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  1. When I get the time to update it. I had to wait for Contract Configurator to be updated to 1.10 which it looks like it now has been. So now that it is, soon.
  2. A1) Nope. A2) And not currently... it would be rather simple to add to the existing ISRU converters in the game if we could arrive at a recipe formula. Some other players were helping me to develop a conversion recipe for glykerol some time ago, which you could probably find if you go back in the thread history, but they disappeared/lost interest I guess.
  3. Pictures are saved to <KSP install>\GameData\TarsierSpaceTech\Plugins\PluginData\TarsierSpaceTech\ as to why you don't have galaxies. I don't know. No Logs.... See opening post for how to supply logs.
  4. Apart from the fact that PartTools doesn't support reading DDS files. I've found there is a missing file that could be causing your issues. Copy this file into <your Unity project folder>\Assets\PartTools See if that at least fixes your mod IVA / texture / shader issues. CustomUnityShadowLibrary.cginc
  5. Hmm, is there any errors in the console? I’ll take another look.
  6. Yep. You have to render all layers. You are only rendering some. You also can't render them all using one camera, because you need to render the layers in the same order as the game. with different ordered cameras. The way TST mod does it is it creates it's own cameras copying from each of the KSP cameras and then renders them in the same order as KSP does onto a rendertexture. The cameras are: galaxy camera. Scaled space camera. Camera01 - this one only operates in OpenGL not DX11 so you need to check for that and only enable/use this one if the game is running in OpenGL. Camera00 TST just makes it's own copy of each of these cameras. Unity Camera class has a CopyFrom function that will copy all the settings of the camera to another instance.
  7. The problem is that you are trying to use stock textures in dds format. PartTools doesn't support dds format.
  8. A part's colliders have nothing to do with drag cubes for a part. I've heard some talk of drag cube issues. But the only one I can find in the bug tracker is the engine plates. Which have been fixed in 1.10.1.
  9. ah k. it's not important if the mod doesn't have that transform. if it doesn't find one. then it does nothing with regard to variants and no longer NREs and breaks the module. [edit] the new KSPField allows mods to use their own transform name for the base and apply variants to their mod fairing if they so wish.
  10. Part tools has been updated for KSP 1.10.x. Includes - removed old shaders that were causing confusion. - fixed exported internal spaces not working if you had your OS set to non-English. - uses newer Free TMPro that corresponds to the one we use in KSP. So make sure you update that in your project. - fixed issue where mod created fonts were not working/being loaded into KSP main game. - added some of the newer part shaders we now use. NB: Part Tools now requires Unity 2019.2.2f1 There is a link above to the older Unity 2017 version if you still want to use that.
  11. The doxygen API docs have been published for 1.10.1 Same link as above.
  12. It was. Though should be fixed now. But I can't guarantee what might happen with various mods. Basically there was a change made in 1.10.0 for open ended fairings that caused issue for all mod fairings. Which has now been resolved in 1.10.1. Has that been reported on the bug tracker? first I've heard of it.
  13. No you don't need any separate mod. See the OP for details of mods you can use with this mod and info about unloaded/background resource processing. Which is included with this mod. I don't support CKAN, nor do my mods support installation via CKAN. So I don't know what your issue is there with CKAN.
  14. It generates the same. If you Re seeing different then will need step by step what you did. It’s possible if you changed settings that they won’t change for an existing saves vessels. But i would need more information to investigate.
  15. Sorry but I am not sure what you are talking about. What "processing modules" are you referring to?
  16. Yes that's a known issue. It should be 0.05t. Yes there is a problem with modded fairings. Stock fairings work fine.
  17. Are you using any mods? Because there is a known issue with modded fairings.
  18. Thanks. If you want to. I can look at adding them in and add you to the credits for the mod. PM me the details.
  19. Yes. Stay tuned to the forum for more info on patch details.
  20. I've investigated the issue. and indeed. With all the changes that were made for fairings. It now expects a transform called "Base" in the model. Will look to patch this in the next patch so that it's a KSPField that you can override.
  21. The doxygen API docs have been published for 1.10.0 Same link as above.
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