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  1. @Nertea Concerning the 2.5m pressurized crew tube models and textures PPD Mini - has missing pipes on the side / the flag transforms are not on the same side as the long and short. PPD Long and Short - those same pipes are white with a rough NRM. PPD Attached - those same pipes are grey and smooth / the flag transforms are not on the same side as the long and short. These are small issues, but I thought you would like to be informed. The new models are awesome btw and I am enjoying them very much! Please, keep doing what you do so WELL. We all are very grateful
  2. I too had problems with the download link in the OP taking me to Jenkins. But this one works just fine!
  3. Roll back your MM to 2.8.1 until Allista / MM team can fix the syntax in the .cfg files.
  4. I just installed Unity 5.4.0p4, downloaded TMPfree and loaded the Part Tools for 1.3 with no problems ....and not using the above script.
  5. Your Editor.log shows that the TMP it is trying to load is TextMeshPro- which is meant for Unity 2017.2 according to TMP: I would suggest contacting Unity support.
  6. Do you have any better texture files that I can convert to .dds (like the ones in the OP). The textures for the drills in the download are alittle poor/blurry.
  7. I still love this model and recently I tried converting your textures to .png and then to .dds (using Paint.net and a conversion tool) to save memory, but I always loose something on the conversion to .png. Do you still have the original textures (not .mbm) I could use for my .dds?
  8. I have removed a line in your Cryo MFT CFG (bold type in red). I don't think it was your intention to edit the available tanks, but just add to them. / CryoEngine MFT (Modular Fuel Tanks) Configuration File // by funk 06/04/2015 released under ... Public License //------------------------------------------------------// // Adds LqdHydrogen to default tank definition @TANK_DEFINITION[Default] { TANK { name = LqdHydrogen amount = 0 maxAmount = 0 mass = 0.0000625 utilization = 10 } } // Adds LqdHydrogen to fuselage tank definition @TAN
  9. I have a problem where a mods MM.cfg has rewritten a part with ill affects and could use some MM help to fix the desired output. It concerns a MFT Module and the available tanks. Here is what I want: MODULE { name = ModuleFuelTanks volume = 43200 type = Default basemass = 0.0003125 * volume baseCostPV = 0 typeAvailable = Default typeAvailable = TalUtility typeAvailable = LifeSupportAll } But this MFT.cfg strips away the TalUtility and LifeSupportAll available tanks, leaving just Default and Cryogenic. Is there a syntax that would just add another typeAvailable = line to the module
  10. taniwha: Thanks for the reply, I am not sure how I missed that ... I must be tired!
  11. There are no more utility tanks, tanks that can be filled with ore, metal, rocketparts? Or, am I missing them?
  12. I find this good reading at times, you might as well HERE.
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