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  1. But, shouldn't the config also get deleted, if i deinstall the mod and reinstall fresh and so be ok? I'll give it another try and kill the folders etc. by hand first. Quite broke on my latests game now Thanks for all your modding!
  2. Heya. Installed (and reinstalled twice) the actual version of SR, but, there seems to be a problem. My parts get recovered fine, but all at 1%range (beside dropping 30km near ksc). Hoped the short fixes would get rid of that, but it seems not. Any intel on that?
  3. I've got the same problem, using win 10 x64, with the exact same setup (mods, etc.) under linux (mint) i get no stutter at all.. thats just weird. never had stutter before 1.2, just the usual x32-problems with too less ram usable etc. Tried to run Memgraph, but it won't change anything with alt+ numpad-keys, so allways shows a full 8top to bottom) ram-usagegraph of 100% memory-usage. (at ~1gb, while my sys got 32gb.) and,strangely, i cant uncheck the "highlight fx"-button in ksp, all others work fine. disabling only AA has not fixed the stutter.
  4. Damn, you are right, just saw the hint on page 9 of the .pdf.. :/ Ok.. need a screwdriver then, plan failed. Thx for the Hint! @Dev: Thx for the Mod.
  5. Got a weird issue with 1.2. Using the Wrench i cant attach any parts to nodes anymore. Have not got the Screwdriver yet in my new game.. Any hints? Wont even show nodes.
  6. Your gtx970 wont help you that much, as KSP is highly CPU-eating. Better get a good cpu, bc your 8gb ram and i5 seem to be the problem here. you got only 150mb free with your mod-setup. many ppl hope that the next update will finally make ksp use the multithreading of cpu's. (unity 5.1 upgrade, from 4.x).
  7. Yeah, im running 64bit. Thats why i took this script: after complete KSPdeletion, reinstall per Steam and starting 6 times with only the script, everything is working fine atm. even in fullscreen. will try some mods with ckan next. Thanks sal.
  8. Hi, i really hope whatever i write is understandable. Long time no real english practicing. Im running Mint 17.1 /Nvidia 660gtx/Roccat Kone XTD Mouse/ German local. etc. When in "Map" i can scroll and turn around no problem. But when in VAB, after i added a part to the "empty" space, whenever i "left-click-hold" and turn the mouse, the sight goes havoc to all sides, as if the signal gets scrambled and to 1000000 sensitivity. when trying to fly that thing i constructed, the same happens. also the mousewheel seems to be on too high sens. i allready disabled aa, ppfx.. no change. setup the sensitivity of some stuff to 0.25 (as described here : http://steamcommunity.com/app/220200/discussions/0/864974467288867445/?l=german ) no change, i even tried the LC_ALL-fix. (which diasabled contracts,flags and more ingame.) but. no change. Anyone around with any idea? Thanks in advance. Dan
  9. And the german passengers onboard.. its 6pm..time for some kerbing! #Hypetrain!
  10. And Scott M. found a bug, where the stuff in the cargobay stays "bound" to the cargobay door-status, even after leaving it. he let out the plane, closed the cargobay and then the plane lost its airflow.
  11. i just ran into a small problem. i have a Duna-Base (plus Rover, plus Lander, etc.). i added kis-tools to the rover, lander and base on specific spots. I took my engineer out on a run, had him to end eva on the base instead of his rover, and he lost all tools. same for the other spots, when interchanging those guys into other parts of the station (to science lab from cupola etc). how could i add back the tools without sending a full container to duna again? another thing. how can i readd items i took out of the backpack and placed outside into the backpack?