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  1. Ah, thanks. I had the perfect vessel for the job. I'll post my submission soon.
  2. Does it count if we scraped the ground for a moment at around 1000 m/s but survived?
  3. Why have you stopped making vids Suestra?

  4. Doge

    Where are you Macy!!?

  5. Hey heretic you should make a Robotech Macross veritech fighter for your next adaptation video.

  6. How about a train with wings on it? Would that be a good solution?
  7. Anyone else hyped for 0.25 and the CRS-4 launch at the same time?
  8. Thanks for the quick response man! This thread is exploding:confused:
  9. Hypeplane just for this update! Also could someone give me a link to the 0.24 hypetrain thread, I just want to see it.
  10. Hey cupcake, big fan of your awesome designs, but I have one question. What will become of them when the aerodynamics are made realistic in the way future?
  11. Awesome, but I think this is the batwing, not the bat mobile.
  12. The Altair is pretty cool! Was the cargo bay design originally made by pa1983?
  13. The clues all add up. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Easter Eggs?
  14. It would be cool if they added some nice textures to the planets, like red clouds on Laythe or sandstorms on Duna, something to make the planets look cooler.
  15. Hey guys, I just had an idea I had to share. So I know that SQUAD doesn't really want to implement resources in the stock game, and I'm sure that many of you have heard of the mod "extraplanetary launchpads". But my question is, could it work if there was a resource system in career mode in which you could establish bases on other planets, mine resources that can be converted into money, and use those limited funds to build stuff on other worlds? So what do you guys think?
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