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  1. Orb8Ter

    KSP Casey Neistat Style

    Ok so two Videos in the style of Casey Neistat on the Youtubes Let me know your thoughts I am genuinely curious
  2. Orb8Ter

    Africa Tour in KSP

    Sweet Dreams of Space
  3. Orb8Ter

    Africa Tour in KSP

    That was great I love how you gave sort of a grand tour the jet was cool I still have to get used to making SSTO craft. I almost missed the poll on the top As for where you go I dont mind I like to see where Minmus
  4. Well I continue my experiment trying to build the cubical space station further, I add pre-built sections and try docking 4 docking ports at the same time which can be tricky to make sure all four connect but it is possible the only problem is that my FPS goes down to 4 so we try some impact tests
  5. Orb8Ter

    Ban the user above you!

    @Monkey Taylor Banned for banning and being banned and Bang well its KSP
  6. Orb8Ter

    Ban the user above you!

    @Murican_Jeb Banned for having a propeller plane Avatar instead of a Rocket Plane Avatar!
  7. Orb8Ter

    FanWork: KSP youtube cover!

    Thanks thats Cool, Ok the cat can Stay
  8. Orb8Ter

    FanWork: KSP youtube cover!

    @Firemetal Does Luch Kot mean cat?? google translate didnt help
  9. Orb8Ter

    FanWork: KSP youtube cover!

    Loving the cover art Luch-Kot! What's up with the space Kat? (no not you Enceos) the one in the cover art?
  10. Re-Engineering how you build Space Stations! I had the idea that space station can be Long, round or even circular but I haven't seen a cubical space station. So I have tasked myself to see if a cubical space station will work will it be stable? can you actually build it? and Who ate all the snacks? If this works I may see if we can add to it to find out how large we can build it
  11. Orb8Ter

    Parking Troll on Eeloo!

    Parking Troll on Eeloo, no not a parking Troll a Kerbal named Troll! I try a mission to hunt for an anomaly on Eeloo because I have never tried but things dont go to plan 'One of those days' I guess, I also rapidly convert a rover into a base while having the most creative crash landings I have ever had. Be warned I read my comments during the video
  12. Orb8Ter

    Kerbal Training!

    Kerbal Training, how the selection process takes place
  13. Orb8Ter

    Your KSP Story

    I found out about this game in PC Gamer magazine tried the demo and bought from the KSP website at V0.19 it was a bargain as I'm still playing it. This game got me into YouTube I now watch it more than TV. Learnt from Scott Manley but I really enjoy KurtJMac derpiness playing KSP shame he stopped playing.
  14. ADVERTISEMENT FROM MONKEY BUSINESS Ad's A delivery system for Santa Kerman making life easier for one day of the Year. https://youtu.be/IdhoLuWqEdE
  15. ADVERTISEMENTS FROM MONKEY BUSINESS Ad's With all the adverts I have seen during Christmas I decided that the Kerbals needed to step up their game so here is the first in the Ad Campaign. https://youtu.be/Hfg3s_fScDA