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  1. Here's a more obscure one, the Martin Baker MB. 3: This and its later derivative, the MB. 5 were arguably the best fighters to come out of Britain during the war, but engine allocation issues and the winding down of the war prevented either from reaching production.
  2. Shame to have missed it this year I'll be there for the next one. Is the infinite turning battle thing still present with the BDA AI? I'm in the mood for a big, heavy, powerful energy fighter but alas it's never seemed to work.
  3. Yak-7B (1942 production, M-105PF engine) Performs almost exactly to historical specifications (~370 mph TAS at 3000m). I also built the Yak-7A with the earlier M-105 engine, but really the only external difference is the tailwheel being fixed in the 7A.
  4. N U T I've started work on the Yak series, here is an (almost) finished Yak-1 ser.1 Overspeed wing failure!
  5. Would be interesting to see some replicas of the new BAE Tempest II fighter project.
  6. Supermarine Spiteful NN660 (Spitfire XIV with Spiteful wings, acted as a prototype)
  7. Spitfire PR. XI For reference:
  8. Oh boi they look good! I completely rebuilt the Tempest V and made a new Tempest II out of it, it's now a hefty bit more accurate. The big difference was a slimmer, tapering fuselage that flared out to the engine, as opposed to the thicker one beforehand, as well as larger wings.
  9. P-51D-5NA No dorsal fin, single radio antennae, high-altitude V-1650-3 engine P-51D-10NA Dorsal fin, two radio antennae, low-medium altitude V-1650-7 engine
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