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  1. This is my last missing mod too, so glad to have it back! Any chance for a CKAN release? It's gotten me spoiled.
  2. Looks like it's abandoned. It was a little much for me anyways, Orbital Science and Station Science added enough.
  3. Here's the top of my physics.cfg: dragMultiplier = 6.0dragCubeMultiplier = 0.06 angularDragMultiplier = 2 liftMultiplier = 0.038 liftDragMultiplier = 0.03 bodyLiftMultiplier = 8 aeroFXStartThermalFX = 2 aeroFXFullThermalFX = 3.5 aeroFXExponent = 3 thermalMaxIntegrationWarp = 100 spaceTemperature = 4 solarLuminosityAtHome = 1360 solarInsolationAtHome = 0.15 convectionDensityExponent = 1
  4. Yeah, that's the tricky part. I'm not using life support and fuel cells are stock now so I'm skipping US this time.
  5. I did, something else is wrong. I verified the files, opened up the game and tested it, no problem. Applied someone else's suggested changes and launched a mission, same problem. It must be another mod, but I'm not sure which one. Here's my modlist I'll probably just wait until Squad fixes the aero and the rest of the mods update.
  6. Any suggestions for mounting the magnetometer inside the instrument bay? I can't find an orientation that would let it extend without it clipping into stuff.
  7. Have you actually tested these settings? I used your config file and started hitting the ground at 150m/s with the parachute fully deployed. I'd pull the chute at least 2k up, it'd slow down a bit but it'd barely slow down when the chute opened up. This is with just a Mk1 capsule.
  8. BTW, the in-game AVC download link still points to the prerelease thread.
  9. Like I said, I was hoping for a one-click, especially since the KSP toolbar is pretty clumsy and it's easy to get something stuck open (for me at least). Backslash would help, but I suck at remembering keyboard shortcuts. Edit: Also, backspace conflicts with another mod that I have. Another option is to have it remember whether it was last open or closed. I think the old version did that. But, either way, thanks for all the work you're putting in, KER is still an essential mod for me.
  10. Is there a one-click button to hide KER any more? In 1.0.7 (and 1.0.6), clicking the KER button in the KSP toolbar just opens the options. It's especially annoying because KER defaults to open on launch, and TBH, all the info I need for launch is displayed by VOID. I've taken to moving the KER window to the bottom of the screen so that it's out of the way.
  11. Looks like you forgot to update the AVC file. After installing the 0.2.2 zip, AVC will still tell me to update from 0.2.1 to 0.2.2.
  12. Awesome, congrats on the release! Been using it since 0.24 and I love it.
  13. Yeah, I'm really in favor of a couple of "packages" that you need to get up there, rather than basic weight. Things like Satellite TV transmitters or spy cameras or things like that. Just to make it more "realistic". I don't really need them to do anything, but the extra little role-playing would be nice.
  14. I mean I'd like a description of the mod that's more than just a picture of the parts. I have no idea what to expect from the space station pack.
  15. Thanks. BTW, I'd put that MM code into a separate file, so it doesn't get overwritten the next time you update RemoteTech.