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    Leave a Legacy

    The solution is surprisingly easy. Information, no matter how it is stored, is likely to degrade, be misunderstood, or considered a hoax. I have something far simpler in mind that, so far as I can tell, does not violate any of the initial assumptions.
  2. "It's actually a very tricky question," says Dr Simon O'Toole from the Australian Astronomical Observatory. "A lot of people think it's just taking the highest and lowest points on the planet and finding the average, but it's not that simple. Because there's no sea level on Mars any more, zero altitude is defined as a specific atmospheric pressure of 610.5 Pascals, about six millibars. This value was chosen because it's the triple point of water on Mars, where it can exist as gas, liquid or solid." Courtesy of ABC News. I'm not sure whether it's correct or not, but it sounds plausible and I'd personally believe it unless corrected by an expert.
  3. If you look at the painting closely, I think you'll find that people are leaving the ferry. They probably got tired of waiting or suddenly discovered an inexplicable hatred towards watercraft.
  4. Jaelommiss

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    And here I thought pornography was against forum rules (not that I'm complaining).
  5. Jaelommiss

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    It's interesting to look back at previous flights. I didn't realize that they hadn't failed a mission in 15 months (17 consecutive successes), or that it's been 18 months since they last failed to land a booster, or that a quarter of this year's flights were on reused boosters.
  6. He's 61 years old. How much do you think he's going to be passing on his genome in the future?
  7. Jaelommiss

    Interstellar Interloper (A/2017 U1)

    If I were a whale and got woken up like that, I might just smash the boat out of spite. Keeping quiet and hoping for the best might be safer.
  8. Jaelommiss

    Colonization Discussion Thread (split from SpaceX)

    Punished? No, never. You'd get recycled. Don't think of it as being punished. Think of it as no longer being able to perform your assigned job, so you're being given a new one.
  9. Jaelommiss

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Only the most fortunate members of humanity are permitted to gaze down upon the blue marble as they glide silently above its surface, delicately snacking on ice cream borne by falcon's wings and plumes of dragonfire.
  10. Depending on how well the second launch goes it'll be either "Look Ma! No Hands!" or "Hold My Beer".
  11. Jaelommiss

    The South Pole of Jupiter

    Jupiter got all excited when he saw that little Earth were sending someone to see him. Goodness, it had been so long since there was someone to listen to him, someone to call a friend, someone to tell him that it was all be okay. He was hoping we were coming to give him hugs and a temporary reprieve from his stalwart watch over his smaller brothers and sisters. He was the biggest of all the planets in the system, and felt that he needed to keep them safe if he could. It had gottern harder as more and more moons flocked to him, seeking his protection from the uncaring cosmic forces, but he did what he could. He was proud of his sibling planets for helping their own moons, but the bulk of the burden fell to him. That is why he got all excited to see a messenger from little Earth. It had been so long since he'd heard news from his smaller sister. Ever since Mars lost the fledgeling life on growing on his skin both he and Earth had grown quiet. Mars mourned their passing. His core, bright and hot, had gradually petered out until there was nothing left but a bitter, frozen lump. Earth had done what she could, Jupiter had heard, but he could see that she was having a hard time with her brother's sadness. Jupiter was so excited to heat Earth's little messenger. Hopefully it would be good news. Did Mars clean himself up and support life once more? Jupiter hoped so. His younger brother had always been so cheerful when talking about them. The giant cleaned himself and his moons as best he could—look your best for family he always thought—and waited patiently as the curious little box grew larger and larger. It was something quite unlike the terrestrial messengers he normally received. A bizarre contraption of metal and wires, it remained silent as it entered his orbit with mechanical precision. It had been sending out transmissions and receiving others from the direction of Earthi this entire time, but after capturing into orbit those transmissions multiplied exponentially. Sensors and cameras opened up on the craft's surface probing him and snapping pictures of his bare surface. It also paid the same disrepectful attention to his little moons, scanning any that came near in their curiousity and beaming the invasive results back to Earth. What was his little sister thinking? Why would she do this to him? They had always been friends, though they had drifted in the time since Mars was overcome with grief. More than anything Jupiter felt violated. The other planets knew that taking nude photos of your siblings and beaming them across the system was wrong, yet here little Earth was doing it. There was nothing else to say about it. Jupiter was feeling a little blue. Edit: My mind does weird things when it wakes up after taking some powerful sleeping meds on only three hours of sleep.
  12. Jaelommiss

    Would you ride your own rocket?

    Considering that none of my rockets are designed with enough delta-V to achieve LEO, no, I would certainly not.