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  1. That's a great idea. Do you know of any of these mods? Haven't come across any myself yet. Otherwise I could look to extend Ampyear to do this. Wouldn't be hard.
  2. I've started a new thread for my forked version... Will get it up and online very soon. follow progress here. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/108591-0-90-AmpYear-Power-Manager-Ion-RCS-v0-12-Forked-from-SodiumEyes
  3. I found this old plugin lying around with dust on it and well, I thought it was really interesting . It was way out of date, and the original version was intended to add electrical functions for ship parts that back in the 0.20 days did not require electricity (but of course in 0.90 they do), such as SAS, reaction wheels, etc. I've tried contacting the original author for several months, SodiumEyes, but he has not replied and hasn't logged on to the forum since 7 May 2014. So I don't know what the rules are for that. Also see this post. But it was GPL licensed. Original post page for AmpYear is here. This is NOW the DEV THREAD. For the RELEASE Thread GO HERE. The AmpYear Power Manager makes electricity more manageable and useful. Electricity can be used in some new ways. Power Manager The manager function is attached to all probes and command pods through the power of Module Manager - thanks Sarbian (previously through a part, but now partless). The Power Manager must be ON for all subsystems to activate/work, this includes RCS & SAS. The AmpYear menu can be switched on/off via integration with Stock Toolbar or Toolbar by blizzy. Emergency Shutdown procedure - when All power is critical will activate solar panels (if attached and not in atmosphere) and shutdown non-essential parts using electricity. Saves all settings and window positions per vehicle to persistent save file. Gives %age indicators of Current Battery capacities, Electric Charge usage and generation. You can transfer charge from reserve to main batteries. Parts that produce electric charge will fill Main batteries first and then reserve batteries. In the Editor you can get indications of total power production and consumption of your vessel. You can also get a full list of all power production and consumption parts. Functions using stock toolbar or Blizzy's Toolbar (can be changed via Settings menu from the Space center). Includes correct power calculations if you have the following Mods installed (but not required for mod to function): Regolith, Near Future Electrical/Solar, KAS, RemoteTech, ScanSat, Telemachus, TAC LS, AntennaRange. Ion RCS Thrusters that use Xenon-gas and electricity for incredibly efficient RCS. Some limitations: Has half the Isp of normal Ion engines. One quarter of the thrust of normal monopropellant RCS thrusters. Available in one-way linear thruster and 5-way ION RCS block. Integrated to TechTree at ionPropulsion. Pulsed Plasma Thrusters RCS Each thruster contains a fixed amount of Teflon and uses this along with Electric Charge for incredibly efficient propulsion for small craft or maneuvering. Some limitations: Has roughly quarter the ISP of normal RCS thrusters. One eighth of the thrust of normal monopropellant RCS thrusters. Only linear thrusters are available. Integrated to TechTree at advFlightControl. See (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulsed_plasma_thruster). TurnBooster Allows you to use electrical power to harness SAS/Reaction Wheel modules for additional turning power. Boosting them by 25%. Reserve Power Attach special batteries to your ship to save power for emergencies. Ideal for keeping your probes from dying. Power can be transferred to and from main and reserve power resources. Electrical power generators (solar panels, etc) will re-charge main power followed by reserve power when a threshold is reached. Auto-Hibernate (re-implemented in 0.13) All AmpYear functions will now continue to run during timewarp up to timestep 7x. Then AmpYear will hibernate. This is due to a bug in electriccharge generation in KSP at high timewarp. A Warning Pop-up will appear and stop warp if the ElectricCharge falls below a set percentage (configurable via the spacecenter window). Show Crew Show Crew feature - with 0.90 - I added this to show the crew and their roles rather than having to switch to the map view all the time. KabinKraziness Has been split into a separate add-on. Go here for the details. V0.18 Support for KSP 1.0.3 V0.17 Added NEW 4-way ION RCS Block. Fixed NullRef errors when active vessel is destroyed. Updated to latest version of all supported mods. V0.16a Fix ZIP File binary. Had V0.15 Binary in the zip. V0.16 bug fix in editor causing log spam. added KSP-AVC support. converted all textures to DDS format. Updated to support RemoteTech v1.6.4. Updated to support ScanSAT v12 V0.15 Support KSP 1.0.2. Fixed log spam if incorrect version of TACLS is installed. Support for: TACLS v0.11.1.20, AntennaRange V1.8, Near Future Solar V0.5.0 V0.14 Support for KSP V1.0.0. Removed support for SCANSat and Regolith (now covered by stock). Basic support for new resources parts. Deprecated z500 reserve power battery. Balanced parts to new Tech Tree. V0.13a Fixed Blizzy Toolbar and Stock AppLauncher, recompiled for correct integration with KabinKraziness. Merged install directories for AmpYear and KabinKraziness to /gamedata/REPOSoftTech/ folder. V0.13 Removed KabinKraziness. Fixed high warp rates, re-implemented auto-hibernate at high warp. V0.12e Changed default setting for the Power Manager to be ON V0.12d Fixed Vessel switching bug (save settings correctly). Kraziness balancing. Removed Auto-Hibernate and added timewarp/low power warning pop-up. Updated to latest versions of other mods. V0.12c Fixed duplicated battery parts in distribution zip file. v0.12b Merged Heater and Cooler into one Climate Control Function. More tweaks to craziness calculations. v0.12a fixed loading error. GUI improvements. Added distance from Kerbin to Craziness calc. See the Readme file for more details. License: GPL This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin Install Instructions Dependency: You must have Module Manager installed. Toolbar - OPTIONAL. Source Code here Completely delete AmpYear folder from gamedata before updating. CRITICAL When installing over version 0.13a or earlier your MUST delete the following folders manually first. [kspdir]/gamedata/AmpYear/*.* [kspdir]/gamedata/KabinKraziness/*.*. Also Please ensure you have not installed previously in the wrong folder. IE: That you do not have a [kspdir]/gamedata/gamedata/AmpYear/*.* and [kspdir]/gamedata/gamedata/KabinKraziness/*.* This would occur if you unzip into the wrong folder when you install. Install BOTH the AmpYear and KabinKraziness folders from the ZIP file into your Gamedata folder for KSP. From Version 0.13a onwards this Mod will install into [kspdir]/gamedata/REPOSoftTech/AmpYear/*.* and and [kspdir]/gamedata/REPOSoftTech/KabinKraziness/*.* The included KabinKraziness KKInterfaces.DLL is a small interface to allow KabinKraziness and AmpYear to communicate. - It does nothing without the rest of KabinKraziness installed. WIP on KerbalStuff , CurseForge or GitHub Here If you also want KabinKraziness go here.
  4. I could post my version if enough people are interested. But it's not completed testing since .90 came out. it has a bug in the VAB that I need to fix first. I added ability to see power consumption, production and list of parts for the VAB. there are other issues like the ASAS and powered turning doesn't work. I've made lots of changes to it removed stuff and added lots. My version is also part less. But the reserve power, luxury items and ion rcs does work. I've been waiting for the original author to reply before making public...
  5. I've created my own version, removed the part, asas, revamped and integrated with toolbar. But also waiting for a reply from SodiumEyes.
  6. http://www.curse.com/ksp-mods/kerbal/223557-tracking-station-utils
  7. I finally got around to trying this briefly. Yes it works thanks for doing what would have taken me ages due to lack of time. But I noticed after you inflate and start the spin the stop spin action disappears and doesn't come back only the inflate/deflate remains. If I ever get more time I'll try to figure that out.
  8. Yeah this one http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/73283-0-23-x-AdvancedAnimator-ModuleAnimateGeneric-upgraded-v1-1-1-2-04-14 But he abandoned it because so many other good ones like firespitter lol. I tried it out. It doesn't work for continuous animation. That's probably why you ruled it out. When I get some more time I'll look at it some more.
  9. Hmm yep I also played with all the fsanimategeneric settings and it didn't work. Hence my original ask around is that likely to be the firespitter module or the model animation itself causing the constant spinning. I'll play with fsanimateloop and look into the fs code to see what I come up with.
  10. Ok so my original goal was when I used your MM config it indeed worked but the spin animation was always running. Which led me to playing with the plugin code thinking perhaps switching both to fsanimation would resolve that. But as you said a few replies back it is in fact an issue with unity animations. So I guess my goal now is to understand that issue and a way around it. Switching both to fsanimation I thought would be a step in that direction.
  11. Yep. My conclusion as well however the plugin code may be alterable as it checks the state of moduleanimate generic in the class. I was playing with the code on the weekend I think there must be a way to change the plugin code to work correctly but I have limited time to play around with it. Maybe this weekend I will get some more time.
  12. I understand that I was experimenting to try and figure out how to fix the animation but it appears to be something funky in unity ? Or the model animation? That's what I was trying to work out.
  13. Thanks, Thought so was just wondering. I tried changing both to firespitter but of course the dll code then doesn't work for putting kerbals in if inflated or not. So I created my own version of the dll and it works but still the animation issue. Is this animation issue with unity itself or could I fix it in the model animations? Sorry I'm a coder and have no experience with modeling.
  14. Isis the original starwaster MM config to use firespitter animation. Seems to work but it animates in the VAB immediately even deflated and will only reverse or spin. The inflate/deflate works fine. Is this normal? U can't start/stop the spinning animation? Does anyone else get this?
  15. I just found this.. I can't wait to get home and try it out. It's what I been looking for for my Spaceplane reentry.
  16. I've been having the same issues... Started first using MKS modules (which are essentially attached using KAS pipes). But I also was having similar problems with another ship which did not have KAS parts attached.
  17. Any update on the event listener (Chemcam) issue being bound to current vessel issue I raised? Happy to look into the code for a fix.
  18. tobyb121 - Yep. Looking at your source in Onstart you are using vessel.onFlybywire. Seems that binds the callback to the current vessel. When the vessel splits off second craft (with the chemcam attached to it) the callback is not bound to the new vessel.
  19. Yep Thanks. Installed the KAS Fix. All good. Thanks so much.
  20. I have a different problem. The fine controls I,k,j,l don't work on the telescopes or the chem cam. Tried turning rcs on, off. Various other things... Nothing in the log anywhere that I can find. Ok I did some more testing... seems to be something to do with having two craft joined and detaching. So I have a lifter - delivery vehicle with rover attached below it using a decoupler. When the vehicle loads I see this in the log: [LOG 07:08:30.660] [TST]: Starting ChemCam [LOG 07:08:30.663] [TST]: Adding Lazer [LOG 07:08:30.664] [TST]: Finding Camera Transforms [LOG 07:08:30.667] [TST]: Finding Animation Object [LOG 07:08:30.668] [TST]: Adding Input Callback [LOG 07:08:30.669] [TST]: Added Input Callback [LOG 07:08:30.744] [TST]: Setting up cameras [LOG 07:08:30.745] [TST]: Setting Up Render Texture [LOG 07:08:30.747] [TST]: Finish Setting Up Render Texture [LOG 07:08:30.749] [TST]: Camera setup complete If I use the chemcam and controls before detaching all works... soon as I detach the rover and switch to it.. nothing... Noticed the above does not appear in the log again after I detach or switch vehicles.
  21. I have the same problem. Can store the processors and gyros in the KAS storage containers. But cannot take them out of the containers. I have a processor mount installed. I removed the old processor. But can't take a new one out of KAS container to install it. Someone please help? The KAS DLL fix worked for me.
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