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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! I really enjoy your craft files, by the way. Real professional work right there.
  2. Where can I find the tweak scale config? I tried clicking the link provided, but it brought me to a dropbox 404 page.
  3. I tried reproducing the bug using hack gravity with and without things near the hatch, and the issue seems to have disappeared. If it comes back, I'll take careful note of the conditions and get back to you. Thanks for the help!
  4. I'm not even trying to grab the ladder, and I have stock bug fix modules. I'm simply jet packing near the TKS pod and being shot off.
  5. This might be kind of hard to describe, but I'm experiencing a bug in which a Kerbal on EVA seems to be almost magnetically repulsed from the TKS command pod, whenever I approach from the bottom, He seems to fly away as if he's hitting some sort of collision mesh. I would record video, but I don't have any recording software.
  6. Will there be tweak scale configs for the antares launch vehicle or at least the S.O.A.R.? Currently, using a bigger cygnus is fairly tricky without the proper launch vehicle. I apologize if this has been answered before, I'm just curious. Thanks for the other tweak scale configs, by the way, curtquarquesso.
  7. I'm not running any tech tree mods, they aren't even in the tech tree. I haven't seen a contract that gives me the part. I downloaded the craft files for tantares, I'm able to load up the ariane + ATV file and the parts do show up, but I'm unable to launch it.
  8. I'm currently experiencing a bug where the ATV body, tank, and forward adapter do not show up for me in the tech tree and can't be used. I can load them with a craft file, but I can't launch them because they are "Unavailable".
  9. I must say, Ven has made the heat shields look a whole lot better than the stock shields. They may be useless in 1.0.2, but damn do they look good, and that's almost all I care about!
  10. It worked! Thank you Ven! This mod is amazing, can't wait for the compatible version!
  11. Would anyone happen to know how to fix the inverted flaps, incorrect tri-coupler nodes, and a missing .625m - 1.25m structural adapter I just noticed? If anybody could help out with the code, it would be greatly appreciated. Those are all the problems I haven't solved yet, the code for the Mk1 fuselages worked like a charm! Thank you Zisa!
  12. I couldn't get it to show, and I believe I put it in the TantaresLV game data with all the other rocket parts normally go.
  13. Is the vostok capsule supposed to become charred after re-entry? If so, it looks awesome: