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  1. Hey I was watching one of Robaz's videos on YouTube the other day and he had a mod that added small aesthetic pieces like flowers and other little things like that, even a burger on a plate lol.....I can not remember which video it was as I watched a lot in a row and I have re watched a load again and still not found it. So was wondering if anyone hear had any idea what mod it could be?
  2. I know nothing about that particular mod as I have never used it. But this is where you want to be asking
  3. I think you would be much better off just asking in the remote tech thread, as they are the ones who will have the answer for you.
  4. So..is there any way to completely disable all the shadows in the game? If I have them on max they look okay but I do get a little lag, lowest settings look absolutely terrible but does allow me to max all other graphics settings. So id rather trade off shadows for everything else... that's if it's possible anyway?
  5. Thanks :-) First replica of a ship I have ever attempted haha, so I'm quite proud of it. The saucer is procedural parts... it is in two halves, top and bottom, really good for making saucers, used procedural parts for the nacelles too, as on the NX they get slightly more narrow toward the back.. so if it wasn't for procedural parts I would t even have attempted it :-D I made an attempt at a constellation class also last week. It looks okay I think, but it became more about functionality than looking exactly right, as I'm building these in my career game. That one I did weld and it reduced the
  6. I got that bit at least haha :-P Anyway just in case you were interested... https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0Bx2wRQ9mF1AITHZBSTBpOS1tSVE?usp=sharing I still don't know how to upload pictures on here :-D Anyway this adds less clutter to the thread haha
  7. Well that doesn't mean much to me haha, but I trust in your knowledge. And now for something I should maybe have thought about before hand, if the none welded ship is not lagging, why the hell am I even welding it :-D All that needs to be added is the engines and power plants really. As for the Akira class, how did I never notice that :-D Well Now my ship is kind of a 2 for the price of one :-P
  8. Hey I have been building a replica of the NX-01 enterprise and it is actually looking pretty good....it is about 150 parts pre weld, without the bits that can't be welded...I have found though that you can weld ANYTHING, as long as you only want the piece to be aesthetic and not functional as long as you remove the relevant modules in the part file....so I welded all these parts together, wiped out everything in the part file to basically make it a huge tank with xenon, electric charge, with built in radiators...deleted pretty much every node as that seems to make it load quicker? And I get th
  9. Pretty certain the re root issue is nothing to do with PP. I've definitely had freezes when re rooting on ships with no procedural parts included.
  10. I have had issues with rerooting causing a perma freeze, but I couldn't say for sure that was anything to do with PP...After my last post about this I think I narrowed it down to turning on part clipping in the cheat menu, then attaching two things to the same node on a PP part, I have never done that since and never had another problem....so it wasn't exactly clipping parts into PP parts, it was attaching more than one thing to the PP nodes.
  11. Hey guys, does anyone know what is causing all this in my log? It's actually like 20 times longer than what you see in the screen, because it repeats over and over. It is only when the gamma ray spectrometer is on a ship. I am guessing it is probably a conflict with another mod, I have a lot. But this one part is the only issue I have noticed, https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx2wRQ9mF1AIQ2R5aGdDR1hzR1k
  12. Wow that is some lazy posting :-D I mean, it was literally the post before yours lol Thank youuuu. Will test the lander the moment I get home :-)
  13. Ah right that has done the trick thank you. I have never had this before though and it is a different UI that comes up. But it does the job, better as well as it is just one popup instead of one for every mod.
  14. Hey I just did a fresh install of KSP to clean up my mod list, only for some reason I get none of the mod update prompts or incompatible prompts when I start the game. Is there a setting or something for that I have accidently changed? I haven't done anything different with this install so have no idea why now I am not getting these so I have no idea which mods have been updated without checking all of them one at a time.
  15. Yeah I can't wait for this....such a tease showing us this stuff :-D Most of these parts look better than my girlfriend :-D
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