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  1. is it still compatible with otherworlds?
  2. this is the only explanation for how none of them crashed (13 was a technical failure. that doesn't count)
  3. I thought the 3.0 death star would destroy stars. and it sort of does I guess.
  4. has anyone put the mun on the mun yet?
  5. nope.avi will SQUAD return here again?
  6. negatory some form of crown, conceivably made of iron, in any colour, or possibly someone who once wore one. (the associated user know what this means)
  7. tHiS nEvEr WoUlD hAvE hApPeNeD uNdEr GrEeN iRoN cRoWn
  8. 666: the great Kerbin kaput happens. Kerbin goes dark. the world changes, and all the stuff looks different 667: a crown of pure good, forged from GREEN IRON, saves kerbals, but is destroyed by his evil red brother over a dispute over the proper colour of a mysterious power source known as "rep". all nuggets of this go grey for no reason.
  9. 1286: a notification stating that the gift shop and exit are on floor 1337
  10. is the thread: kerbal history remastered.
  11. iT sHaLl HaPpEn AgAiN (wHy CaN't I uPsCaLe My TeXt?)
  12. He's dead. fully. RIC delted him. RIP GIC, yo where too glorious for this forum.