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  1. You get to play it(Beta) before those who buy it on release date(Full Release), at a guess, or did you want flowers and chocolate too?
  2. Returning player I just bought both expansions and installed CKAN and a few mods,just to feel at home again Simple question(looked in FAQ and did a forum & Google search) but I might be missing a very simple thing : The stock toolbar on the bottom right of screen. How do I move it to the top or the right of the screen ? (tried nearly everything) ty The above was for the main building where I was assembling my craft. On the launchpad it is on the right hand side. Never the less how do you move the toolbar ? ty
  3. @linuxgurugamer , Re logfiles I will do so by monday(have to go now) , but just to quickly let you know what I did in my modded game. I chose hyper warp preset and edited 2 of the figures, so I can tell it has changed when I use that preset, and saved it. Quick test showed failure : I tested BTW around various orbits and all ok used MJ and its autowarp option , all still ok, and after MJ I used BTW manually and all ok went to tracking station and back to my ship, and looked at hyper warp preset and figures are now changed to the same at standard preset. @linuxgurugamer , also did above test quickly in vanilla 1.2.2 and all good, preset changes still there. I think a mod is doing it, but gotta go, log file soon
  4. @linuxgurugamer , I see BetterTimeWarp.cfg & BetterTimeWarp_Defaults.cfg. I decided to test BTW cleanly and it does work, so thanks I think the problem is with MJ(or another mod) in my main game, as I use time warp option in MJ when it is executing my nodes. For some reason I think it messes up BTW somehow. I am away for a few days, when I come back I will delete KSP.log from my main game and run BTW with all my mods, then if it is still a problem I will post the log file for you. (p.s. I will do a quick test right now by removing and reinstalling BTW in my main game, but I am in a rush to leave )
  5. Running and still doesn't remember my custom settings p.s. Thanks for all the hard work @linuxgurugamer p.p.s Only just installed BTW tonight(no previous version on my game)
  6. Need your help I used to use a contract mod / addon that allowed me to accept and view/remove contracts from anywhere, any chance of the name of that addon ? ty guys
  7. Ty, didn't know it was part of MOD Throttle Controlled Avionics :)
  8. I have searched but all I get is results about action groups, which I know about. In the following shot I set 2 engines to G1 and 2 to G2, but I can't get them to switch off or on. How do I use this feature ? ty http://i.imgur.com/PqpfI20.jpg
  9. Ok, I just got it, I am not running the latest KSP(I don't use launcher) , my bad and thanks for the prompt reply
  10. Game thinks it is still a previous version and won't load it. the zip file's structure is : Kopernicus.1.2.1-1.zip > Kopernicus.1.2.1-1 > GameData > Kopernicus folder(and MFI folder and MM files) I installed the Kopernicus folder in my Gamedata and the version checker(or game) says it's incompatible and won't load. Am I doing it wrong ? The error message box says "Incompatible mods detected" and it lists only Kopernicus in the box. (I am running KSP
  11. Thanks for all the hard work Am I correct I ignore the modulemanager file you have zipped with Kopernicus ? (as it is 2.7.2 and we're on 2.7.3) or will Kopernicus 1.2.1 only work with 2.7.2 ?
  12. ah thanks, will look in to it, either way here is the screenshot, the decoupler is still there after being deployed,and blocking my docking port http://i.imgur.com/ZkCoMWC.jpg
  13. brb with screenshot. But this is after staging it, I would have thought the left over ring would float away or disappear ?
  14. Basically I decoupled my lander from main body,whilst orbiting Minmus, landed on Minmus then took off back to craft in orbit. When I got there I found the decoupler still on my orbiting craft, hence stopping my lander from contacting the port behind the decoupler. Currently the only choice I have is to send a retrieval craft to the orbit of minmus to save them. I have restarted my save, and rebooted KSP from desktop but decoupler is still there. Is there a solution to this ? ty
  15. WOW ! Amazing knowledge here, thanks a bunch guys. Will read the linked threads when I get back on sunday.
  16. Is there such a thing as too much TWR? Scenario : Launching a refueler(it will orbit kerbin at 700k) with a mix of SRBs and liquid fueled engines. My aim is to get it to 700k with as much fuel as possible. I played with the staging and various SRBs to achieve this. I have had TWRs from 1.4 to over 2 for the 1st stage. Is there an efficient TWR that you guys stick to? (assume I use MJ2 to get to orbit using the same trajectory everytime) or the more the merrier ? ty
  17. I have had that when I ran out of electrical juice(going far far away with solar panels ) and too far from the comms network(can be disabled from the KSP menu to get your craft control back)
  18. No, I asked for that list to be in the "Save" section, so you can click on it to overwrite or edit. Not a problem, I will carry on using your above method , ty
  19. Thank you very much for the reply, it was driving me mad that I couldn't find it after being told it was there
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