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  1. For those interested here are the steps for creating a KK object for the alternate floodlight texture using the files included in the download. Create a copy of KSCFL_Tower01 in the same sub-directory and rename it to KSCFL_Tower02 Delete KSCFL_Tower01_DIF.dds and KSCFL_Tower01_Instances.cfg Rename KSCFL_Tower01.mu to KSCFL_Tower02.mu and KSCFL_TowerAlt_DIF.dds to KSCFL_Tower01_DIF.dds Edit KSCFL_Tower02_Model.cfg and replace the contents with the text within the code block below: // This config will add another floodlight static to be used in game with the alt textu
  2. That's my additions to the OP KSC Launchpad. I added a few more fuel tanks, a (static) fuel truck parked to the left, and the large tower is actually the static weather tower from KSC++ (or one of its' dependencies). I also added the new floodlights at 0.2x scale to the Mercury launchpad (LC-5), as that has a built in static launch tower I believe so it fits in nicely. I also found that using the in-game KK control panel allows for pretty decent control of cone-angle (either by scaling, pitching, or just moving them further from the launchpad). For the alternate texture you mentioned, a s
  3. Here you are: Blender Link (If you prefer Blender) .mu import/export for Blender (Instructions are pretty easy to follow in the OP) (for important .mu files into either Blender or BfA) BforArtists Download Page (as it says on the front page, BfA is just a fork of Blender, so it's pretty much Blender++ ) As for resources, I'd suggest picking up the source (almost always available on the more common known mods) of a part-heavy mod and checking out those models, and maybe even use some as a template or jump-off point. Good luck! Also, it looks amazing Stone B
  4. I appreciate the gesture, but honestly you got more done than I would have by now. I live in NJ and we finally started to get back to work this last 2 weeks so I'm glad you were able to take up the mantle. I can't wait to test out the updated floodlights
  5. <removed by author> Looks like Stone Blue got the go ahead from Divico, sweet! We look forward to it Stone!
  6. I've actually been following that mod (the original, I had no idea you had adopted it so I checked it out). I love it, and I've added it as "separate" way of doing what this mod did, but I think the idea here (can't speak for anyone else) is to get it integrated as an instance on the launchpad by default. If there was a way to make the spotlights work as a KK object it would be perfect, just to help keep down the part count (like if attached to a launch clamp) or having multiple vessels loaded on the launchpad (if using some mobile "lighting truck/sign"). BTW for those interested, the flood
  7. That or scale them down in the config/KK menu (I have mine at 1.5 forgetting how big even a 20m craft it's hilarious, the towers are I thnk 700m tall lmao)... I know I still have .dds edting tools on this PC, I believe I have what I need for editing .mu files. I'll take a look a little later. Nice find man.
  8. Ah, that's interesting. Mine are so spaced out from the launch pad that I don't see anything in night launches. Maybe if I move them closer it'd show up (the lights themselves look lit, they just don't seem to illuminate anything from what I can see). If the source was somewhere I'm sure the light intensity might be an tweak, could get this thing up to modern times (by that I mean 1969 Apollo times) . Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Looking for some help with an MM patch for graduated response for all engines. I already have a version with a set accel/decel rate that encompasses all engines in my game that KW doesn't already patch with a flat rate, but I want to vary that rate using some arithmetic (either on engine mass, propellant type (for RF), or maybe a combination of both). The only question I have is how the integer works, i.e. do higher values = faster response or slower response? I've tried looking at the KW engine patches and figuring it out based on (oh yeah, that's the huge engine vs the little engine) but I c
  10. Weird, I get no context menu when I click them in mine, but I'm using a ton of mods, something may be blocking the GUI popup. Thanks for letting me know!
  11. I've been slowly adding more and more mods into my 1.9.1 game and recently one of them broke the deltaV/vessel information/active missions/etc buttons in the VAB so that they do not pop up. I am using a handful of mods that aren't updated for 1.9.1 and I've narrowed it down to the time I started having issues with UI (Blizzy's toolbar is also missing in the space center, but shows up everywhere else so that's fine, just annoying). The buttons I'm talking about: The buttons in the red rectangle will not open any windows. My modlist: The mods I added before I noticed thi
  12. I seem to remember them working as posted in the OP. I'm assuming at some point post 1.3 the UI updates broke the comparability. I've been using the floodlights using KK to create some cool looking day launches, but I'd love to figure out a way to get them to light up for night launches. I can't find a single object in KK (I'm a newbie to using it, but I have the most recent 1.9.1 KSC++ installed with all dependencies and haven't found an object that lights up). PS: Sorry to necro this, but I haven't found a substitute for launchpad lights (aside planting them on launch-clamps) an
  13. I'm currently using it in a heavily modified 1.9.x game (no RSS/RO, just stock-alike configs, with BDB, KWRocketry, NovaPunch, and Procedural Parts) and have not run into any issues so far. I haven't checked my debug log while playing, but I haven't had any crashes.
  14. I'm having an issue with Real Fuels compatibility. I tried grabbing the Saturn SI-C sub-assembly and noticed that above the first stage, the part adapter tank (I forget the size) for whatever reason only has an LF/O config, but the engines are set up to accept LH2/OX I believe so the sub-assembly won't work unless I change out that specific part with a procedural. This is just the first case I've found where this has been an issue so I don't know if there are further tanks but it doesn't even have the B9PartSwitch module it seems, and I can't find where the patch from stock to real fuels is ge
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