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  1. Hi. I installed the mod in my new 0.24 installation and the icons seems very blurry. I'm not using the active texture reduction mod, and I am running in the x64 version.

    Previously, using 0.23.5 I had no problems.

    Any idea why?

    same issue - every image in the window has been replaced by a smudged square

    I think this might answer your issues...

    OK, I'm awake now :) but at Work :(

    From what I can read I should be able to do a simple recompile and include the new texture fix when I get home - after I get a download from the store.

    Patience is required, the dreaded ARR-ELLE is keeping our beloved mod creator distracted but have faith and compatibility shall be yours!

    ... sorry, sleep deprivation kicking in so my weirdness is beginning the channel. Translated, that means we should see a fix very soon :)

  2. I can finally launch rockets with a greater than 50% chance of them actually taking off now, hehe. Though I still keep looking for the atmospheric density readout during launch, I'll have to break myself of that habit. Full FAR does makes my head swim a bit, maybe once I get used to NEAR I can graduate back to FAR and figure out what I'm doing!

    As an aside, the naming convention made me nearly choke on my morning cup of tea from laughter.

  3. I am eagerly awaiting 0.24 compatibility, but don't overdo it, stupid_chris, Those work hours sound horrendously unpleasant and 0.24 support is not worth killing yourself by working too hard!

    On a side-note, I never realised just how well RealChute slips in as a replacement for the stock parachutes until now, when I'm not able to use it. A sign of a great mod, to be sure!

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