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  1. Seems silly to start a new thread for this, but there doesn't seem to be one for "I got this bit of info from a dev while chatting at Pax, but I didn't interview him or anything." Anyway... While I was waiting in line for the KSP2 demo presentation, chatted with one of the devs, learned something I thought was interesting for modders. He mentioned: The craft files are now in Lua. Me: Does this mean I can insert arbitrary logic into the craft files? Dev: No comment. Also one thing I haven't seen mentioned elsewhere, I asked Nate (head dev guy, super nice) about the fidelity of the rings - do we get rocks and dust if we fly to them? He gave me a non-committal answer (they are big on the no comments right now). So... maybe? Hopefully this info will be obsolete soon, as they give us more details, but just thought I would share.
  2. This. The contracts window during flight is quite small, and hard to keep track of what to do for each flight. Some sort of mission planning would be useful - specify which contracts are applicable for a particular launch, sort them in order of expected completion, and dislay all (or just next) during flight. When I have many open contracts, and a launch intended to fulfill some subset of them, it is difficult to see precisely what I need to do when. In the absence of above, just having a resizable contracts window would help somewhat.
  3. See: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2011/12/29/the-complete-rules-for-games/ I already spend far too much of my non-existent free time launching kerbals - having to navigate menus steals precious time I could be playing, or worse makes me late for whatever else I was supposed to be doing. Also, it is annoying. Games that do this right have the two options on the ESC menu: quit to menu, and quit entire. It's no coincidence (ok, it probably is) that the two non-KSP games I've the most time in recently (XCom, Divinity:OS) both have this.