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  1. MinimumSky5

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    My and my parents just dug out my old telescope that went missing when I moved to university, but I cannot remember much about using it! I want to get a good look at Mars tonight, but I can't remember if the telescope is really suited to it. It's a Celestron 9 1/4 inch Cassegrain-Schmidt.
  2. MinimumSky5

    An underground lake was found on Mars

    They used drills initially, to get samples of lake water that had frozen onto the underside of the glacier, but then they used high pressure, hot water mixed with ammonia and kerosene (to form an antifreeze agent) to melt down into the lake itself.
  3. MinimumSky5

    An underground lake was found on Mars

    Lake Vostok is buried beneath 4Km of ice in Antarctica, but we have collected living bacteria from it.
  4. MinimumSky5

    An underground lake was found on Mars

    My personal odds of finding life on Mars just went up from ~25% to a good 95%,because we know that life can survive in subglacial lakes here on Earth (Lake Vostok, as an example), even when it seemingly lacks a source of energy.
  5. MinimumSky5

    ULA launch thread

    I'm getting a bad feeling about PSP, I get the impression that the launch may slip to the window, in May.
  6. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I thought that with Iridium going into LEO, that SpaceX would do an RTLS landing? Isn't JRTI only used for GEO payloads?
  7. Well, time to beg the Russians for more Soyuz seats.
  8. MinimumSky5

    Probability Puzzle

    Nooooo....! I just realised this, and was about to post it!
  9. MinimumSky5

    Probability Puzzle

  10. MinimumSky5

    [1.4.2] Contract Configurator [v1.25.0] [2018-04-15]

    Is it possible to randomize orbital elements without generating a specific orbit? I'm wanting to set up a contract for getting a satellite into an orbit that matches certain parameters, but isn't fussy about things like LAN or argument of periapsis, so that provided that the eccentricity, inclination and SMA are within the range, the contract will complete.
  11. It's nice to see Kodiak getting some love, I know that they've been repairing damage from the AHW test back in 2014, but they seem to have been forgotten by the commercial sector since then.
  12. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Err, no. That boat sailed nearly two years ago.
  13. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yes, technically the Harrier is in a stalled state, but it's still landing horizontally, and hasn't had to perform a flip in order to land on it's tail, and it's not had to endure Mach 25+ speeds in the upper atmosphere, and it hasn't done all of that hundreds of times.
  14. @CobaltWolf Is there a reason why the Ruby and Sapphire boosters have an ISP curve of 245 - 274, but the Emeralds are doing their own thing with ISP's of 272 - 274? Its having the odd effect of making the solid boosters more efficient than the Darkah engine at liftoff! Looking at the real engine stats, the sea level ISP of the Emeralds should be 242.
  15. Some really interesting news about Long March 8 + 9: LM9 will be comparable to Saturn 5, 140 tons to LEO, 50 tons to TLI, 44 tons to TMI It will have a hydrolox core stage and kerolox boosters. LM8 will be a new, partially reusable booster, both the core stage and the lateral boosters will be VTVL designs. No word if this is an RTLS system, or if new landing zones will be built. Also, its going to have a hydrolox upper stage, and will have tankage based on the LM3. Oddly, its boosters are solid fueled, so I'm assuming parachute recovery for them. LM8 will first launch in 2021, with LM9 in 2030 Also, CALT has confirmed that by 2035, they want to have all of their boosters be reusable. Edit: They also want to use LM9 to attempt a direct sample return... from Mars!