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  1. kavi

    How To Mod

    Thanks allot for your advice! Any ideas on how to model/edit files. I have a mac and can't open all files, what software should i download?
  2. Hi, I was thinking of making a parts pack but I have no clue how to mod. Anyone wanna post a tutorial. All I know is that I need to know C#
  3. If Baha is doing a 1.1 update would it be possible to get the AI to fire missiles using modular missile guidance? That way space to space missiles can be used by AI (as the current one is broken)
  4. Is there a comprehensive list of all BDA addons, like PEW, Nonrth Kerbin Dynamics etc.
  5. I am using mac osx, i used wine to open it because i'm not to good with computers but managed to fix the problem by using automator
  6. Could you develop a fly by wire system for space fighters and ai, mabye assigning action groups to diferent axes.
  7. I keep getting an our download failed with certificate error message and the modlist will not load.
  8. This is a persistent problem with parts mods - any mod i use with parts, which is I don't get all the parts from the pack. I put the folders in game data as told or as a second try put the parts in the parts folder but some parts just won't appear in the VAB or SPH or work with prebuilt ships. I do have a mac if that makes a difference. Does anyone else have this problem? What am i doing wrong with the install?
  9. Does anyone know about ore concentrations underwater or by the shore?
  10. In the SPH ready to part on its journey (i don't know if it floats or sinks.) By the way is it ok if i take screenshots in map view each 10 km?, or could a master preach to me the knowledge of planting flags underwater