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  1. This is awesome! It worked for me immediately, no configurations needed. Now i just need an old android device to make into a secondary display
  2. Is there a build already compiled that i can try out, even tho its probably not fully tested and stuff?
  3. By the way, the other guys code I am looking into using is this. https://github.com/Richi0D/Kerbalcontroller My hardware goals would align with this for the most part. I quite like those displays, but i dont want to order them unless i can figure out the programming. EUREKA!!!! The buad rate in this batch of code for the serial connection was different than the one in Demo17. It was set way higher. I changed it down, and now it talks!. The tx and rx lights on the Arduino go active when loading a rocket. Thats enough tinkering for today. I can go to sleep feeling all accomplished and stuff.
  4. ok. so this function under the output section. void controls() { if (Connected) { if (digitalRead(SASPIN)) { //--------- This is how you do main controls MainControls(SAS, HIGH); setSASMode(SMSAS); //setting SAS mode //setNavballMode(NAVBallSURFACE); //setting navball mode } else { //setNavballMode(NAVBallTARGET); MainControls(SAS, LOW); } if (digitalRead(RCSPIN)) MainControls(RCS, HIGH); else MainControls(RCS, LOW); if (digitalRead(CG1PIN)) //--------- This is how you do control groups ControlGroups(1, HIGH); else ControlGroups(1, LOW); /* if (getSASMode() == SMPrograde) { //--------- This is how you read SAS modes //Blink LED, do stuff, etc. } if (getNavballMode() == NAVBallTARGET) { //--------- This is how you read navball modes //Blink LED, do stuff, etc. } */ //This is an example of reading analog inputs to an axis, with deadband and limits CPacket.Throttle = constrain(map(analogRead(THROTTLEPIN), THROTTLEDB, 1024 - THROTTLEDB, 0, 1000), 0, 1000); //This is an example of reading analog inputs to an axis, with deadband and limits //CPacket.Pitch = constrain(map(analogRead(THROTTLEPIN),0,1024,-1000,1000),-1000, 1000); KSPBoardSendData(details(CPacket)); } } Where it calls 'if digitalread rcspin' that means : if the digital pin defined as 'whateverpin' is connected to ground (button pressed), the do the following make 'whatevercommand' have a 1 as its bit else make 'whatevercommand' have a 0 as its bit and then the "maincontrols" function enforces that its binary and not some analog value, and ads it to the packet. Have I got that right? so each button press command you want to send thru serialio follows that syntax?
  5. ok, so i have belatedly come to realize that i cannot simply copy somebody's code without having their exact setup. So, I will be starting from the Demo17 code. That Demo17 code works just as it should. Here is my rough plan... I have a USB-HID interface board that I will be using for the actual input into the game. that lets me keep the input functionality separate and simple. I plan to use serialIO to drive my indicator LEDs and a set of 7 segment / 8 digit displays to show altitude, apoapsis, periapsis, velocity. and some analog guages to show fuel levels, and atmosphere density. It means that i will have to have two USB cables connected but that is no big deal. So, instead of somebody to solve my problem for me, what i need is a really basic tutorial on how to make the starter code in Demo17 to do what i tell it. My programming skills are all from 1994 when we did Turbo Pascal in High School. Since then i have not done anything more than write batch files and a few really simple if/then operations. So I have basically zero experience with Arduino. My 3D printer ran briefly on Marlin but even that code was already setup and you just had to define a few variables. Dipping into some major wishful thinking here, I saw on this or maybe on the subreddit /r/kerbalcontrollers that somebody had made a sort of DSKY display that used a small LCD panel. That was beautiful, and if I could figure out how that was implemented that would be a major upgrade to my sort of simplistic plan at the moment.
  6. I just found this mod, and it all functions quite well. I see that the orbital maps bug is still there, but the really killer bug is the halting micro-freezes. The flight of even a really simple rocket is stuttery and halting. If i do not place the telemachus antenna on a ship, and load the flight normally then it runs smooth. If i place the antenna on board it becomes all stuttery. Has there been any progress on identifying the cause of this? What can I do to correct it?
  7. Is there a guide somewhere to how to add controls? I am looking to add other stuff over time... 3-axis joysticks for rotation and translation, a couple of Nextion displays, etc.... I have some sample code from other peoples projects for comparisons, but i dont think i can do much copy and paste without screwing things up.... baby steps / walk before you run / that sort of thing. I am using the Arduino sketch posted on /r/kerbalcontrollers by a guy who goes by wurmi00 because i want to use the nextion display setup that he did. However, i am not getting any response from the plugin that way. I think i need some config help. I may be using a mismatched version of the plugin or something. The arduino lights blink showing that data is tx and rx. but not all that fast,. When i run the demo code, things work and that light blinks really rapidly. Any input is welcome. .
  8. Thats either a crash or a takeoff. 9/10 i wish it was clearer
  9. Today, and not for the first time, I had my lander on a perfect lunar course. I was just about to do the de-orbit burn and land on the mun when i accidentally hit the spacebar and dropped the service module. Now there is a capsule with parachutes and a docking port orbiting the mun. Those Kerbals are dead even before they know it.... Is there a way to lock a stage to prevent accidental separation? This was a practice run with a new lander. Think of the frustration if i had made it all the way out to Duna and then dumped the SM!
  10. I am working with the cargo bay, and somehow i selected it to be closed in the SPH and when i go to the runway. Now I cant figure out how to open them in the SPH again! HELP!
  11. Granted, but it turns out to be a wimey-timey machine that only goes backward in time. You are murdered by Genghis Khan before you figure out how to run it forward. I wish replicators (like on Star Trek :TNG, not Stargate) were real!
  12. I have just downloaded 1.8.8 of the Soviet pack from spaceport, and I notice the absence of Buran. What happened? That was my favorite ship! did .21 break it? That would be sad, it was probly the best Kerbal shuttle yet.
  13. Granted, but it turns out you bought a Celeron processor and it is terrible. I wish I were a Lumberjack!
  14. Did anyone ever figure out why the Buran Arm goes all wobbly crazy when trying to move cargo out of the bay in orbit? I am using the stock Buran launcher, with a decoupler mounted against the rear wall and a station module stacked in with it. If i simply release the coupler the module will drift free, but then i cant control it or extend its solar panels or anything. I had hoped to lift it clear and then use the arm to bring it up against the docking ring. The modules I have attempted this with have been very small (just the 4-way adapter with clampotrons and a crewtank), and large (enough parts that it fills the cargo bay and looks like something that was really flown to ISS). I have tried it with sas on and off, rcs on and off, and with and without mechjeb doing anything. Using caplock to make small, slow moves puts the moment of catastrophe off for a bit, but as soon as i try to lift it clear of the bay i have oscillation feedback and parts drifting away......... Many Kerbals have died trying to work out this issue.
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