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  1. @Jebs_SY @Rosco P. Coltrane I added your two suggestions to my todo list for the next time I release
  2. New update to be compatible with changes in Contract Configurator. OP has the updated download links. Version Updated to be compatible with new Contract Configurator changes. Celestial bodies filter button state is now saved like the other filter buttons. Vessel type icons for plane and relay have been added.
  3. @Deimos Rast Thanks, that problem is going to affect my docking port indicator mod support as well since I also call GetExportedTypes. As for the icons, there should be quite a few .png files in HaystackContinued/icons. The only currently missing icons are for the plane and relay vessel types.
  4. New version is out. This is mainly a recompile with a few small tweaks to work with the new KSP version. I've done very minimal testing but everything seems to be fine. Download links are updated in the OP. Version Updated for KSP 1.2 A couple of UI updates due to changes in new KSP version Tweaked docking port list font size due to new font rendering code Known issues: missing filter button icons for new ship types: plane and relay
  5. Currently working on updating for 1.2. This will probably be just what is required to update since atm I'm a bit pressed for time to work on new features.
  6. There are no "users" of mods. Only receivers of gifts. People who receive gifts should act accordingly.
  7. @Deimos Rast I added blizzy toolbar support back. You'll need to go and add it to the visible buttons. IIRC blizzy's toolbar defaults to not showing new buttons.
  8. @Rob2222 not atm. I need to rewrite how settings are saved and that'll be done along with that. I was starting that when 1.1.3 dropped. I figured release a new version along with the new KSP rather than wait.
  9. Spacedock is updated now for everyone who prefers using that site.
  10. Version Updated for KSP 1.1.3 Made the UI look a bit nicer. Added extended vessel info window. It can be accessed by the arrow button on the right side of the window or by clicking the currently selected vessel as a toggle. Extended vessel info window also works for Celestial Bodies (i.e., planets and moons). It will display important information about them. Of note are the science High, and Low altitude values. You don't have to look them up anymore. Added sort order buttons for the vessel list. These let you change the sort order of the vessel list. Added a nearby button. This only displays the vessels in the current SOI. Vessels in physics range are sorted by name; vessels outside of physics range are sorted by distance from the active vessel. This button only works while flying a vessel. Added ability to rename a vessel. The button is accessed from the extended vessel info display. Search results are ordered by the location of the search term in the result. Closer to the beginning of the result the higher on the list. Added blizzy toolbar support back. Defaults to using blizzy toolbar if found, otherwise it will use the stock toolbar. Moved the settings.cfg file to PluginData directory. Thanks to Enceos and RealKolago for the heads up. Fixed tooltips so they are clamped to within the window and are not cut off. Added KSP-AVC support. Download at Github or Spacedock.
  11. I've been working on a new update. Preview: http://imgur.com/UODzib9 Cleaning up the default list so it looks a bit nicer. Adding a nearby only button to make it easier to choose which vessel you're going to dock with. It also making managing bases easier. Right now it displays all vessels in the current SOI sorted by distance. I'm considering only doing vessels within physics range. I've not decided yet. Added sort ordering and did some refactoring to make it easier to add in customizable sorting options in the future. Currently working on an extended vessel display that will provide info on crew, which parts the crew are in, resources, and if it fits orbital information.
  12. @Enceos thanks for the heads up on that. I wasn't aware that was a thing. Will definitely fix that.
  13. Pro tip; it's important to hit 'publish' on spacedock. That's now clicked, not sure if it stopped people from downloading from there since I used a direct link to the mod. I also noticed that blizzy's toolbar is updated so I'm going to be adding that back in since it was only a temp removal.
  14. New version for KSP 1.1 is released. Currently github and spacedock are updated, curse later. I clicked the CKAN button on spacedock so hopefully it shows up in CKAN. Version Updated to KSP 1.1 Added window to the space center. Added app launcher button and icon. Disabled use of blizzy toolbar until that is updated. Switched to allowing targeting of docking ports when a vessel is loaded instead of packed. Once the targeted vessel is within 200m (i.e., unpacked) the port needs to be retargeted for automated docking support to work (e.g., mechjeb) Updated support for Docking Port Alignment Indicator mod named docking port feature
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