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  1. Source on github I think I'm at the point where help would be awesome. Most of the basics are in place: rudimentary search, user accounts, atom update feeds. Frontend: * Right now I'm using bootstrap so I can get something that looks ok quick. I know squat about web design so a lot of work is needed there. * There is still no page for presenting download stats. * There is no page or spot for mod makers to upload or manage additional images. Backend: I am also not a professional programmer * Optimizations are needed in the database query. * Search uses mogondb's built in implementation but needs to be replaced with something that can do partial word matches. * The search and mod list page should also be combined into one with some simple filters. * Mod download stats are recorded but there is no front end to present that data. * The admin page is run by the flask-admin package, but it really needs some work or rewritten from scratch to make back end administration a bit more flexible. * I'm also still debating on switching user accounts to just oauth/openid.
  2. 0.11 crashes a fresh KSP 0.23.5 linux 64 bit at the load screen. It runs fine with the 32 bit. I don't know my way around gdb well enough to get a decent traceback.
  3. Categories/Tags are hard to get right. One problem faced by the Bukkit mod, which adds a plugin interface for minecraft servers, is that the plugin authors would tag everything that would even remotely apply to their plugin. I might be browsing for an economy provider plugin in the economy but the category list will be polluted with shop plugins listed (which does make sense) to land management plugins like Towny just because there is an option to buy land. Spaceport's categories seem very part centric. I haven't uploaded a mod to spaceport but I assume the author selects which categories/subcategories of parts the mod applies too. I think this works well for the use case of someone browsing for a specific part type ("None of these engines are working for me which mods have more engines..."). It doesn't seem to serve well for organizing mods by themes (saturn v, space x, etc) or mods around a mechanic (kethane, interstellar, remote tech). There are multiple use cases that are some combination of: browsing for mods but not looking at something specific, browsing for a part type, browsing for a mechanic, browsing for a theme, searching for one of those categories (mods that offer reentry, parts that are apollo mission themed), and searching for a specific mod. One solution is to offer a small list of predefined categories/tags where the mod author can only pick one or two tags that best apply for their mod.
  4. Granted it is python and not node.js, but at least it isn't django
  5. I have started putting together a prototype in flask: Don't get too excited, its not much more than some MongoDB schema and user registration Right now I'm just viewing this as an opportunity to work on my coding skills more than actually trying to push this as the specific platform. I've also started idling in #kspmodders in the odd event people had ideas/suggestions/accusations for me.
  6. Got a crash when going to the flight scene when having the taped protract equiped in 21.1 on arch linux. Logs! Looks like partloader is throwing NullReferenceException with the protractor parts
  7. Detect when headings arn\'t being maintained (rocket flips upside down mid launch) or when an attached part explodes, and then executes a pre scripted emergency pod eject script.