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  1. Ok so two Videos in the style of Casey Neistat on the Youtubes Let me know your thoughts I am genuinely curious
  2. Hey orb8ter! I just wanted to say that your tutorial on rendezvous and docking really helped me with rendezvous and docking to my own station, sky dragon 1, thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Orb8Ter


      Awesome that you docked its always hard when you first try but it becomes a lot easier, so well done :cool:

  3. hey Orb8ter what is the intro music you use?

    1. Shadow Wolf56

      Shadow Wolf56

      for the asteroid base series?(also your space station was awesome:wink:)

    2. Orb8Ter


      Thanks I use a track called Far Away for the intro is royalty free for use as well

    3. Shadow Wolf56
  4. That was great I love how you gave sort of a grand tour the jet was cool I still have to get used to making SSTO craft. I almost missed the poll on the top As for where you go I dont mind I like to see where Minmus
  5. Well I continue my experiment trying to build the cubical space station further, I add pre-built sections and try docking 4 docking ports at the same time which can be tricky to make sure all four connect but it is possible the only problem is that my FPS goes down to 4 so we try some impact tests
  6. @Monkey Taylor Banned for banning and being banned and Bang well its KSP
  7. @Murican_Jeb Banned for having a propeller plane Avatar instead of a Rocket Plane Avatar!
  8. Thanks thats Cool, Ok the cat can Stay
  9. @Firemetal Does Luch Kot mean cat?? google translate didnt help
  10. Loving the cover art Luch-Kot! What's up with the space Kat? (no not you Enceos) the one in the cover art?
  11. Re-Engineering how you build Space Stations! I had the idea that space station can be Long, round or even circular but I haven't seen a cubical space station. So I have tasked myself to see if a cubical space station will work will it be stable? can you actually build it? and Who ate all the snacks? If this works I may see if we can add to it to find out how large we can build it
  12. Parking Troll on Eeloo, no not a parking Troll a Kerbal named Troll! I try a mission to hunt for an anomaly on Eeloo because I have never tried but things dont go to plan 'One of those days' I guess, I also rapidly convert a rover into a base while having the most creative crash landings I have ever had. Be warned I read my comments during the video
  13. Kerbal Training, how the selection process takes place
  14. I found out about this game in PC Gamer magazine tried the demo and bought from the KSP website at V0.19 it was a bargain as I'm still playing it. This game got me into YouTube I now watch it more than TV. Learnt from Scott Manley but I really enjoy KurtJMac derpiness playing KSP shame he stopped playing.