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  1. that is a link to my re-released and updated wip mod which SodiumEyes has abandoned and given permission for anyone to take over. Which I have done. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/108591-WIP-0-90-Pre-Release-AmpYear-Power-Manager-Reserve-Power-Ion-RCS-v0-12
  2. I think I'll leave that to the Snacks mod and other life support mods. - - - Updated - - - Hmmm. Interesting idea. I'll look at it.
  3. Currently how it works: Each crewable part will slowly change temperature towards the outside ambient temperature... when it gets to that temperature it remains around that temperature. I'm not sure what mechanic I could implement... when you say 'near' how close comes to mind? You would need to figure out.. how far is too far to affect the crew part.
  4. New Version posted. See links in Op Post. Numerous Bug fixes. Built out the Craziness - penalty functions. Re-balance of the RCS parts Emergency Shutdown process - basic functions.
  5. Ok after a fair bit of testing. I don't believe this to be an issue with AmpYear. I can re-produce the crazy torque numbers error without AmpYear installed... but I found the only way I could do it was with TweakableEverything and Tweakscale together.. When I changed the command pod size with Tweakscale then the TweakableEverything torque numbers went crazy. In the pictures you posted it didn't see like you had Tweakscale installed.. but maybe you have something else conflicting with this mod? Because as I said, I reproduced this without AmpYear installed.
  6. Thanks I will take a look into it. I noticed the same, but only if you rescale the size of the pod first. Will require some investigation into how this other mod works because there is nothing obvious in the log. Except another bug which I fixed but it didn't fix this problem. I also saw lots if null refs in a bunch of your other installed mods you might want to check out. I'll let you know when I figure it out.
  7. Thanks I've installed tweakable everything and couldn't find anything wrong? you sure it is this mod? Works fine for me. Can tweak the torque values on command pods in the editor... no issues and AmpYear working fine with it. Perhaps it's some other mod you have installed causing the problem. You probably need to post some logs as I can't replicate or find an issue.
  8. Thanks. I have no intention of stopping, just playing with the mechanics of the luxury functions and the cabin craziness idea as far as gameplay dynamics go. As for the power turn. Yes it's a reaction wheels booster using electric charge it boosts them by 25%. Given how in stock they have nurfed them quite a lot. Can't remember the exact formula for power usage now. I'll check it out and rename it to turnbooster because that is in fact what it is. Thanks.
  9. Thanks that's good to know... has he left the KSP scene? or did he indicate whether he has given it up and not likely to come back to it? I'm just going to continue on and polish it up and release it with same license. Still working on list of TO-DOs before a general release. I've finished balancing the ION and PPT RCS thrusters. I might have a WIP update later this week as I have spent some time working on the Functions around the Luxury Items - Craziness concept.. but I'm struggling internally about whether it is really adding a game mechanic that people are going to want or not....
  10. I have a WIP mod that has exactly that among other things. Pre-release available here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/108591-WIP-0-90-Pre-Release-AmpYear-Power-Manager-Reserve-Power-Ion-RCS-v0-12
  11. Ok, well, if anyone thinks I have done the wrong thing.. they can let me know. But I have started a new Original Post HERE where I will maintain this MOD going forward until tobyb121 returns to the KSP scene.
  12. What do people think if I started a new 0.90 OP post using my forked version for this mod in tobyb121's absence? I'm only thinking love this mod, would love for people to keep using this awesome mod and perhaps the op title of 0.24 stops people from looking to see if it works on 0.90? Anyone have any clue to his whereabouts? I went back through his posts on this thread and everything was business as usual with lots of posts until he just stopped corresponding on 5th Oct where he was looking at some bug someone reported.. and that was it... He hasn't been on the forum since 15th November last year.
  13. Not easily possible I'm afraid. There is only one DLL for the mod. I could maybe but no.. Because the manager manages the electricity consumption. All I can suggest is make a backup copy of you persistent save file if you want to give it a go... Or a separate install copy. It's as easy as copying your save folder as a backup that you can always go back to. I've had no issues myself with crashes or bugs with the wip stuff. What I will do is look into making the different components configurable to on/off via the config file for the next update but that will take some time. In the meantime I'd go with the copy of your save for now.
  14. Decided to do a WIP release. See first post - A lot of WIP features have been added, still tweaking and de-bugging them and a lot of build-out to do on the Cabin Fever/Luxury Items and Emergency Procedures pieces. But the RCS and Manager functions all work.
  15. Ok, I think I've fixed vessel switching and recovery so the cameras and controls all function correctly with multiple chemcams and telescopes in flight. Did a fair amount of testing, and no errors. Don't know what has happened to toby but I am willing to keep this mod going on my fork copy until he ever returns. Far as I can tell fully working version for 0.90 can be found here. Source here.
  16. Thanks d4rksh4de. I reproduced the error and know what's going on. I've done a temporary fix. Recommend if anyone wants to try this out download from the links in my post above. If you downloaded in the time since my first post and this post, re-download as any telescope or chemcam you attempt to recover or crash will cause this bug. The temporary fix works if you only have one chemcam or telescope active at one time in the game. I will do a full fix when I have more time in the next few days.
  17. Can you post a log please. Upload to public Dropbox or like and post link. Just checking, You are running it under 0.90?
  18. Thanks for the new version the new hatch options are great and so glad that highlighting has been fixed.
  19. Thanks codepoet. Good thoughts. I have introduced a rudimentary cabin fever attribute to all crew able parts.. That crudely goes up over time just based on cabin size and how many kerbals are on-board. You can then reduce it with the luxury items. It doesn't do anything yet except issue warnings at certain levels of cabin fever. But yes, this isn't really what I am after... Or integrate with one of the other like mods, or attach something like cabin fever to the crew themselves instead of the parts. So I am trying to decide to release it with this or without it. I will do some more investigations into what else is out there before I decide. Thanks everyone for the input so far. Maybe I should just release it as a WIP and see how popular it is or what people want? Any thoughts from anyone?
  20. I have taken the version TriggerAU created and applied more fixes. Specifically, the ChemCam works and the Space Telescopes now correctly use the new autopilot functions for targeting the galaxies. Yes you can now actually set them as a target (like a celestial body or vessel) and use the autopilot functions to target them. This should fix the issues people are having with Galaxies and issues with other plugins. Because of the changes in 0.90 that introduced auto-pilot. this mod was using OnFlyByWire and from 0.90 onwards that's not a good thing as mods will overwrite each other and the autopilot and SAS functions. I've tested everything else and as far as I can tell it all works. I also cleaned up some of the log spam. Fully functional version with 0.90 in sandbox and career mode. Contracts also generating correctly far as I can tell. Can people try this version and let me know if they still have problems. I will look through the previous posts and address other issues over the coming days. I haven't changed the decline/cancel contract behaviour because I think originally Toby wanted you to do the contracts in order. The 'show contract galaxies only' button that TriggerAU added should fix the list of galaxies issue. If ON you only can select galaxies you have done contracts for already. If OFF you can select any. This function is irrelevant in sandbox mode it always shows and allows you to select any of the galaxies. can someone confirm if they are still having contract completion problems with this version please? I didn't see this problem transmitting the data gained the science and completed the contract but I didn't test returning or recovering the vehicle and I didn't fully test the chemical contracts. I've checked with TriggerAU, he is happy I create another fork from toby's original which I have done here. This fork includes his changes for a few posts back and he agreed that any additionally updates that he finds time to do will be applied to the fork version I have created below. Not sure what's happened to Toby, but I am willing to maintain this mod in its current working state in my limited spare time until he returns. You can go here for the source: https://github.com/JPLRepo/TarsierSpaceTechnology You can go here for the zip: https://github.com/JPLRepo/TarsierSpaceTechnology/releases/tag/v2.5 my other WIP - AmpYear sneak peek
  21. Now this is really interesting... Can I suggest: check if the resource is available before attempting the freeze. I noticed if you don't have enough electric charge it still attempts to draw it all until it runs out then aborts the freezing process. This has probably been brought up as well - is it realistic once frozen there is no on-going/in-freeze resource requirements? such as ElectricCharge to keep monitoring station/processes running?
  22. I'm currently working on reviving Ampyear here.
  23. I'm working on this mod. It doesn't prioritize power consumption, but it adds ReservePower resource, reserve power batteries and the ability to transfer the power between reverse and main power and vice versa... along with other things.
  24. Hey codepoet. Are you still actively working on this? I have my own package of luxury items that I am working on that could go really well with this allowing them to modify the sanity levels etc.
  25. Thanks - I checked them out.They are all a bit heavy. Maybe if Keepfit implements an API I could integrate to that. KerbalSocial looks very interesting.. but still just a concept. I'm looking into adding my own rudimentary system as tommygun suggested. Thanks. Great idea. I'm looking into my own rudimentary system, as the other mods are too complicated... or not available (kerbalsocial). As for the Pulsed plasma thruster... Very very interesting - let me see what I can come up with.
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