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  1. Hi guys I've just installed JNSQ onto a new, mildly modded install, and I'm having issues with loading the mod in. After the game loads, it will show an error message on the home menu saying that certain planets didn't load in properly, and not to load up old saves. When I load up a new save, the game soft locks and gets stuck on the loading screen, with the loading animation happily looping along until I force quit the game. Logs: All I can tell from this is that Aden has an issue, but not what the issue is.
  2. Maybe, by then, we'll have an update on the development of New Glenn.
  3. Its a cost saving measure, honest! They need to compete with SpaceX somehow.
  4. The first lander doesn't need to worry about damaging projectiles, so just send the equipment to make to make the berm first. Also, the moon isn't a flat, featureless sphere, you can land on one side of a hill, and have the base on the other side.
  5. Apply sound suppression system to rocket exhaust!
  6. That is an expensive and embarrassing way to further the study of high pressure chemistry.
  7. Half past midnight for me, but I'm unemployed ATM, so it's not a major issue!
  8. Somehow, and this is only supposition, I get the feeling the feeling that those Americans would be much happier knowing that their jobs weren't just makework, and were actually advancing spaceflight.
  9. Scrub due to a "Technical Snag" with the rocket. No new launch date as of yet.
  10. Stage 1: Two big solid boosters Stage 2: Two hypergolic rockets, ignited 30 seconds before SRB burnout. Stage 3: Fairly normal cryogenic stage. This is more 'normal' than the PSLV, but it's hardly traditional!
  11. There's no reason why you couldn't, but I imagine that due to the very low thrust of ions, the weight of the gimballing gear would be higher than the weight of reaction wheels that would give the same torque.
  12. What, is that? Did the Soviets try copying Thunderbirds?
  13. Because no helo could fly out to the middle of the pacific, pick up the crew and return. They just don't have the required range, and I doubt that Roscosmos would be willing to work with other nations for this.
  14. I'm guessing they're vents, to allow the air in the fairing to slowly escape during the ascent.
  15. It's much easier to find a good landing site, than plot out a route to drive in a boulder strewn landscape, as you don't need anywhere near the amount of good terrain. Also, aerial photograph really helps these things!