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  1. It should still work and continue working for all versions of KSP. But I released a new version regardless, so yes.
  2. V1.12.0 published for KSP 1.10.x. See OP. Thanks to those that took the time to test the dev build.
  3. I haven't seen any issues raised. so I will try to get a proper release out for this this weekTM... along with my other mods.
  4. Yes know about this. and had one of the other modders test a fix which worked. Will schedule in some time so we can put a fix out for parttools.
  5. It already does. So something clearly broke for you. Would need the logs from when you recovered the vessel to investigate further. You should be able to recovery your save from the automatic backup KSP makes.
  6. You could assume that. But there is no way of knowing it for sure without knowing what all the mods are that you have installed and then only reinstalling just the JSI mod and flying your craft again. As for can you disable it for that one craft. You could if it is indeed JSI. right click the pod..... err.. there's a pod there somewhere right? that is using JSI transparency? i have no idea what those parts are and if in fact they are using this mod. Let's assume there is one there.. you can right click it and tell it to turn transparent pod OFF for this part. done.
  7. Not sure what this is doing in my AmpYear Mod thread? You mention one of my other mods, and three other mods that aren't mine.
  8. Note the test build is a test build. It's not a release. and no it doesn't work in 1.9.x. NOTE: it REQUIRES requires Contract Configurator 1.30.2. and that doesn't work in KSP 1.9.x either. I have no intention of releasing a version for an old version of KSP. It's hard enough to support one (latest) release of KSP.
  9. I have a test build here for those willing to help test it. This is for KSP 1.10.1 and requires Contract Configurator 1.30.2. NOTE: This is unsupported and not a final release. Don't download this and install into your main save games and then come here telling me it broke your saves. It may or will contain bugs. Those willing to help testing it can download, start a new save, report anything you find back here.
  10. No it's not. I'm working on an update. Hopefully not too much longer. (TM)
  11. Thanks. I've incorporated into the correct branch. And I updated the github zip distribution. But I'm not going to go through all the hassle of trying to update spacedock because it would mean doing an entire new release to update that. Far as I know this doesn't impact running of of mod anyway.
  12. V1.12 published. See links and massive changelog in OP. Many many thanks to @JadeOfMaar for all the work he has put in to updating many things for this mod.
  13. It would help if you supply more information in the issue on github. Screenshots don't help much. If you could supply: Full logs. List of mods being used. Attach a copy of the save file that has the problem.
  14. I have retrospectively updated AmpYear v1.5.5 v1.5.6 v1.5.7 on Github with the corrected file. Unfortunately spacedock etc do not allow you to update already posted release files. So I cannot update those. Here is the corrected file for anyone who needs it for any previous releases of this mod. (This file is only of importance to those using this mod with RSS/RO/RP1 mods). MMConfigAmpYear.cfg
  15. So I'm not sure what you are asking me to do. As I said, I will update this mod for 1.10.x in the next week or so. But that version is only for 1.10.x. I don't support older versions of my mod, or older versions of KSP. That's simply an unreasonable expectation when I do all my mod work is for free.
  16. I will update the MM cfg in the next week (plan to update for 1.10.x). Not sure that helps you though unless RSS/R0/RP1 is also updated to 1.10.x
  17. When I get the time to update it. I had to wait for Contract Configurator to be updated to 1.10 which it looks like it now has been. So now that it is, soon.
  18. A1) Nope. A2) And not currently... it would be rather simple to add to the existing ISRU converters in the game if we could arrive at a recipe formula. Some other players were helping me to develop a conversion recipe for glykerol some time ago, which you could probably find if you go back in the thread history, but they disappeared/lost interest I guess.
  19. Pictures are saved to <KSP install>\GameData\TarsierSpaceTech\Plugins\PluginData\TarsierSpaceTech\ as to why you don't have galaxies. I don't know. No Logs.... See opening post for how to supply logs.
  20. Apart from the fact that PartTools doesn't support reading DDS files. I've found there is a missing file that could be causing your issues. Copy this file into <your Unity project folder>\Assets\PartTools See if that at least fixes your mod IVA / texture / shader issues. CustomUnityShadowLibrary.cginc
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