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  1. 1. Check your staging 2. Landing on Eve and Duna takes less deltaV than Mun landing 3. Add more struts to avoid Spontaneous Unplanned Disassembly
  2. I got to moho and back with single craft before i learnt how to rendezvous and dock in space. Also I send kerbals on suicide missions too often. Rest In Pieces Fredrim Kerman, first Kerbal pwned by Tylo at over 9000m/s.
  3. Simple suggestion: Lower any other experiments of the same type & same situation & same biome by 1/3 when it's been already done in other biome. Example: You land on Mun's Highlands, and recover its surface sample - +120 science (I guess it's 120, i can't really remember) You land second time on Midlands - Now you get 80 science You land on Lowlands - 53.(3) science and so on. Same with all other experiments.
  4. In Poland you earn something around 2500 PLN (around 600 Euros) in month. Add lots of taxes and you're left with around 70% of it - 1750 PLN (around 420 Euros). That's why almost 22 mln Poles moved out of here. Another 39 mln still live here.
  5. In Poland 40 Euros is around 170 PLN. It's about 10% of month income. Quite a lot. But still worth it. (Also post #200 woo!)
  6. I'd love to have one to use with RSS too.
  7. So now we have XBox One, PS4 and WiiU. What next?
  8. Can you read this text? Yeah, should be enough.
  9. Do you have plans for 1.2 update now?
  10. Small sneak peek at Casting: Sizes on the previev are dynamically updated, showing core, fuel and pipe to have better instinct on core size.
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