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  1. A small bit of feedback on the Buffalo rovers and a part suggestion as a result. The rovers are substantially more stable to drive when using the "Buffalo Chassis (2U)" horizontally and offset to re-center them while still allowing the ladders to clear the wheels. perhaps  you might wish to consider adding a second, centralised, attachment node to the 2U to allow it to be centrally mounted. With central mounting nodes on the long, side and on the top/bottom you could use them to widen the wheelbase where needed while still having the single width pieces for sections without wheels.

  2. I've got a couple of questions regarding static fire tests and BARIS...

    Is there benefit to having multiple of the same part type on a test fire stand? (e.g. two RT-10 HAMMER SRBs) and if yes, then should you stage them separately or does that not matter?

    Thanks in advance :)

  3. Hmm, I think my Val is taking lessons from yours, @CatastrophicFailure... I could have sworn that the "Minmus Waystation" I launched last night was un-kerbed and when I came to it this morning there was Valentina sat in the Cupola... half-way to Minmus :mad:

    Thankfully those waystations are built to extend the hab time of kerbed missions so it has snacks and lots of life support but still... dang-it Valentina, now I have to design, test and fly a kerbed mission out to Minmus months ahead of time :mad: and the next project was supposed to be the deep space communications relay for the upcoming unkerbed Duna and Moho flights...

    Finally finished reading everything you've written so far though and I loved it all! When the Kraken trilogy is done will you be pulling all three books together into something eReader friendly? (PLEASE! :D)

  4. Is a radial ore tank REQUIRED for the Jaw to begin converting asteroid mass into Rock? Thanks in advance...

    Edit: after kit-bashing a test rig together, yes you DO need a radial ROCK tank to convert asteroid mass (unlike as shown in the OP video where the asteroid itself was a container for the rock)... unless I have a massive mod collision somewhere that is breaking ART's asteroid changes...

    Edit 2: I put together a Stock + ART (Version, freshly downloaded today) test install and the behaviour is the same, a separate ROCK tank MUST be attached to the asteroid in order for the system to work. The Rock is NOT being held within the asteroid as @RoverDude's video in the OP shows (Was this an evolution of the mod or is it a bug?).

  5. 4 minutes ago, PocketBrotector said:

    SoundingRockets has a 20EC radial battery you may like

    Sounding Rockets is what gave me the idea for something that would fit in neatly alongside both DERP and Sounding Rockets. I love using SR and DERP to build my CSM internals in the stock Service Bay. Two DERP structurals stack nicely in there and that then takes my monoprop, supply bags and small experiments, plus a DERP monoprop tank and a fuel cell and a stock 200e battery (offset inside a DERP Structure ring). >.> tbh I love every RoverDude mod...

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