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  1. You could put the upper stage of one onto the lower stage of another, but they really aren't the same rocket. And why would that offend anyone?
  2. Just a small question about Titan 1. The suggested build (using the manual on Docdroid) has a sea level TWR of 1.07,which seems quite low to me. I've just checked the real missile, and it had a TWR of 1.25, so have I done something wrong, or is the engine a little underrated?
  3. MinimumSky5

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Also, you can't just attach the bottom node of the service module of the Soyuz capsule to the Atlas payload adaptor and press launch. Payloads are designed around the rocket they launch on, and it would be a huge task to retrofit either the Soyuz or the Atlas to play nicely with each other. By the time that was done, Starliner and Dragon V2 would be flying regularly. And no, please don't load our astronauts into the Dragon V1. There are so many ways that could go wrong.
  4. Yes, in the heaviest configuration. I have no idea if they will, but it has been suggested that it could launch Orion to LEO.
  5. MinimumSky5

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I will never not be amused by the names that SpaceX comes up with!
  6. MinimumSky5

    Venusian colony acid harvesting

    Sulphur is a vital nutrient for life and a very useful industrial feedstock, but its also very common in C type asteroids and on Io, which is far easier to get to than in the gravity well of Venus. Also, if you did float a colony in Venus's atmosphere, it would be several kilometers above the clouds, complicating their collection.
  7. I mean, it did launch... Whatever it was! That reminds me of that strange lightshow that a missile put on over Norway a few years back, a tank failure caused the missile to start rotating, creating a similar spiral pattern.
  8. MinimumSky5

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    That seems highly premature given that we don't know why this one failed. If they've worked out why the Soyuz failed, great, but if not, let's not risk people lives. I mean, we've just had a great abort test for Soyuz, but let's take this slowly.
  9. MinimumSky5

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    @kerbiloid it's not just how much supplies they have, microgravity is tough on humans and the crew need to rest at some point. I'd much rather have the crew come back on schedule, and leave the ISS unmanned for a few months, than conduct an unplanned experiment in human endurance. @Green Baron if that's an issue, they can reboost now to prolong the stations longevity, but it probably can be done remotely.
  10. MinimumSky5

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    I've often wondered why NASA were told to use the RS25's, surely using RS68's would make more sense. Yes they don't have the same efficiency, but they're cheap and expendable.
  11. @CobaltWolf you must be psychic or something, I was wanting to ask about how you could do LDC with BDB parts! Yes to all of the multimounts, they look good already, but I'd second the point from @debaker02, wouldn't the F1 look a bit big on this? What would the in game diameter be of LDC?
  12. I don't find this that surprising, we have directly imaged this type of terrain on Callisto.
  13. You can gets apps for your phone that reduce the amount of blue light that the screen gives off, and they've really helped me get to sleep earlier. Windows computers have this function natively.
  14. First time ever, I'm not sure if there are even any privately owned Chinese satellites.
  15. MinimumSky5

    Arianespace launch thread

    That rover is just Arianespace drumming up interest, isn't it? Just in case I missed a big announcement!