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  1. Much kudos on that graphic! Where did the base picture come from? I don't think it's a KSP screenshot (and if it is then dear god that is some serious screen archery) and I'm kinda hoping I could get it for a wallpaper so I can weep anew at its beauty every time I turn my computer on!
  2. Where does the graphic from the banner image in the OP come from? Every time I see it I want to burst into tears it is so beautiful...
  3. Quick question, is the parachute for the 0.6m nosecone supposed to come out at a 45 degree angle? It almost looks like its one parachute of a twin-chute setup in a way...
  4. Jebediah, Valentina and Bob return from their six day polar expedition during which they thoroughly tested their Bon Voyage auto-drive systems... Their responses? Jeb - "It's awesome! I want one for boats too!" Bob - "Very useful, I was able to spend more time on science as a result!" Valentina - "Out of the way, nobody get between me and the showers! Oh, the BV? Worked a charm, now MOVE!"
  5. Well, if nothing else, the particle effects look good I'll give it a test today and drop my feedback in here. Edit: Two thumbs up! Works great as a souped up pair of Panthers!
  6. Hmm, one problem there, High Altitude flight comes AFTER supersonic flight on the stock tree and CTT, not sure about any other tech trees as I haven't got installs with them.
  7. Correct. It would balance the part with the rest of the jet engines within the pack without having to remove the very high thrust the engine is capable of AND also allow it to be of use as a higher efficiency cruising engine.
  8. Great to hear regarding the tags. So, I sat down with a Stock + Quiztech install of KSP and played around with some numbers and here's a suggested revision of the Mk2 Twin Turbofan Engine as a twin-mode engine with an afterburner (akin to the Panther). Mode 1 - Normal 18,000 ISP 522 kN Thrust @ Mach 2.5 180kN Thrust @ Stationary Mode 2 - Afterburner 8,000 ISP 1,044 kN Thrust Mach 3 300 kN Thrust @ Stationary This would bring the normal mode of the engines in-line with the rest of the engines within the mod-pack while retaining the existing
  9. Love the parts but there are a couple of things... Mk2 Twin Turbofan Engine could use having the 'jet' search tag attaching to it for a small QoL improvement. Mk2 Twin Turbofan Engine has a Max Thrust of 1043.903 kN @ Mach 3 and an ISP of 8,000. Allowing for the fact that it is a twin-engine assembly, that is still 521.9515 kN @ Mach 3 per engine which is greater than the stock Turbo Ramjet (386.657 kN @ Mach 3, 4,000 ISP) and the Panther AB Turbofan (107.885 kN @ Mach 1.8, 9,000 ISP in Normal mode and 219.476 kN @ Mach 2.5, 4,000 ISP in Afterburner mode). Perhaps bring the stats i
  10. First, let me say that I was initially very skeptical about this mod and if I would really find it useful. Then I watched a video by The Beardy Penguin which utilised this mod and I thought to myself "Huh, okay maybe I should at least try it..." Now... I'm not sure I could ever do planes in KSP without this mod! It takes planes from being frustrating, annoying and generally obnoxious to use and makes flying them into something that is REALLY fun to do! 5/5 - Will never fly a plane without this mod again! On a side-note, definitely get the Improved Chase Cam mod to go with it...
  11. I only managed to get to about page 107 in the end, by then I had a headache from skimming so many pages . At least someone has those configs backed up in case they disappear though! With the loss of KerbalStuff the community seems to have lost quite a few small mods where the developer either lost the source or has left the community. I'm looking forward to actually being able to use MJ parts again with 1.1 though, I've always had to part prune in the past to keep my KSP slightly more stable >.<
  12. @Peppie23 The links to the alternate descriptive antenna and RSS cfg files buried in the thread are broken now, I'm currently thread-diving for the new post links (170 pages, this may take a while) and will link them as I find them into this message. Edit: I'm also including links to any other config flavours, some may be out of date though as I'm working through the thread chronologically. Stock Antenna Configs Descriptive Antenna Descriptions Make all antenna and dishes Omni-directional
  13. I don't think this particular question has been asked yet (though I skim-read most of the thread) but has a tweakable base size been considered? f.e. a slider that can scale from 1.25m to 3.75m in half-size steps? I'm not sure if tweakables can be limited in availability in a tech tree though... (having to unlock bigger parts to make the larger tweakable settings available) Also, have you ruled out 0.65m and 5m base sizes? I'm really looking forward to when you have time to continue work on this fairing mod as it looks like a pretty damn awesome system to me, particularly t
  14. So this bit of RoverDude's OP is no longer accurate? Damn, that means I either have to leave Jeb and Val floating in space until I unlock the grabber (or KAS becomes available for 1.1) or I have to alter the config to get them back and then reset it...
  15. Can someone confirm for me that orange suits (Bill, Bob, Jeb and Val) will NEVER go "tourist" in the 1.1 build please? I have Jeb and Val currently on vacation half-way between Kerbin and Minmus.
  16. Can confirm, seems to be working as intended. Has Jeb been reprimanded for pushing the wrong button?
  17. I don't think yours were the only ones listed as 1.0.7 as Real Launch Sites was showing as 1.0.7 (and as being an outdated version).
  18. @VITAS You mean "http://spacedock.info/kerbal-space-program" >>> Click on a mod (K.F. for example, it's on featured atm) >>> Click "Download" >>> should work? Because I've tried: going directly to the linked file going to the mod page then the download going from the KSP page to the mod, to the download going from the SpaceDock front page, to the KSP page, to the mod page, to the download
  19. I seem to be getting 500 Internal Server errors when trying to download any file, have tried two computers on two different internet connections so it's not local. Did Jeb press the wrong button on the server again?
  20. Standing by so hard, missing this mod out of my 1.0.5 re-install so much.
  21. Suggestion: Radial Karbonite engines, I've been testing a drone 'Ka' drilling rig and the stock radials work a treat with the existing derrick style drilling system in terms of functionality. Question: Is there a bug tracker set up for Karbonite so it is easier to keep track of whether a bug has been reported yet? Thoughts: I am in love already with this mod! This will synergise insanely well with KAS for fuel transfer as well as linking multiple derricks together and I am on tenterhooks to see both how Karbonite evolves and how you expand MKS/OKS with Karbonite functionality! Possible bug: la
  22. Can't wait for a release so I can play with this lovely project! One argument in favour of radial drills is so they can be fitted on heavy rovers. Scenario: You have an EL assembly plant on Duna located at your main base (which uses MKS modules ^^), you can then build a heavy rover in-situ and drive it to a suitable resource site. (I'm sort of thinking along the lines of the UCS resource harvesters from Earth 2150) As a side-note, if you wanted to g for an "iron man" playthrough, you could RP only having a finite amount of fuel available as default and have to harvest fuel as you progress... t
  23. I asked this question on the Youtube video but with hindsight I should have probably asked it here instead, what happens if you use 1/1 time with the "Lock Delta Physics" option? Boom or grabbiness? Aha! So KAS's explosiveness is in actual fact the direct result of all the failed decouplers of every KSP player being channelled through quantum entanglement into our KAS parts, thus causing our parts to detach with excessive force! ... which reminds me, where did I put my medication?
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