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  1. Thats either a crash or a takeoff. 9/10 i wish it was clearer
  2. Awesome! That is exactly what I needed. Thanks
  3. Today, and not for the first time, I had my lander on a perfect lunar course. I was just about to do the de-orbit burn and land on the mun when i accidentally hit the spacebar and dropped the service module. Now there is a capsule with parachutes and a docking port orbiting the mun. Those Kerbals are dead even before they know it.... Is there a way to lock a stage to prevent accidental separation? This was a practice run with a new lander. Think of the frustration if i had made it all the way out to Duna and then dumped the SM!
  4. I am working with the cargo bay, and somehow i selected it to be closed in the SPH and when i go to the runway. Now I cant figure out how to open them in the SPH again! HELP!
  5. Granted, but it turns out to be a wimey-timey machine that only goes backward in time. You are murdered by Genghis Khan before you figure out how to run it forward. I wish replicators (like on Star Trek :TNG, not Stargate) were real!
  6. I have just downloaded 1.8.8 of the Soviet pack from spaceport, and I notice the absence of Buran. What happened? That was my favorite ship! did .21 break it? That would be sad, it was probly the best Kerbal shuttle yet.
  7. Granted, but it turns out you bought a Celeron processor and it is terrible. I wish I were a Lumberjack!
  8. Did anyone ever figure out why the Buran Arm goes all wobbly crazy when trying to move cargo out of the bay in orbit? I am using the stock Buran launcher, with a decoupler mounted against the rear wall and a station module stacked in with it. If i simply release the coupler the module will drift free, but then i cant control it or extend its solar panels or anything. I had hoped to lift it clear and then use the arm to bring it up against the docking ring. The modules I have attempted this with have been very small (just the 4-way adapter with clampotrons and a crewtank), and large (enough parts that it fills the cargo bay and looks like something that was really flown to ISS). I have tried it with sas on and off, rcs on and off, and with and without mechjeb doing anything. Using caplock to make small, slow moves puts the moment of catastrophe off for a bit, but as soon as i try to lift it clear of the bay i have oscillation feedback and parts drifting away......... Many Kerbals have died trying to work out this issue.
  9. So, ship built, ladders work, stepped one crew member out the hatch and can move up and down the ladders and around on the pad. What I cant do is get the crewer back into the command pod. how do i do that?
  10. When building in the spaceplane hangar, I find that my craft always spawn several feet above the runway and fall straight down on their landing gear. sometimes the plane survives this impact, but more often some part falls off. especially the heavier ships get damaged. what is going on?
  11. one or two generations further down the VASMIR engine will do the trick. That guy seems to have done his homework, and the idea seems viable to me. problem is, there is no way that politics and funding in the current world scene will ever line up. no politician would commit to that for the length of time it takes to get it done.
  12. Thanks to the hard work / tinkering of many fellow players, I now have a deep space mission orbiting Kerbol at around 14000000km. solar panels recharging battery, ION drive for unlimited tiny thrust, and ZO2 filters keeping breathable atmosphere for my frightened little kerbanauts. My question is : How do I navigate my way back to a nice controlled landing on Kerbin? Gonna have to be a careful approach due to amazingly low thrust by ion engine. I have MechJeb latest version and game version .15.2
  13. that worked! edit: mostly getting all the versions to line up is apparently key. now i wont copy a thing to that folder until new versions of everything arrive. the panels show power generation, the filters do refill the zo2 tanks, but the batteries do not refill. once they go down, they stay empty. i give up for today.......
  14. im missing something. if i use 1.8.4, the filter is not selectable in the VAB. it simply says not available in this version if i use (the one from the fixed camera) then i can select, install, and fly with working filters but the dynavolt panels no longer generate any power.
  15. i went and got the dll from the fixed cam plugin, and it fixed the zo2 filters. but it broke the dynavolt panels! they deploy and all, but there is no power generated!