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  1. Distant Object is the mod you're looking for. I know I was able to see my satellites in Kerbin orbit from the KSC just fine, at night of course.
  2. These are stock. FAR takes less than this, actually. To orbit Kerbin in FAR you'll need about 3000-3300m/s
  3. I think the CERN institute should have it's own TV channel so it would be separated from all the junk we have in news these days. Only the big discoveries would be covered by regular TV stations, so it's a win-win situation for everybody.
  4. I'd make a huge enough body for it to have it's own gravitational field, so I could have a station orbiting my artificial-moon station which is orbiting a moon which is orbiting a planet which is orbiting a star
  5. I really like those contracts. It forces you to learn how to rendezvous which is crucial for bigger missions (interplanetary let's say). One time a I rescued a female pilot named Natalee Kerman, which is funny because that's the name of the main sidekick character in my book. So she's right up there with Val and Jeb. Val got to the Mun first, Jeb to Minmus and Nat to Duna
  6. Why not something like Kepler? To put it in the same orbit like Kerbin, only slightly slower/higher.
  7. I run it both on EVA and IVA on default settings, it's a good G-force gauge. And besides, it looks cool
  8. There's the problem. It says it doesn't exist in the game anymore, too bad though...
  9. You could build a base on it. And if you're unsure what to build, ask the community to design modules and implement them in your game
  10. I usually consider the atmospheric drag to be noticeable until 35km, after that it's like you're in space already. But reading these statements on ascending angles, I should probably limit the thrust on my rocket to prevent them from going 800m/s at 30km
  11. The ALCOR capsule with RPM is what I'd like to see. But apart from that, KAS and KIS would be nice.
  12. I have aerobraked on Duna in 1.0.2 with a periaps at about 20km and now that I think about it, the drag was a bit more than I expected. But nothing so extreme as Kerbin's 30km atmosphere. I guess it depends on the look of your spacecraft, if it's wider then of course the drag is higher.
  13. Oooh, that's majestic. I myself hadn't unlocked the mining equipment yet in career, and I don't play sandbox much, so... sorry, nothing for you.
  14. The thing I don't like about PF is that it looks ugly compared to stock so I avoid using them. Stock's fine for me, never ran into any trouble with the confetti explosions.
  15. Wow, when was this made exactly? It says under water "When we make life support" and under Nuclear Engines "Once tweakables come around..." so I guess it must be really old o.O
  16. HOCgaming got me hooked, Scott Manley taught me a lot and EnterElysium just made it more fun.
  17. Interesting... I haven't used asparagus in quite a while (FAR kinda beats that out of you ) but I might give it a shot now.
  18. I have, but as I said: they aren't checked and edited to be viable for publishing, yet (although my editor/reviewer just contacted me and said the first book is finished). Another problem is that my books are in Croatian for now, and the ebook market over here isn't as profitable or widespread as in the USA. But I hope the first one will get published by the end of the year. I've never read it, though I might in the near future (as soon as I finish Metro 2033 and Hyperion). Well, in the world of Ellon, magic is a well kept secret and is achieved through a certain medium [plot point]. So that means only a few people (and I really mean few) know it even exists. But that's in 'War on the horizon' which is a sequel to the first book. - - - Updated - - - Oh my, that's a bummer. Luckily, Google Drive exists today Thank you. I've gotta say the amount of positive feedback I've gotten in these few hours are really something, you're a great bunch
  19. Really? That's... odd. I never thought anyone would make a map of my nation Oh, please, if you have any questions just ask, it'll be a while before they are translated.
  20. Hello Space Lounge, it's my first visit here. I'm in High school. I am also a writer, I've written two books in my native language which are awaiting grammar checks. Translated to English their titles would be: 'About the people of Et-Estir' and 'War on the horizon.' They belong in the history-fantasy genre (not Game of Thrones clones, mind you) and talk about the beginning of civilization, the bronze and iron age coupled with some magic here and there. I'm currently in the process of writing a book in English called 'Just another love story' which tells my life story more or less. I'm also super interested in physics and chemistry and am planning to become a physicist or chemist. So yeah, I'm a bowl of mixed fruit If anyone's interested, I could perhaps start translating my books to English so you folks could read it some day.
  21. Yep, the missions could take years, even on this scale. In real life, the New Horizons probe we sent to Pluto has been traveling for 10 years now and it's going to encounter Pluto in July. That's a long time.
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