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  1. Chatterer, Atmospheric sound enhancement, ANY mod that makes 2-part fairings (Shell>Confetti) and LCD launch countdown.
  2. The only one that could possibly effect it is Kerbal Engineer, because I've seen a few KopernicusTech mods that are incompatible with it. Full list is: Kerbal Engineer. Kerbal Alarmclock. Joint Reinforcement. Modular Rocket System. Zero-point inline fairings. And Deadly Reentry. I'm on windows 7, using the 32 bit client.
  3. Hi there! First off I want to say this is an amazing mod, and I've given rep for it. But I have a slight problem. When I go to launch KSP, it loads up fine and once I get into a save file (Brand new) it seems to load the default solar (Kolar?) system. I see that other people are having the bug and it's to do with Texture Replacer, yet I've never had TR on this Gamedata folder? Any thoughts op? Help would be greatly appreciated, I'd LOVE to play with this pack!
  4. This is..Amazing. Like insanely amazing. Take ALL the rep, ALL OF IT. I was having a suckish day due to the passing away of a animator I've followed since I was younger, and generally have a poor day, but this has just made everything better. +100 everything.
  5. I will become.. GOD OF THE NEW WORLD. *Dramatic Kerbal face* Ahem. Regardless, awesome post OP!
  6. It seems to flicker. Maybe its just the .Gif quality, but it could be a geyser of some sorts? What circumstances could lead to that though? No idea. It's not like Ceres is getting the tugs of Europa to heat it up..Food for thought!
  7. I.Cannot.Plane. Seriously. Not once has the Illumian Empire invented a working aeroplane. Rockets? Pssh, easy. Hovercraft? We can do that. Interplanetary manned missions and colonys? You want that in pink or blue? Nope. no Aeroplanes. Not here. Realtalk: If anybody knows a good tutorial that'd be grand.
  8. Manned landings on: Mun. Minmus. Duna. Eve, (Once accidentally, once to rescue them). Vall (This one wasn't legit, as I used hyperedit and I was testing a Jool-5 lander. But I'll put it here anyway.) And finally Laythe. Unmanned I've been everywhere. And I have a base on Minmus.
  9. Laythe. ESPECIALLY with EVE and Better Atmospheres, have you seen it?! It looks awesome.
  10. I never realized I needed this mod until it came into my life. Op is a genius.
  11. Eve. A planet I have always imagined to be rather like a Cactus. Whilst cute and cool looking on the outside, contact with it will leave you stinging and hating the things. What I mean is we’ve all been there. Inexperience, Naïve maybe? We sent out a ship to Eve and upon being embraced with those candy-pink and purple clouds, we realized that maybe this would be a fun place to play chess or something whilst waiting in orbit. The sunrise is beautiful, a mix of yellows and greens contrasting against the rich purple really strikes awe into any Kerbonauts tiny, little (possibly kethane-f
  12. The finishing modules were added to the Illumian Empire Space Outpost 1 "Golden Sunrise". Meanwhile, at the Illumian Space Center, Luke, Gunser and Billy-Bobile Kerman do some station spotting. Sadly, all they can see is Minmus.
  13. Nice looking ship there OP! Anychance we could get a .CRAFT file? We love to do some dune surfing on Duna-- I-I mean conduct perfectly ethical and safe science on a cosmic body..Yeah. Mhm >~>
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