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  1. yes it should. and if used together it will trigger a discovery of that celestial body if not already found before. They will also appear foggy initially, and gradually become clearer as you research them more in the research bodies mod.
  2. Thanks everyone for raising known issues of late. I'll see if I can assign some time to give this mod some love and try to address the CB visibility issues and bring it up to date in the next week or two. Thanks again.
  3. it may or may not. if it doesn't let me know and I'll release a new version.
  4. Vessel.GroupOverride is the index of (Vessel.OverrideActionControl) the currently set action group. Vessel.OverrideActionControl is an array of the action groups for the vessel. Vessel.SetGroupOverride(int newGroup) - sets the action group.
  5. Changing the vesselId would create other issues, hence there is no public method for doing that. You can remove and add a vessel/vesselId but that also will create unwanted issues for you as that fires events and other processing.. as removing it - means it's being removed. You could try that. but I can't say that you won't have other side effects. Feels to me you should be tracking your data based on the command pod/root part persistentId and then sharing the data between them if they are part of the same vessel.
  6. Correct. Unity only uses Vector3. Vector3d is a construct used in KSP - but is outside of Unity. Raycasts are a functionality of Unity, and as such only work with Vector3.
  7. I can recreate the error in various KSP versions. Don't believe it's new to KSP 1.11.
  8. That's because when I replied there were no links. The original post was edited to add links to some of the issues that were in the post after my post and the subsequent follow on comments in the thread.
  9. It never ceases to amaze me what you, the amazing KSP Community, can come up with. Not in 1,000,000 years would I have thought of using the flag parts in this way when we dreamt them up as a thing in the game. Well done.
  10. V0.30.0 published for KSP 1.11.x. See OP for download links. Re-Compile for KSP 1.11.x Add EVA construction capabilities to the CRY-300R (Can move it only, can't put in inventories) and the RS-X20R Glykerol Container (can be put in inventories as well).
  11. Oh, thanks for all that detective work. Nice find. I missed the bit about you were asking if I wanted you to submit a PR and I already did one. Be in next CRP release I imagine. https://github.com/BobPalmer/CommunityResourcePack/pull/257
  12. MODULE { name = ModuleLight lightName = light1 useAnimationDim = True lightBrightenSpeed = 2.5 lightDimSpeed = 2.5 resourceAmount = 0.03 animationName = lights useResources = True lightR = 1.0 lightG = 1.0 lightB = 1.0 } this gives a normalized value of 1,1,1. ie: 1 = 255f. so White colour. 0,0,0 is black. and everything in between. just normalize the usual RGB values to between 0 and 1.
  13. You sure can. Set the "lightR" "lightG" "lightB" variables to normalized RGB (float)values in the cfg.
  14. Sorry my Spanish is pretty rusty. And there's a forum rule that you have to post in English unless you are posting in the foreign language sections of the forum. (Lo siento, mi español está bastante oxidado. Y hay una regla del foro que debe publicar en inglés a menos que esté publicando en las secciones de idiomas extranjeros del foro.) Why are you running KSP that is such an old version? If you insist on running that version. you must run the version of the mods that correspond to that version of KSP. Which would be this one: https://github.com/JPLRepo/DeepFreeze/releases/tag/V0.23.5.0
  15. Not exactly like that. But you can add multiple "ModuleLight" MODULE instances to your part.cfg.
  16. Looks to me like one of your mods is causing both the IVA and the external view camera to be active at the same time.
  17. If you drop them on the ground in EVA construction mode. They don't function. They need to be deployed via the Kerbal's inventory (small button in the bottom right of their icon in the inventory) just like they always have been. In order for them to function.
  18. I don't follow CKAN. Which is why I recommend manually installing. Here is what I am saying. There is a BackgroundResources.dll that is distributed with this mod. That is the one the player should use. The player should not use any other Background / Unloaded Resources Mod with any of my mods. I'm not sure what the real BackgroundResources mod is? I only know of a Background Processing Mod , which was abandoned a while ago and I wrote my own BackgroundResources plugin that I now include with some of my mods. (it is not a stand-alone distribution). Players should not use this mod with any of my mods.
  19. V0.17.0 Published. See OP for links. Re-compile for KSP 1.11.x. Fix Kopernicus Solar Panel background processing. Added EVA construction capabilities to all 0.625m, 1.5m and 2.5m TAC-LS parts.
  20. You ran out of Electric Charge. Which is required to circulate the air in the capsule.
  21. Sorry I missed this post. I have tried this with the water recycler, sabatier, etc. with and without resources. Tried activating them all in the VAB and I get no errors.
  22. That "should" work in theory. My bad with the information given earlier, indeed those are instanced only in RnD. Will look to add a static method for this - given we've removed the old way of doing it. This was an oversight. 1) Would have to go and follow that up after the holidays. 2) Infinite stacking comes with it's own issues. There's also a limitation that you cannot stack parts that contain resources which is enforced regardless of the values in the cfg file. 3) This has already been raised as a request on the bug tracker. Can't promise anything there. It's a case of cost/benefit. 4) Thanks. Will pass on to the team.
  23. TAC doesn't have solar panels? If you mean Kopernicus mod - which changes all parts that use ModuleSolarPanels (The stock solar panels) - to it's own version of solar panels. Then yes. Seems Kopernicus no longer does this by basing it's solar panel code from the stock code. It renames the module and applies two modules to the part. So I have a fix in progress for this for next version that hopefully I will get out this week some time.
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