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  1. I'm taking the fact that their putting more and more tiles on the Starships as a sign that they're not seeing significant shedding during flight, so they're getting more and more confident with the design. I do still want to see their solution to tiling the cone, though.
  2. The SpaceX official livestream, this is the best view that I can make out of it.
  3. I've just gone through the video frame by frame, and it's one of the landing legs.
  4. @Peter JY Near Future Technologies focuses on new and emerging engines that are seeing use *right now*, such as ion drives, or the VASIMIR concept, while Far Future Technologies is all about engines for which we have a *theoretical* basis, but no physical hardware.
  5. I've got an issue with the build queue, in that it doesn't work! When I press the launch button, the game stutters for a couple of frames, and nothing else happens. This came from a heavily modified game, but I've culled out all of the mods other than KCT, Magicore, ClickThroughBlocker, and Toolbar Controller, and I'm using a completely stock vessel as an example. The log file is complaining about a missing "SpaceTuxUtilities" file, but that isn't listed as a dependency, and i can't find the relevant mod, just in case I've missed out a dependency. Log file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/15xQ5340AfiCrH0Qw7aFv8q2APHllabIa/view?usp=sharing
  6. You can shove a huge amount of light into a perfectly reflective container without throwing out the speed of light, you just need perfect or almost perfect mirrors (and we do have perfect mirrors in labs, but their only perfect in narrow wavelengths.) Just line all of the sides of the container with these mirrors.
  7. Hold and likely scrub due to high level winds according to NSF.
  8. Also, you can save on cost be eliminating them. The small unused space in the pods is hardly worth worrying about.
  9. I did not think that Scott Manley would need to update his 10 Dumbest Moments in Space video quite so quickly.
  10. New launch target: April 2023 (/s, obviously)
  11. Do the SAF variants of the fairings work in 1.8.1? Am I meant to use the plugins for 1.8, or 1.10?
  12. Are there any vehicles attached to the USOS atm? I know that Dragon and HTV recently left.
  13. There's no need yet for a space program, and I find it difficult to argue that it's a better use of money than a COVID-19 recovery fund. That's a subjective position obviously. I want to see all of us expand out into space, but not at the expense of groundside communities.
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