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  1. Well that is awesome to hear. If I put my WakaTime from just MM coding for KSP1 public I would likely exile myself for shame. Think I spend more tweaking things than playing lol. Oh, off topic, but your SISS came out amazingly!
  2. I'm about to take the plunge and give some patreon love to this amazing modder/developer, however I wanted to ask a question first. Will this have any affect if I'm already using a mod like AVP or the OPM EVE configs? I'd assume not, unless the configs have to be written specifically for volumentrics (I don't know a thing about how this all works, so excuse the ignorance). Regardless I'm donating, worst case I make my own configs or just start on a smaller scale game. Thanks for any info!
  3. As the title states, I'm assuming something akin to Module Manger will come to KSP2, but I just figured I'd throw in a request or (maybe more-so a question) as to if/how/when MM or something similar could be implemented? If I'm able (time allowing) I really want to start modding, maybe using the base mod creation tutorial (obviously I'd have to do some more digging, different game and all) as a base, but I am a script-kiddie at heart and would love to delve into modding for this game at the start. If anyone else reading this has any other guides/systems/programs that would help in this regard I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!
  4. Really looking forward to module manager (hopefully), that'll be fantastic for player-sided balancing.
  5. This. Of my top three suggestions, this is number 1 (maneuver node planner being number 2 tied with the trajectory/conics bug, and GUI re-sizing being 3). I'm trying to keep my suggestions to things that I'd assume (I'm no developer, so who knows), would be easier to implement sooner rather than later (obviously things like performance/visuals/etc are all things we want, but priority and time-sink wise some of those may take awhile to implement)
  6. These were my thoughts. Think about how long it took to just get something like volumetric clouds in the game (though no small feat I can only imagine and I'd imagine held back by the engine being used for most of the life-cycle). Imagine if this game caught steam before it even it the shelves. The state of modding now is incredible, but back in the ~0.19 days the mods were great but the choices were much more slim comparatively (I think the front page always had FASA, RT, Karbonite, Proc Fairings, MLT, MJ, EVE, TR, and a handful of others I can't recall right now showing 99% of the time, not that you could surpass about 2Gb GameData at the time anyway without a crash every 30-45 minutes). I'm not exactly looking forward to going right back to incremental builds but I have complete faith in Squad and their devotion to the quality of the game as well as reception of community feedback (hell, their phase plan is kind of built around how well their new mechanics are implemented). I think this would remain the case regardless of publisher (if they got picked up by any other pub than some indie-publisher would your view honestly change)? That's not to say that the split wasn't pretty excrementsty (I remember the circumstances being pretty "big-business"). I truly doubt studio interfering will be an issue. God I hope I didn't just feed a troll for 20 minutes...
  7. Well keep them coming, I'm following this topic now. Not nearly enough beautiful ISS builds out there that I've noticed (maybe just not searching hard enough). I can definitely respect what I guess could be considered "native" parts only, just to me that would be a friggin challenge run XD I look forward to the station coming together, I'll throw it in with my loading screen pics, maybe give me some inspiration (I'm running a historical progression contract/part career that eventually leads to FFT with OPM and then the Kcalbeloh System but I really am just looking forward to the 60's/70's era missions the most!
  8. Er... sorry for the confusion? Thought it was a clear agreement + additional reason to accept Tweakscale into your life Maybe I should have started with "This." or "Exactly."? You do you man. seems you're pretty against suggestions to your build, I can respect that, but man, that's all that stuck out to you, not complementing on your pics at the end or anything?
  9. Seems like it might help get you more parts fitting together more to your liking (along with TU/PP/Decals/etc). If you give it a shot, throw this in a .cfg file anywhere in your gamedata folder and you can get parts of any size, been working (with a few updates over the years) since pre 1.0: Regardless keep the mission coming, the visuals are gorgeous!!!
  10. In case anyone actually is following, I've made further progress on the LV Builder description MM patch. I've gotten to Redstone, and thus my first multi-build part. I've found that the Redstone has some Juno parts that could be found with only "Juno" in the name, which wouldn't be caused by the patch so I'm not sure what to do about that unless I get into more detailed builds, which would just bloat the descriptions. Really wish I could embed links sometimes... Anyone interested, made some fixes from the last. Still not sure about the syntax to add the description (I used another as an example with ^= at the beginning, but used the regex to insert the actual text to the end of the descriptors. I still have a ways to go but keep finding ways to improve/make things easier. Daily 2/14/2022 (Going to be making a repo soon and just tossing the random MM stuff you guys may see around the forums on it I think. we need a more up to date MM patch)
  11. I have been using a Tweakscale MM patch I made that adds it to just about everything (had to omit a few mod specific items as well as suits). I haven't had the incompatibility menu pop up on me (maybe because of when the patch passes or just it being an MM patch), but you do have to work it case-by-case sometimes. It generally does the job and you could always do the math on a part you like and MM patch it to rescale to that size (just create a new part based off the original and set the rescale to make it match 3.125 (like a 1.25m part would become 2.5x the original) then you can use either nodehelper, multiply an array, or just do the math for the attachment nodes yourself. If you set a tweakscale patch to use free scaling on something like the trusses mentioned by @DeadJohn you would just need to use the slider to get it to match (depending on shape I'd guess)
  12. Hey all, I just started a MM patch that adds the build guide/description found on the BDB unofficial wiki stages using the real rocket name information. Basically it lists the stages (and engines where possible) found on the wiki and appends it to the end of any part used for that launch vehicle. I plan on going through the descriptors, cross-referencing where needed (my knowledge of real life rocket names has vastly increased over the years since starting KSP but I'm not great with the stages on many of the launch vehicles/rockets still) and then adding to the existing MM patch little by little each day. However, I want to make sure this hasn't been done, or no one has started or is currently already working on something like this. So I figured I'd save my self some potential headache and ask first. Example of what's being made (just finished the Scout and Vanguard, making a version for real_description parts and part names only): I got tired of having to alt-tab to look some stuff up when building my rockets (the notepad mod worked great, but it sadly stopped showing up in my save) and I'm following a historic progression career that utilizes BDB almost exclusively. I am very grateful that the part names are all very easy to grab on an @PARTS pass, so it's just adding the extra info using that as a starting point. I may change my mind on color and location but it's a start. Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated (if you know the basic stage setup to some of the rockets in BDB and don't mind sharing it that would also be insanely helpful. The wiki tends to use real names and the BDB names interchangeably sometimes, and I want to make sure I'm following the right track, or plume, or whatever. Thanks! for all the awesome pictures by the way fam, I've started putting them in my loading screen to fill up that 20 minutes of monotony.
  13. Thank you! I've been working on an MM patch that takes duplicate experimentIDs and removes all but the ones from the part packs wanted (configured in the patch). But short of going through every single science def list I didn't see an easy way to populate it. This is so useful, thank you! I have no issue with it in either of my heavily modded installs (each with custom contracts galore). Do you have any errors/conflicts in your log? If the icon doesn't show up I have the same issue with another mod (kind of just stopped showing up), but I think it's just due to a 20Gb gamedata folder, too many icons >.<
  14. Hey all, I'm back with another scenario. I use BDB (along with a plethora of other part mods like RN, etc) and I'm a little tired of duplicate experiments (or experiments that are virtually identical but have different IDs so only one type will work for a DMagic contract). I've been looking for a way to remove duplicate experiments from parts by only leaving one part with said experiment available (the rest I can clean up through Janitor's Closet or just remove outright I suppose). That being said, since I have many duplicate experiments (mag booms being a large culprit) I wanted to trim down duplicate experiments to make contract goals a little easier to attain (yes I have [x] science/experiment tracker installed, I usually go back and forth between the two) so the only way I thought of attaining this is by going through the list of experiments in the mod part or pack that contains the experimentID I wish to keep and remove the rest. I thought of a sloppy MM patch I have yet to throw on the test-bench install, but wondered if anyone here had any suggestions? My first pass follows the following structure (though I know I could probably use wildcards to make things easier, I'm not the greatest at working with arrays or the more advanced side of MM yet): @PART[*]:HAS[#experimentID[EXPERIMENTID HERE]]:NEEDS[!MOD(S) WITH EXPERIMENT I WANT TO KEEP] { -experimentID,* {} } I'm not sure if this is the best syntax, I'll have to play around with it a bit. I mainly want to keep BDB experiments (and possibly combine DMagic in with the NEEDS pass using an OR instruction), but this also means that I will need to go through and manually enter every experiment ID from said mods (unless of course they don't have a duplicate experiment type). I do find DMagic contracts kind of arduous, but they do fit well with the historical progression Venera (Eve Flyby) missions and so on. Thanks!
  15. That's perfectly understandable and I appreciate the response. I've almost pulled the trigger on Planning Node a few times now but the amount of clutter from my the 22Gb gamedata folder needs to get trimmed down, re-configured, or just removed, but I have the download folder ready to be copied over after I do a little config/cleaning the next time I play. On a side note I use both Astrogator and Smart Tanks, having just discovered them when jumping from 1.8 to 1.12, and those are two mods I really wish I found earlier (especially smart tanks, I really can't emphasize the time savings it's given me). I really look forward to seeing what's in store for KSP2!
  16. This mod has made my life so much easier. I love TWP but I honestly am not the best at actually setting up the maneuvers that get created when picking a transfer (chock it up to just a lack of education and knowing exactly how to get the ejection it shows on the map screen (I usually just end up using MJ to create the node since I just can't seem to figure out the best way to get the ejection angle that gets plotted). The only feature I'd love is a way to choose an "immediately" maneuver, instead of waiting for the best transfer window. Sometimes I have tons of extra dV and want to start my fly-by of Eve sooner than Astrogator offers. I still use it because I actually prefer the interface over adding a TWP plot to KAC. Is the ability to create a more immediate (but obviously less efficient) maneuver something that could possibly be added in the future? Thanks for your mod and making my life much easier while prepping for my missions
  17. Forgot I could just hyper-edit my way somewhere and do it that way. I'm basically trying to make a base that I don't plan to open until I've covered OPM with RT comms. I have GU installed so once I get to the later part of my career I plan on using the CBK T5 base I set up on one of the other planets/moons as a "jump off" point for setting up interstellar vehicles (as well as a few other mod related mechanics). I didn't even think about just throwing a group down on one of those planets via KKs in-game config. I had been down the .cfg/MM rabbit hole for like... 4 hours or so when I posted that so I think my original goal was to have a base set up that I could just unlock when the time came. I wanted to take advantage of some of the Alien Space Program mod to make a match but my mind was completely "out of game creating a config for a base on a pole somewhere and making my life as difficult as possible". Thanks for the reply/easier-solution, throwing down a group seems so obvious now... now to find a ladder
  18. I just noticed on my first EVA science collection that I have a lot of warnings in the log about "<scienceexperiment> is unknown, assuming a standard experiment". Most start with the suffix "bd" (maybe BDB?) and the other are from station science "rocketFuels" "advFuels" etc. I can not find the station science experiments, so I'm wondering if I should take out that contract pack and stick to the contracts from the mod, but it seems so cheaty that my EVA gives me like 17 experiments. The error log is: KSP.log I'm sure it's because the contract packs are old and the science experiments it's looking for don't exist, but I can't find any sciencedef file or something to remove or add the experiments. Any help is much appreciated. If there's another log I should post let me know.
  19. Hello all. I have searched the thread (and google) to find a way to HomeSwitch from Kerbin to one of the OPM planets (maybe even a moon, not sure yet) after I reach the point in my career that I need to start heading to the GU galaxies. I'd like to create a launch site without ELP which I believe is possible with KK (as well as using the Alien Space Program configs/textures as a jumping off point if needed), but not sure where to start. I see a homeworld setting on my KK launch sites through KSCExtended and KerbinSide (not sure if Tundra adds launch sites or just edits them, but I can't find any homeworld settings in the configs there so far), so I'd assume I'd just add an OPM planet/moon after I have RT control throughout the system. If anyone has a config/preset they could share that I'm just overlooking I'd appreciate it. If you'd prefer me to post this in the KK thread I can aim my questions there. My current idea is to duplicate one of the polar launchpads (maybe even KSC itself) and set the HomeWorld to "Neidon" for example, but I'm not sure if that would work or not? Does anybody happen to have any configs for OPM or somehing similar I could use as a template? Thanks!
  20. I will probably re-post this in the KK forum but figured at least somebody has tried this here. I have searched the thread (and google) to find a way to HomeSwitch from Kerbin to one of the OPM planets (maybe even a moon, not sure yet) after I reach the point in my career that I need to start heading to the GU galaxies. I'd like to create a launch site without ELP which I know is possible with KK (as well as using the Alien Space Program configs/textures as a jumping off point if needed), but not sure where to start. I see a homeworld setting on my KK launch sites through KSCExtended and KerbinSide (not sure if Tundra adds launch sites or just edits them, but I can't find any homeworld settings in the configs so far), so I'd assume I'd just add an OPM planet/moon after I have RT control throughout the system. If anyone has a config/preset they could share that I'm just overlooking I'd appreciate it. If you'd prefer me to post this in the KK thread I can aim my questions there. Thanks!
  21. Sorry to necro but I had a question concerning a mechanic that may or may not be available via CBK. I would like the tracking station to only be available (or at the very least unlock) after a certain science amount has been accumulated. I have a few levels added to my tracking station to increase the DSN levels to points where OPM will eventually be encompassed by a max level TS (I use GU as well, so I may add an insane unlock minimum in order to amplify my signal enough to reach the closest galaxy if possible or a set of relay satellites close to Pols orbit). Preferably, since I gimp my finances in career mode (or they increase much faster than I can use them), I would like to only allow certain TS upgrades unlock based off either a science level gate or just a sink for x amount of science to unlock the level. I haven't seen this implemented in other mods so I doubt this is possible, but figured I'd ask and maybe get some advice on alternatives to make the idea work (very open to suggestions). That said, I was wondering what the "DSNScienceCurve" key was about? I searched through the forum and on google but couldn't find much. Thanks all! *Edit* I was wondering that maybe it's possible to gate-keep the TS upgrade based on Research facility level? I thought maybe you could use an MM patch that "unlocks" the TS 4+ building upgrades after the Research building level has reached certain upgrade levels (like an MM patch where you'd place @CUSTOMBARNKIT[*]:HAS[@RESEARCH[levels > 3] or something like that that then adds in the @TRACKING MM patch pass)? The syntax is likely off since I'm typing this off the top of my head but don't know how much of the CBK patch can be edited.
  22. I went with something similar, just without CBK (increased the factor on level 3 through RTs configs) for now. Gives me enough of a challenge and necessity to make relays around a few planets if I want to make it out to Plock without completely making it over-powered (until I start going to the GU galaxies, at which point I'll figure something out). I am working on more high end antennae based on the method I mentioned earlier too, giving them a new pain job, scaling them up, and throwing them in a new tech node through CTT. I swear, I have spent 10x more time modding or tweaking mods for KSP than I have actually playing Thanks for the suggestion, been awhile since I've had an RO install, thought hadn't even crossed my mind!
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