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  1. No, I have the same thing. The parts in RemoteTech will show up on ships or in the VAB, the models seem fine. But even in a new game, I can't toggle their status in the VAB, and on the launchpad they just show "Status: Locked". No map controls either.
  2. I'm having some strange issues with RemoteTech. I just came back to Kerbal after a while, updated my mods for the newest version and opened up my old save, but it's like RemoteTech isn't even installed. All my antennas are showing "Status: Locked" and I can't do anything with them, I've got no communications link displays in the map or any of the RemoteTech buttons, and I've got no configuration screen. I'm definitely using 1.7.0 here, and I've already uninstalled and reinstalled it. I apologize if this is some minor thing that I'm just missing, but I'm at a loss here, and I haven't found anyone else reporting anything like this. Anything else I should try?