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  1. That empty barrel section in the service module is going to be a lot of fun for filling with extra consumables!
  2. Where did you get the reference for making the duna lander? iv'e also been searching the internet for proper reference and diagrams for the orion spacecraft, and haven't found much. I'm planning on building a paper model of them.
  3. I found this video made by boeing, it might be a helpful guide for a space launch system mars mission:
  4. Wow i love how that unity module looks, i wish i were that precise with my models, oh and how big is that module in inches?
  5. yes!! thank you so much!! i love all of this pack, you people have done so much.
  6. i am having fairly bad problems, when i load the server ksp can crash or freeze, and if i do make it through when i open the load ship tab ksp freez and dosnt load any ship. please help! edit: i have no other mods installed.32 bit ksp. edit2: i also tried adding another server, ksp froze again.
  7. wow looks very good, i like the modular design to it, and its texture. keep up with the great work!
  8. always wanted a mod based on these very good looking landing gear. great work!
  9. Well here are the specs: 0.24.2, kso and active texture management mods, 32 bit (i tested it with 64 bit but failed) and don't have the best computer.
  10. i have a small rather large problem, whenever i launch ksp it hapenes to close itself after loading, can anyone help?
  11. i have been searching for bobcat's lunar rover but can't find it, do you now anything about? (it since you mentioned something about bobcat's rovers).
  12. ok thank you very much, i just loaded up a car i made onto the train....i am waiting what will happen at the end.....
  13. for kerbal space centre + + , i would like to know if the train included can move and when it is activated.
  14. interstellar will be helpful for traveling in this mod i assume.
  15. yes! thank you for the new parts, its so much easier to build rockets now, especially with the apollo fairings. good job!
  16. oh i have an idea for uses for probes, we can use probes to discover small areas on a planets' surface to be able to pick a good landing site.
  17. why thank you, you are very kind, i do have a question in fact...i was wondering as time goes will i be able to put higher resolution images into my avatar?
  18. meanwhile...i have made this ufo:
  19. i would like to say that i have played ksp for quite a bit of time now and it was time to get an account here. i have never done anything in any forums so guide me to wisdom! thank you all -admiral9347
  20. wow this is incredible! do you think you can do different types of explosions?
  21. wow these rockets are as close to the real thing as they can get! very nice rockets their.
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