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  1. @Sobol no rush. Looking really nice, can't wait to check it out!
  2. First I just wanted to say thanks for this mod, the textures are really well done and I really love the way you put the fuel tanks together. I do have a couple of questions though. The SAS in Realism Overhaul has a factor of 10.0 from memory? I'm just wondering how to lower this to make it more inline with other pods in RO, if someone can direct me I don't mind doing the work. Also, whenever I jettison the escape system I seem to have a pretty large explosion the destroys my solar panels, I jettison through staging, am I doing something wrong? I was also wondering if I could request a feature of an interstage decoupler that would be more universal to attach to other craft. Basically this would mean you could use the SLS initial stage/SRB's as a booster for other craft. If that's a bad idea or there is in fact a way to do it let me know though, it was just a thought I had while playing last night. Thanks for making this, I'm really interested in the second launch pad you're working on!
  3. Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for making this possible! Playing small KSP is basically impossible after playing this
  4. You have two ModuleManager configs. Remove the earlier version and see if it works then.
  5. Awesome job NathanKell, thanks for all your hard work!
  6. I've been using the Steam Controller exclusively since I bought it. Although most of the time I've spent remapping it but I think it's pretty close to where I want it and I find it better in some ways than kb.
  7. I'm trying to set up a configuration for KSP on the Steam Controller and I'm having trouble adding new action sets to the default setup. There seems to be no option to add action set like other games and also when selecting 'set' within legacy controls I don't get a popup like normal. I could potentially set up a new scheme from scratch but I want to use some of the triggers that the default config uses such as changing to map mode, flight mode, VAB etc. The main reason for doing this is to adjust the 'Docking Controls' mode because the default bindings use the space bar to switch between translation and rotation however this can be achieved with the two thumb pads on the controller at the same time. The problem is that docking controls in game remove the ability to use translation and rotation at the same time, unlike flight control with the 'i, j, k, l, h, n' keys. Another solution I was considering was editing the config for the docking mode key bindings in 'settings.cfg' in the main KSP directory and adding the keys back in but so far I haven't figured out how to do that. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you. Edit: After experimenting more it doesn't seem possible to delete existing action sets at all from the configuration screen. I have tested this in both 1.0.5 and 1.1 pre.
  8. Pretty much as title, I searched the forum but only found one that can convert to jpg and don't want to lose much quality. Thanks!
  9. Hey here's a cfg for Near Future command pods and the service container: @PART[inlineCmdPod]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true } } @PART[mk3-9pod]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true } } @PART[utilityCabin]:HAS[!MODULE[ModuleConnectedLivingSpace]] { MODULE { name = ModuleConnectedLivingSpace passable = true } } I saw on the last page someone asked for the cfg for the construction parts? I wasn't sure what was meant by that as they don't look passable to me but hopefully this helps anyway.
  10. I think you're right, that's a pretty solid idea and it's proven to work. It would also make sense to drop a rover with something like the surface sample experiment from MKS or from your own surface experiments, then you have a target-able ship on the map and the info on the navball. I personally don't think the overlay from ORS or really any overlay is necessary but I think to be able to see the ppm in mapmode once a planet is scanned or something would be a cool feature but again that's just me. I don't really want to use mechjeb because my gamedata folder is filling up fast, I just got a little carried away with that idea because, well it's a cool idea although more suited to a SCANSat thread. I would totally do it but it's far beyond my own skill right now.
  11. For real I see what you're saying, but I think this: This is a great idea.
  12. Yea definitely the navigation aspect, as bigbadben stated I also enjoy the aspect of scanning and searching for the best places as it adds a cool aspect to gameplay however navigating with SCANSat can be kinda difficult sometimes and it doesn't come close to mapmode. I'd maybe say using the features that the game already provides in that aspect and adding a Karbonite feature to it? Again just a suggestion but I think that's a good solution. Also if it gives a few extra fps then for me that's a big deal, I can't stand lag I also gotta say that I was never massively keen on resource mods until I tried this and man, I've had so much fun with it so far
  13. I'm totally for ditching the overlay but I feel a lot of people won't be. I think people have seen Kethane and now assume that another resources mod will look and play the same when in fact it's totally different. I for one like the idea much more of not being able to exhaust a planets resources because to be honest the idea that filling a few tanks with karbonite would somehow deplete the planet is ludicrous. That being said is it possible to ditch the overlay but have something like when scanner is active and you mouse over the planet in map mode you get the ppm? Just a thought, not sure if it's ideal but would suit me fine.