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  1. Still an awesome job Nighingale! Each time I return to work on BeyondMun (Contract Campaign) there a new CC releases. I would dream of beeing such dedicated to a project!
  2. The other SCANsat pack is mine and was just created to kickstart contract pack creation. DBT85 is doing a fine job and I stopped developing mine. You should prefere DBT85's pack
  3. SCANsat pack is licensed by "DO WHAT THE .... YOU WANT TO" - license. There are NO rules, you can republish under your name or "do what the .... you want to" with But I would be glad to add those contracts to the pack. Send my note or better make a pull request
  4. in Kerbals main directory is a KSP.log file. While ingame you have two options, alt + f2 opens the logger or alt + f12 and switch to debug.
  5. Is the HQ's transmission range intented to be only in Kerbin's SOI? Haven't used RT a long time and in an earlier stage there was no range limitation. *confused*
  6. Docking is already issued, see: https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/issues/86
  7. Public available API is in SCANUtil, I used SCANUtil.getCoverage that returns only the coverage percentage. That method is new to SCANSat v9.0 so you have to watch for in the dev tree. There is a public static SCANdata getData(CelestialBody body) methode too.
  8. Line breaks in the description work with \n. They may need to be escaped with another slash like \\n. If this isn't working too, its maybe not supported.
  9. I changed the title to make it more clear that version 9.0 is needed. I already mentioned it in the readme, but who reads it?
  10. What a terrible start to contribute stuff to kerbal community! Thanks for informing me AlphaAsh. I removed the link and rehosted on Google Drive. I made some scanning missions for Contract Configurator using the SCANsat extension. The missions cover all scannable main planets and Kerbin's moons. Starting new game isn't required, if you have already scanned more than 90% of Kerbin's surface your next mission will be Mun/Minmus and so on. To get the first mission (Scan Kerbin) offered, you have to research the SCAN RADAR Altimetry Sensor from SCANsat. Tested with: Contract Configurator(v0.4.2) and SCANsat(v9.0 due API change) This is ment to be an example for creating scanning contracts with CC. Feel free to add/change missions. If you have an urge to contribute those changes, send me a note! I do not plan to extend this mission pack. If you want to release an improved one, I would be glad! Download From GitHub: [Download] License Im not really sure why some .cfg files need a license but anyway: SCANsat Mission Pack is licensed with WTFPLv2
  11. Nope! Just a ... moment for me too. I removed the link my missions are zipped, not a exe file). I'm sorry for any troubles. I hope no one else tried to download it. The counter shows only 2 downloads. I'm not used to download pages. Any suggestions for better and not paid one?
  12. I created some simple scan missions for the SCANsat extension, covering all scannable main planets and Kerbin's moons. Prepare to earn funds with scanning! download: removed do unsecure host. See post #119 to get a new download link.
  13. Looks like 0.90s mission generation breaks if you remove origin techtree nodes. Fixed that by loading the stock tree and my own too.
  14. I thought about that yesterday and looked into it. CCs agent loading is pretty neat, don't think missing, wrong spelled or no agent could break it. One thing that broke my mission generation, was caused by TechManager. Do you use any other mods?
  15. Switch vessel works fine. I had to change the keyboard layout for switching vessels. Looks like [ and ] don't work on a german keyboard layout.