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  1. Hey, sorry about that. That was likely due to a testing oversight with a clean TinkerTime installation. I've posted an update, so see if that fixes it! The Configuration code is very fragile. I'm working on a major version update that should replace it, though!
  2. Version v1.4.4 has been released! This version includes a fix for the scroll bar not appearing, along with others. The Auto-Updater was broken in v1.4.2, so you can download the latest version from: The Project Website Github KerbalStuff
  3. Hi everyone, I'm very sorry to disappoint you all with a lack of updates. First, I was busy with graduating, starting a new job, and moving. But recently, I've had things on my mind that haven't really motivated me to make updates. A little while ago, I was investigating an issue where clicking on the "Go to Mod Page" link for a KerbalStuff mod would take you to the API link. But, it's a side-effect of the new mod progress spinners (specifically because of how you get a placeholder mod as the metadata is downloaded). It will take a good deal of work to fix. I really should have worked on that silly scroll bar, though. Sorry about that. Knowing that all of you are still hoping for updates will motivate me to do some more work this week, though! TT does some inspection of the installed mods, but it's only to tell which of the added mods are installed. There is no mod manifest specification, so it's impossible for me to look at an installed mod and be able to tell what it is without having all possible mods added to TT already. I don't have a database of mod URLs; that isn't the point of TT. It piggybacks on top of kerbalstuff.com, Curse.com, and Github (to an extend). I would recommend searching through KerbalStuff, and using that as your "database". Someone's request to add mods from links in a text file is definitely something I've never considered, or had requested of me. It seems like a good idea, though, so I'll consider that for a future release. TT is licensed under CC BY SA 4.0. It is Open Source, so anyone can fork my repo on Github, and submit updates for me to review. Technically, you can fork it and redistribute it yourself as long as you keep te same license. UPDATE: Can someone download this prototype and see if the scroll bar appears for them now? I don't use very many mods, so that's why I never noticed this bug.
  4. I have released a small maintenance release with the fix for the version parsing error. A fix for the scroll bar will come later, when I have time.
  5. Hi Benji, someone contributed a fix which I believe fixes the issue. I was planning on consolidating another fix into the next release, but I'll probably go ahead and release without it, soon. - - - Updated - - - As for requests to make the list scrollable... This is a bug. I'll see if I can fix it soon if it takes minimal effort. I am currently busy with a new job and moving to a new apartment. MrLao, TinkerTime updates mods first by deleting all of the files which are part of the mod, and not used by other mods. Then it will extract the new files. - - - Updated - - - Exactly. CKAN mods require that they be registered with the CKAN-meta repository, and have installation instructions provided. TinkerTime works for any mod on KerbalStuff, Curse, and Github by using a heuristic installation process that should work for any mod that was packaged according to the loose conventions set on the KSP wiki. You can also install mods straight from zip files (but, of course, they won't auto-update this way)
  6. TinkerTime v1.4 is now available! Please download from http://andrewohara.io/TinkerTime/ or use TinkerTime's updater.
  7. Hi Everyone, With the release of Tinker Time v1.3.0, I have some big changes planned for v2.0.0! Along with a visual overhaul, I am also considering changing the name. In case, you've been living under a rock, Tinker Time is a platform-agnostic, automatically updating mod manager that keeps your mods and Module Manager up-to-date for you! It currently supports Curse, KerbalStuff, and Github mods. Forum post http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/85865-Tinker-Time-Self-Updating-Curse-com-Mod-Manager-for-KSP Please see the poll above.
  8. Tinker Time 1.3 is now available! Please download from https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/243 or use Tinker Time's updater.
  9. Tinker Time 1.0 is now available! Please download from https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/243 or use Tinker Time's updater.
  10. Sorry, that's not what I expected to happen. I'll have a look. EDIT: My crawler wasn't caching the json. This fix will go up in 1.0. However, I was only able to reproduce 2 cache misses, and not the 4 that you see.
  11. Hi everyone, Tinker Time 1.0 Beta is available for testing. If you have Github accounts, please help me out by heading to the Pull Request and testing the beta JAR. Please do not post any issues here, and instead post them directly to the Pull Request. Thanks! https://github.com/oharaandrew314/TinkerTime/pull/137
  12. Tinker Time gets the bleeding-edge version directly from Sarbian's Build Server. This is what he recommended I do. As for your other issues, version 1.0 should be coming out soon. I hope it can fix your issues.
  13. Ah, it was there, but then I moved it to the wiki. I'll add it back soon. I'm glad you managed to get it to work.