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  1. Pilot: "Hey! Surely you don't expect me to fly this thing with a window smaller than the one in my PC?!" It's an ultra-basic SSTO that leaves you with approx. 300m/s DV in a 100km orbit. Picture shows the Restock mod (not required). Steam link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2809641028 It can probably be made even lighter/cheaper by replacing the excessive wing area with something smaller.
  2. You're not alone. Very similar problems here on Mac OS ... every 4th or 5th time I try to load my saves. I'd resorted to making manual copies before and after every mission I do. The UI shenanigans happen within the SPH and VAB too sometimes ... the UI animates and sounds play, but the buttons just stop doing anything, requiring a 'force quit' to restart the game. I've been playing since 2013 and I've got a list of bugs I've found in 1.9 that I haven't seen before. Trouble is I cant reliably reproduce any of them on cue. Here's hoping 1.10 solves some things.
  3. No help from me I'm afraid, but I can confirm that my unmodded install of 1.9 on Mac OS Catalina does exactly the same. I've got 32GB and KSP eats it all within a couple hours. Not that I play it all that much now, 1.9 has introduced so many bugs I can't even reliably save a game anymore.
  4. Sorry I nearly missed all these replies! Another game has me in thrall this week... @smotheredrun @qzgy Yep, some cunningly-placed lights give the coloured-sail effect; I messed with a range of colours 'til I found some that blended well together. Thanks for all the enthusiasm wonderful community! @KerBlitz Kerman Damn you and your clickbait "Hidden contents" jack-in-a-box
  5. Thanks @TheKosmonaut; Actually I'm loading Squad's models into Blender; taking note of the scaling / dimensions, then creating my own low poly meshes with those same or similar values.
  6. Thanks @TheRagingIrishman, I'm hoping you are right My concern is that I'm doing a direct "freehand" copy of Squad's existing models, rather than making new models that look like Squad's models.
  7. I recently asked a similar question regarding generation of WebGL models from a KSP installation for use in my "KSP Craft Scanner" app. While the consensus indicated this is probably OK in regards to Squad's IP; in practice I've found that converting and displaying a large amount of KSP's models on-the-fly within a HTML5 app is not entirely feasible. So, to remedy this I figured I could simply re-build my own low-polygon version of all Squad's parts. There's only 300 (more-or-less) of them, after all! I've spent literally minutes making four already; My question is; am I allowed to distribute my own low-poly versions of Squad's part models with my app? Many thanks.
  8. I could build you a marina-full of civilian craft; starting with my coincidentally just posted Flying Cat? I'm guessing your main focus is military air, but a civilian harbour might make for a nice juicy target for some mad Kerbtator I've also got an inflatable boat:
  9. You know as they say, all code and no play let jack = "ZHVsbCBib3k="; So after days of some serious KSP-related coding, I took a break and made this... FLYING CAT Jet powered, extreme-sports land/sea/air catamaran for the discerning Kerbal adventurer. IT WAS NEVER MEANT TO FLY! But then it did, and quite well too, providing care is taken with turning. Many of our volunteer test pilots were promptly lost to the ocean upon unexpected aquabraking, causing quite some concern around the offices of KSC. The addition of wheels was simply perfunctory and wholesome. Nevertheless, this is why you're here. CONTROLS AG1 Toggle flaps DOWNLOAD FlyingCat.craft 184Kb *While this is technically stock, I may have tweaked the reaction wheel strength slightly. Should work as intended in a stock game. If not, let me know and i'll say ten "hail krakens" or something. Enjoy!
  10. "Turn on...automatic...pilot!"... <Sound of inflatable autopilot doll inflating> - Airplane! (1980)
  11. I love the idea of two nations playing tug-of-war 'til the last moment However, I'm not sure how possible the detection or prevention of impending doom would be... I'm really not thinking too hard here, but if for example Combatant A found a NEO in a highly inclined orbit, currently viewable only from the southern hemisphere and heading earth/sunward; would it be a matter of taking out Combatant B's southern hemisphere telescopes and using information control and misdirection to hide it's existence from them? Could it be also that the asteroid be given enough delta-v so that no nation on earth could possibly counteract it? I dont know. Maybe a high yield explosive would do the job when the 'roid is in its 'terminal interdiction' stage (i.e nearly here anyway). It's a totally reckless and as you say, dangerous strategy regardless and would indeed make more sense for in-system planetary bombardment. However I can imagine a world where some insane leader (I'm looking at you, Kim) has decided "enough is enough, let's end it all" and surrender in that case is simply not an option for anybody. All this is under my assumption that we want to start flinging rocks at each other today, with chemical rockets and nuclear bombs. All of the above is random crap from my thoughts and in no way is intended to insult, offend, coerce, patronize or indeed make any sense at all.
  12. If it's a war between nations on Earth or within the Solar System, my guess on an effective way to win that war might just be to do as the Neanderthals did - throw big rocks at each other. Unmanned probes with the ability to impart enough delta-v to an asteroid to deflect it into a collision with the opposing forces' infrastructure / cities. Man-made Tunguska events, if you like.
  13. You guys should read Titan by Stephen Baxter. The gist; three astronauts slowly die in a "colony" on Titan; made up of a frickkin SPACE SHUTTLE and Apollo CM's whilst the Earth experiences another KT-boundary event induced by the Chinese. My favourite book of all time, tho the end is somewhat hippy.
  14. I may be wrong here but here goes; does that camera have a Rigidbody attached? Might be you need to modify camera.getComponent<Rigidbody>().position?
  15. Thanks @Benjamin Kerman that's good advice and I've already made a start on a similar, "flatter" UI. A related question, for anyone who can answer it (hopefully @SQUAD): Can I convert all Squad part models and textures from within the GameData/Squad/Parts folder to some more "standard" formats and then distribute those with my app? I'd like my app to display a 3D model of the user's craft so that they can manipulate it in a familiar fashion. @taniwha made an excellent Blender plugin (thank you!) that allows the import of models and textures from KSP. Ideally I'd have the app scan the local KSP installation and load the models directly; however I don't have the skills to rewrite taniwha's model/texture converter from Python to something I can use in Node/Ecmascript/three.js. I figure converting the models to something that three.js can handle and bundling them with the app will enable me to move forward. I checked the Addon Posting Guidelines which state; "You may not decompile, modify or distribute any of the .dll files or other files KSP comes with beyond content of the GameData folder.". Does this mean the GameData folder and files contained are open for distribution, providing my app meets the rest of the criteria?
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