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  1. FYI the Spacedock link displays the following message: "You don't have the permission to access the requested resource. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server." Don't you love it when people bring you problems? Happy New Year!
  2. Excellent! Jeb will be quaffing a few before the weekend is out!
  3. This is awesome. I would love to have this in my game, but it's right where I already have some KK vehicle hangars. Is there a way for me to place this elsewhere?
  4. Apologies. Here they are. KSP.log Player.log I copied the logs with the game running, at the main menu with the Partvolumes pop-up window displayed (because the restart loop means the log is overwritten when the game restarts). If this is insufficient, I can try again, choose 'ignore' and then do a clean shutdown.
  5. I experienced the same bug as @Robin Patenall. Turning on 'Process manipulatable-only' parts got this mod stuck in a loop, claiming new parts detected with every restart. Turning 'Process manipulatable-only' back off did not cure it. Removing and re-installing the mod did. I set aside the logs from one of the loops, let me know if you want them.
  6. No worries, and no hurry. I'm a (retired) developer, and I know what a headache dealing with edge cases can be. This is easily lived with, and kind of amusing, actually.
  7. First: love this mod. It's a must-have for me now. Second: may have discovered a minor bug. Couldn't find it mentioned anywhere, so if you're already aware, apologies. If you crash a rocket into the VAB just after takeoff (for testing purposes, I swear), the ground scatter suddenly gets redrawn at the height of the rocket when it crashed. See images here: https://imgur.com/4eI0Z4Q and here: https://imgur.com/4vcdZLZ Both images are from a 1.12.3 install, 2nd image with only Parallax (and its dependencies) installed. KSP log Player log This is a very minor bug, easily lived with, but thought you'd like to know, regardless.
  8. Indeed it is. If you have Airlocks Plus (with Harmony v1 removed), Konstruction (and its dependencies) and something that uses Harmony v2 installed, the Konstruction toolbar button will get duplicated each time you revert to the VAB or SPH. After a few reverts the toolbar is filled with multiple Konstruction buttons. Remove Airlocks Plus and the duplication issue goes away. I don't know if it causes any other issues with other mods, but this issue is certainly evidence that Airlocks Plus does not get along with Harmony v2. It's too bad, this is a really useful mod.
  9. AMP is Adjustable Mod Panel, a mod whose entire purpose is to selectively hide the buttons of other mods. Ah! Great! Perfect! Thanks very much for implementing that. Is that mentioned anywhere? 'Cause I musta missed it. I supose I should read things more carefully.
  10. I'm very sorry to report v1.0.5.0 of TUFX still does not like having its button hidden. On KSP v1.12.3, with only Adjustable Mod Panel v1.5.99 and TUFX v1.0.5.0 installed, at first TUFX's button can be hidden and shown again by AMP as expected. But... bug #1: if hidden in all scenes, after a few scene changes (excluding flight) the TUFX button can no longer be shown using AMP. bug #2: after changing to the flight scene, the TUFX button reappears in all scenes and can no longer be hidden by AMP. Basically, after a few scene changes TUFX starts ignoring AMP and doing whatever it wants with the button. This general issue has been around a long time, and seems pretty challenging. I realise you're a volunteer and your time is probably limited, but I hope you can keep working on it. Thanks!
  11. Love nrap, use it all the time; thanks for maintaining it! I'm testing a single stage 0.625 launcher and discovered, while the OP says nrap weight range is "0.01 - 1000t", the lowest it can go is actually 0.02t. If you try to set it to 0.01 the text "Dry mass (t)" in the nrap window turns red and the weight remains whatever it was. This might seem really nitpicky, but that 0.01 weight would be really handy right now. I've submitted this as an issue on github.
  12. @OrbitalManeuvers where did you get the towers? They look awesome.
  13. 1.12.2 does not fix it for me. Neither KK v1.8.2.1 or v1.8.3.0 work, in either ksp v1.12.3 or v1.12.2. Pressing ctrl-K does nothing. Never mind. Turns out I'm simply an idiot who can't can't be bothered to read instructions. Happy to report ctrl-k works in v1.12.3. Gomennasai.
  14. I'm unable to reproduce it subsequently. :p I'll keep trying, and if successful, I'll submit the logs then. Well, that didn't take long. KSP.log Player.log JanitorsCloset.cfg This is on ksp v.1.12.2; the first one was on v1.12.3. I used QuickExit to exit the game while the icons were duplicated. update: Reran the game and the JC folder and duplicated button pictured at left are not there. update 2: the same thing just happened with the button for EVE - duplicated first time, works correctly second time. Like I said, not a showstopper.
  15. These are beautiful! Now if I could just get KSP to play the SW Imperial March while I fly them.
  16. Don't know if this has been reported before, if so, sorry (a search didn't turn up anything). There's a funny interaction with JC and the toolbar buttons for Click Through Blocker. If you move them to a JC folder, the first time you do it, the button gets duplicated instead, one in the folder and one still on the toolbar. Both duplicate and original still work. Removing the duplicate from the folder via alt-rmb makes it disappear, and a subsequent attempt to move the original button from the toolbar to the folder works normally. Buttons from other mods do not seem to be similarly affected. Not a problem, really, just a bit odd. Thought you'd like to know. If you want log files I'll post 'em.
  17. I had the same issue as above: for the Ares Cockpit from mod The Martian For KSP. Fixed it by changing @MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] to MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart] in line 14 in AddToAllParts.cfg. KSP now reports no errors, and looking in Module Manager config cache shows Ares Cockpit now has (apparently) correctly configured ModuleCargoPart and ModuleInventoryPart entries: MODULE { name = ModuleInventoryPart InventorySlots = 9 } MODULE { name = ModuleCargoPart packedVolume = 4140 } To summarize, fixed by removing the @ sign in front of "MODULE[ModuleInventoryPart]" in line 14 of AddToAllParts.cfg.
  18. Thanks for the swift reply! No worries, and no hurry either. I know you're busy, and it's not urgent.
  19. AddOn Version Checker is claiming there's a version 0.9.6 of RSE available, but CKAN and github both say otherwise. Any idea where AVC is getting this idea?
  20. Latest version on CKAN and Spacedock is 1.3.15, but Addon Version Checker keeps telling me I should upgrade to So... is there a v1.3.15.1? Or (more likely) is AVC confused, in which case who is the right person to bother about it? Thx!
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