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  1. jtfroh

    IVAs Outside of Parts

    Thank you. I was actually hoping to make it compatible with the FreeIVA Mod, so I will have to test if that can noclip it's way through the ground. As for kerbals underground, I don't think the game considers Kerbals existing at all when they're inside another part. As well, as tater below you posted, this has been done before. So I think I'm good to go! Thank you! I also posted this question on the KSP Reddit, and was linked to this exact same mod! It's good to see that my idea should work pretty well. Now I just have to actually build the thing. : P
  2. jtfroh

    IVAs Outside of Parts

    First time posting on the forums, so please let me know if I've something wrong. I am working on a concept for a mod, and I wanted to know if it's possible for IVAs to extend outside of the model of a part. One of the main parts of my mod is a habitat based on a real life Mars colony concept, and the real life building is inset into the ground. I know parts themselves can't go under the surface, or they'll explode, but is it possible to have a short habitat sitting one the surface with an IVA that extends below the bottom of the part to simulate the habitat being partially buried? Would this show up? Would it show up through the ground? Thank you for any assistance that you can provide!
  3. I just think the parts are a little too heavy.When the parts first come in in the tech tree, most can barely lift 20 tons, much less assemble a station that can use the parts together. I might try again soon, however. I feel dumb... yes, I was in fact looking at the kibble can... I thought I had clicked the spectrometer. I might try scaling the weight back a bit in the config, just to see if it seems more balanced. That does seem like a lot... I might have to try that... if I can build a station in the first place. (Even without your mod, I've never been great at assembling stations, and because of all my modz, my game crashes after every flight.)
  4. I was trying to use some of the parts for this mod recently, but I kept scrapping my designs because they were just too heavy to be of use... then I realized that it was the parts from this mod that were doing it. The experiments were fine, but all the labs and equipment were incredibly heavy. I checked the config files for them, but they all read around 1 ton or less, yet in game they ranged from 30 to 60 tons or so. Is this an error, or is this a feature of career that I hadn't realized? Or are the modules just that heavy? If they are, I would recommend lowering the weight. I want to get as much science as I can out of a ship, and I don't want to waste my time trying to ship and assemble a 500 ton station over Duna, only to get a little science. However, if it is a feature of career, with weight decreasing as you upgrade the modules though the tree, a.) that is brilliant, and b.) sandbox still shows the original weight. If that is the case, though, I still think the starting weight is a bit to heavy for when the parts come in in the tech tree. Don't get the wrong idea, I love this mod. I just think the weight could be scaled back a bit.