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  1. XScience was running lag free, now i installed it via CKAN and the LAG is back. Also the helpfull DLL is gone. Are thee any easy solutions now`Thank you
  2. After Update to 1.42 it dont slow down even with or without real chutes. It hits the ground with around 243m/s. No matter where u open it.
  3. Just a little flaw if going back and forward with the Browser, it dont go where it should and i must reload
  4. OK, got it. Now it functions in chrome again. Ummm, no. I logged in, browsed to rockets and it happened again regards Mike This now in Edge Was that the primary buffer panel!? Something has gone wrong! I have been notified about it and will investigate. If you feel like being extra helpful, you could leave me a message on the KSP forum Or write a bug report on githib
  5. My Name is Motormike. Ok, Microsoft Edge did the job...i see the site I dont know how to clear just for, just knowintg how to clear all, but that i dont want
  6. Is KerbalX down, i can not reach it since a few hours.. We're sorry, but something went wrong. If you are the application owner check the logs for more information.
  7. /Quote/ You're in luck! I've got about 11 crafts so far. Enjoy these non procedural, in beta-ish craft files each with its own custom description. As I make more, I will keep you updated. Please, Please,Please, Please, PLEASE! tell me about any issues, including misspelled descriptions, this part isnt BDB, etc. /Quote/ Which mods did u use. There are some craft files which have parts missing. (e.g. Heavyshipstrut) Thanks in advance Mike
  8. Now it functions, maybe it was a hickup of ckan. Tantares is installed, too btw.
  9. I want to install contares over ckan, but get Module RealPlume has not been found. This may be because it is not compatible with the currently installed version of KSP I use 1.05 regards Mike
  10. How do you get EV3 Clipper in Orbit? regards Mike
  11. Yep, removed Far and all fine. Parachutes working withut FAR
  12. Tried it, but still the parachutes have no effect Removing Real chute it works, adding it ...dont work...
  13. My Tantares parachutes don't work. They open but they don't slow down my capsule. I have real chute. Have i overseen something?
  14. It is with Scansat, i dont have it space because of memory..