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  1. try in CLI, ckan install AutomatedScienceSampler=1.1.3
  2. Finally found out it's from KerbalPlanetaryBaseSystems's greenhouse, made for kerbalism's life support.
  3. 2Hot and GRAVMAX sensor in universal storage size transfers only 50% the data, while the stock one with lesser weight transfers all the data. Is this some kind of penalty?
  4. unmanned vessels had resources like FOOD/OXYGEN/SHIELDING ,with a data of 0.00/0.00, seems to be unnecessary at all, can you remove that?
  5. I have DMagic Orbit Science installed, and xScience tells me I can do plant growth study, which I can't find any part to do that. Did I miss something?
  6. as changelog mentioned, "The signal mechanic is disabled automatically if you have RemoteTech or AntennaRange installed"
  7. Appreciate for the compatibility with CPR, and remotetech. Gonna send a engineer to destroy all the USI LS part and try this mod now.
  8. Since only pods have this issue, I assume it's caused by mods adding functions to pods. I tried removing StockPlugins and it's working correctly now.
  9. 1.6.0 works fine but 1.6.1 causes ksp to freeze during loading, on OS X, ksp 1.1.2. uninstalling trajectories could fix this. log file : update: ok i checked the log file myself and it seems to be the vessel view plugin problem. removing vessel view also fixes the freeze.
  10. Not sure if it's too op but I love the one click circularize button.
  11. My game freezes during loading after upgrading to 1.1.2, along with upgrading MM and all the other mods I can upgrade with ckan. I then deleted the module manager config cache things and game's working now.