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  1. XScience was running lag free, now i installed it via CKAN and the LAG is back. Also the helpfull DLL is gone. Are thee any easy solutions now`Thank you
  2. After Update to 1.42 it dont slow down even with or without real chutes. It hits the ground with around 243m/s. No matter where u open it.
  3. Just a little flaw if going back and forward with the Browser, it dont go where it should and i must reload
  4. OK, got it. Now it functions in chrome again. Ummm, no. I logged in, browsed to rockets and it happened again regards Mike This now in Edge Was that the primary buffer panel!? Something has gone wrong! I have been notified about it and will investigate. If you feel like being extra helpful, you could leave me a message on the KSP forum Or write a bug report on githib
  5. My Name is Motormike. Ok, Microsoft Edge did the job...i see the site I dont know how to clear just for Kerbalx.com, just knowintg how to clear all, but that i dont want
  6. Is KerbalX down, i can not reach it since a few hours.. We're sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.
  7. /Quote/ You're in luck! I've got about 11 crafts so far. Enjoy these non procedural, in beta-ish craft files each with its own custom description. As I make more, I will keep you updated. Please, Please,Please, Please, PLEASE! tell me about any issues, including misspelled descriptions, this part isnt BDB, etc. /Quote/ Which mods did u use. There are some craft files which have parts missing. (e.g. Heavyshipstrut) Thanks in advance Mike
  8. Now it functions, maybe it was a hickup of ckan. Tantares is installed, too btw.
  9. I want to install contares over ckan, but get Module RealPlume has not been found. This may be because it is not compatible with the currently installed version of KSP I use 1.05 regards Mike
  10. How do you get EV3 Clipper in Orbit? regards Mike
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