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  1. Thank you! Okay so I went ahead and did that, and now it seems mostly correctly scaled. Atmo at 84.5 km, Eq. Radius is 2,813 km, but KSC is floating above the ground like 50-100m, and the atmo pressure seems low at 0.65. I believe the atmo is correct, someone else said it was supposed to be 84.5km and 1575 km in diameter, so a little confused there as my game is almost double that number on the radius... Any ideas?
  2. I dont think I added a Rescale! config? I tried downloading a rescale continued config but for some reason Windows said it was an empty zip and couldnt open it, so I gave up on that so I think I'm good, but yeah not exaclty sure whats happening.. Someone in another thread suggested using an old 2.5x config from the original Rescale so I'm trying that (and got rid of the 3.5x config you provided so it doesnt scale twice) so we'll see if that works. EDIT: Okay so an old 2.5x scale config worked, atmo is at 84.5 km and Eq. Radius is 2,813km so I think thats fine and dandy, I think. The atmo
  3. Okay thank you! I just wanted to double check the installation lol, so I did all that and it kind of worked? In the tracking Station it says rhodes atmo ends at like 143,821 m, and the Eq. radius is 5,530 km. So it scaled but I think it scaled it a bit too far lmao
  4. In that link it says its scaled to 3.5 (to match JNSQ), I wanted 2.5, however I think 3.5 will work perfectly fine, thank you. Do I just drop that config into the GameData folder, or does it go inside a mod's folder..?
  5. May i pick your brain about a Beyond Home 2.5x scale? Currently trying to do that myself but its not scaling, Rhode still shows a 50km atmo height. Did you just edit the SD global config to 2.5x or did you find a config somewhere?
  6. Oh okay that makes sense, I thought I was missing a config somewhere but I couldnt really find directions (maybe im stupid). So downloading rescale and a 2.5x config SHOULD make it a bigger system then? A quick google search makes it seem like Rescale Continued isnt updated for 1.10.1, would that be an issue?
  7. I'm having trouble getting Beyond Home to work at 2.5x scale on KSP 1.10.1, I've downloaded sima dimensions and everything else, Rhodes atmo still ends at 50km (according to the tracking station so unless thats wrong). I didnt get any errors on startup so /shrug. I can provide any log files or screenshots of my Game Data, appreciate any help.
  8. Now is this with the RSB Stockalike patch thing? I was wanting to use RSB with RSS (and maybe once RO comes out)
  9. Hi everyone, I'm trying to get RSB and Real Fuels to work together, but I just cant find anything on how to get them to play nice. Sorry if I'm just too stupid to figure this out, but any help is appreciated, thanks!
  10. Hi all, Im not necessarily new to KER, but I have never used the RDZV tab, and I do not understand much of it (obviously distance AP PE I understand), but the angles I do not get, can anyone explain?
  11. Okay so, OBS doesnt like it when I try and stream Kerbal. In OBS I have Game Capture set up for KSP, and when I start the preview and tab back to Kerbal it instantly crashes. However, if I dont tab into KSP the preview on OBS works. When I analyze the OBS log it says it has a hook conflict and I should try disabling overlays and such. I disabled Steam's overlay, and I'm not sure what else there is. Googling doesnt really come up with anything useful so I'm stuck. Thanks for any help!
  12. I have a GTX 760 2GB and my drivers are up to date, so i wouldnt think so. I installed ATM Aggressive and I loaded up the game at 1.8GB, and launched a rocket (and then launch clamp attack) so I reverted to the VAB and it just closed, no crash popup. I go and look at the error.log and it says it was mono.dll again. Ill try the AA first, because I like to have my game fit the whole monitor
  13. How do I set it off? Theres sooo many buttons inside the cockpit
  14. Hi, I'm running lots of mods (close to 85 or so) on a Realism Overhaul install. The game crashes right after loading. Sometimes the error log says "KSP.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)" and other times it says "mono.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)". I think the first error is probably just out of memory, but Im not sure about the second. On the off chance I can get KSP to launch, it starts at 3.3GB (Which is about the limit). I have my texture quality to quarter (sometimes it resets I think, but last time thats what I set it to) and I've removed lots of parts. I've also
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