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  1. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Orbital had used densified LOX in the Antares 130, but they had to quietly drop it when they switched from the AJ26's to the RD - 181's, presumably because those engines can't run on it. That being said, the Merlin's seem to have all sorts of party tricks these days, so I'd be surprised if using non-densified propellants isn't one of them.
  2. What mod gives you those launch clamps! They look awesome! Also, I just finished my SpaceX style reusable rocket... And most of the parts are from the Daleth 2! Well, time for some tweaks!
  3. @Kerbal01 I found it easier to use the stock 3x symmetry 3 times, because it made setting up the staging much easier. Fine angle snapping looks good enough in flight, and I'm not certain that my save could handle any more mods, even small ones.
  4. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Someone near me just put on a small fireworks show literally seconds after payload deployment. Coincidence? Probably.
  5. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The TWR on that burn seems huge, it only seemed to take about a minute to go to GTO!
  6. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Combined with Spacex's success, this is easily the most important launch this year.
  7. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Now, the next goal is reusing a booster more than once. Also, I found it highly amusing that the merlins now have variable chamber pressures, so there now is a rocket that acts like old KSP engines!
  8. I have got that latest version, I've got an IUE in orbit already! But I'm sorry, I really need to remember how to make bug reports, including things like version numbers.
  9. Bug report on the Xihe probe core:
  10. All I wanted was an answer to a small question, not an overhaul of the entire rocket! But, just to throw my opinion out, I really like the look of the boosters as they are. Yes, it isn't realistic, but if I wanted hard realism, I'd play RO/RSS. I feel that if the boosters looked like the real ones, they'd just look, well, boring. They need something to break up their surfaces, and i think that you got the balance right with them. And definitely keep the RGB colour scheme!
  11. No, sorry, i wasn't clear, i was asking about the Bluedog Daleth, not the ULA Delta! There aren't any GEM boosters in BDB that have nozzles optimized for air ignition, so i wasn't sure if the intended design of the modded rocket had a break from reality with the booster sequence.
  12. All this discussion has reminded me of a question I wanted to ask about the Daleth 2000 (in its current release). How are the boosters meant to be arranged? I haven't noticed any air launched variants of them, so I assume that they all get ignited on the pad, but that can cause TWR issues. Are some of them meant to be air ignited, and I'm just not being observant?
  13. Yes, they were, its been a few years since I've had a computer that can support mods, and I'd just forgotten how Github works!
  14. So, I added this into my existing save game (fully aware that things might be a little strange) and I think that Gene just had a priceless moment! "Yes, we can make you this *looks at contract* 'Glider', but not for a few days, we have a Duna launch window and our probe won't launch itself!" But in all seriousness, thank you for giving us plane contracts other than "Fly here, get science, some back"!
  15. The issue was me, getting confused! I downloaded the lastest patch, but i must have not installed it, as all of the Coatl RCS is having issues, and there is no IUE in sight!