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  1. So hang on a minute, an update was made to the system- a) That was untested. b) Just before vacation. c) 'obviously wrong' as soon as someone else saw it, and borderline gamebreaking. d) worked ok before. Maybe a lesson to be learned somewhere? In the meantime how about releasing your fix on githib as a patch/module/mod whatever until 1.1.3 arrives in few weeks? cheers
  2. Dood It totally like takes like 5 minutes to load... Running on an sandy-bridge mbp 17inch at the mo, my 2008 c2d takes about 6-7 mins to boot it. There isn't that much difference in game; it seems to be engine-limited more than anything. Cheers, new interface looks slick.
  3. Thank you very much for this! Works like a charm on my install with over 600 odds and ends in the parts folder Thanks again!
  4. You make it sound like they won't even fire. Who cares anyway? It's not like the stock parts are correctly balanced in any form at the moment. And if you're not sitting there with a slide rule you'll never notice the difference between the Isp enabled engines and the older ones in this pack. In fact, the newer Isp engines have slightly increased thrust to balance out the inefficiency while in atmos introduced with 0.16 when compared to the same ones in 0.15 (nerfed little lander engine notwithstanding). So they are 'balanced' with the older parts. They work fine. And if it bothers you, more t
  5. The rocket engines work, they just don't use Isp. Nothing really needs to be resized, the new 2m sized stock parts are not new if you've been using novapunch or KW which have both had 2m engines, fueltanks, RCS parts and SAS/ASAS parts since the start. Short version is the pack is still incredibly useful if you want to build large heavy lift rockets.
  6. It's a new forum rule: Nothing to do with Tiberion. Apparently it's to protect peoples work, that all mods and plugins are licensed. But as far as I can see there was nothing wrong with the existing system where if someone wanted to license their stuff that's fine, but the majority are quite happy to have their work open source. I don't think it's happened where anyone who wanted to protect their work but didn't create a license has had their work used without permission- if they know how to do collision meshes and .CS coding they know about licensing their work. Complex issue huh? Well the g
  7. Due to the new rules this is actually going to be the problem, everything needs a license. I can't see Nova or Slug not licensing their parts and they're active and contactable. No-one has spoken to SP in months and seeing as about half the parts in the pack are his, this is going to be the sticking point.
  8. It's a shame to hear that Tiberion. I can see this licensing thing being a real issue for a lot of parts. So is it just Sunday Punch you need to get hold of? I imagine Nova will licence his stuff? Obviously no-one should get their hopes up in any way but SP is a member of another forum I frequent (he does amazing Forza paintjobs), I'll send him a PM. Thanks Tiberion, seeing how much work you've put in updating and tweaking these parts (and probably some wasted time updating for .16). It would be a real waste if these parts were left to rot. edit: PM received cheers
  9. You're forgetting about the 250 shopping trolleys of food Why Mars is hard: (Hope you have 40 minutes!- audio clears up about a minute in)
  10. Thanks! You don't know the many hours, the failed launches, the unstable fifteenth stages, and all those poor kerbals of course... The big rover is the MSSEV mk21. It used to have active suspension and stuff using the robotics plugin, 40 tons on landing! haha but that mod doesn't work very well in 0.16 so many rebuilds later it looks that. Here's an old 0.15 screen from back in the day: The newer one ditched its landing stage- I think you can guess the rest of the landing maneuver (Hold W--->then jettison engines!) It worked just as well as Curiosity so there. If it's hard to see, the e
  11. Keep up the great work! I use your parts in pretty much everything I build
  12. Simple, build a crew bus in the SPH and launch, then start your half crewed rocket at the pad but don't launch it- Switch to your bus and drive/fly/crash over to the pad and fill your rocket
  13. You have to wonder if moving to specific impulse for 0.16 was the wisest move. I mean has it made the game any more fun for all the headache? Oh sure it strokes a few egghead egos, but added a load more issues for anyone updating their mods or wanting a use a rocket that worked just fine before. bloody eggheads! go play orbiter if you want specific impulse and realistic interplanetary facial hair growth simulation
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