it.. probably next week now as I will have little spare time this week.
  15. Showing my age but when I was a kid we had pinball machines and space invaders at the milk bar, there were no PCs and they only took three characters so my initials are JPL. And no that doesn't stand for Jet Propulsion Labs but in KSP I like to think so. Then a brilliant movie called Repo Man came out. So I combined the two.
  16. I I have a workin WIP basic concept that I coined 'cabin craziness' in my AmpYear mod. Which started as finding something to use my luxury items in the crew cabin on. And Codepoet is right.. What dynamics is this adding to the game other than add more parts. You need something that is going to add to the gameplay otherwise it doesn't do much except force me to just add more parts to my ship (like life support mods do). My current thoughts on my cabin craziness in AmpYear is to scrap it and go back to what the mod was really about. power management and some cool new ION and PPT thrusters.
  17. It is a straight EC check. It does not check power flow? if you mean power being generated by engine generators? to see how much charge you have. But it DOES include power being generated when showing the figures for how much charge is being created/used by the ship. The minimum charge you need is approx. 5 EC. I say approx because it depends on how fast your PC is as to how fast the game runs. Also, I went and checked the code, there is a number of debug messages that might help figure out what is going on. so if you want me to look further into it can you please go into the AmpYear menu in the space center and turn on "Debug Mode" - green light on. then perform normal game interactions to get the problem to recur and then post me your log file.
  18. The mod does check if you have enough power or not. If you do not it powers down the SAS and waits until you have enough charge again then turns it on again. I'm guessing this might be happening? I'm assuming it's not the cabin craziness where the crew shuts it down, because you said this is happening for unmanned ships as well. But would need a lot more info. Eg: when it happens how much charge do you actually have? If you could share a save file and/or some screenshots and a log file (switch on debug mode and save settings in the AmpYear menu at the space enter first) would help.'d have to do some testing to see if I can figure out what's going on. Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?
  19. Some more updates. Version 0.12b released. More tweaks to Cabin Craziness calcs including distance from Kerbin and Cabin Temperature will now affect Craziness if the cabin temperature is outside 5 degrees from the Climate control setting. See the OP Post for more details.
  20. As RainDreamer said. My AmpYear mod, although primarily about power management, does have my "Cabin Craziness" concept within it. Give it a go. Whilst a WIP I have now completed extensive testing. That said, I am working with an idea of breaking the "Cabin Craziness" out into something a lot more expansive. It currently has a Craziness attribute attached to crewable parts and this slowly goes up based on how crowded your crewable parts are and how far from Kerbal you are. Use of Luxury items within the cabin reduces this. But I am looking for more game dynamics than just - add a part and turn things on and use some electrical charge and all will be good. All Ideas are welcome.
  21. Ok, yes wobble is inevitable. It's because of the way the new autopilot works with the reaction wheels. Here is the approach I use which seems to work fairly well. Target the object you want to photograph use the map view or using the galaxy list. Switch on autopilot SAS and set it to 'Target' mode. this will roughly align you with the target. Switch on the highlight target option in the window will help you to find the object. Once its roughly aligned change the autopilot to 'hold' mode. This reduces wobble a LOT. Then fine tune your zoom and using the fine tuning servos attached to the telescope using the translate keyes, I,J,K,L. Take your picture. I will cut and paste this into my new OP post here as from now on I am maintaining this mod using that post.
  22. I also have thought of this and someone suggested it for my AmpYear http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/108591-WIP-0-90-Pre-Release-AmpYear-Power-Manager-Reserve-Power-Ion-RCS-v0-12 mod only this week. I am toying With this idea as a more generic thermodynamics model mod which my Ampyear mod can make use of it's climate control system at least to regulate cabin temperatures. Apart from that and the obvious overheating ,fire, failures etc I'm researching the topic at the moment for other dynamics I could include. Do people think this would be worthwhile as a stand alone mod? Have ideas?
  23. True it is. But incredibly efficient. My mod also includes a prototype pulsed plasma thruster RCS which are real and also extremely efficient. Try my PPT RCS thrusters on small probes that's what they are actually designed for in real life.
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