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  1. great, now I got the song "Like a kurrikane" stuck in my head on a more serious note, looks interesting and will give it a try, guess I should get fmrs as well
  2. yay, fusebox update/restart/continuation or whatever you want to call it. Thank you!
  3. 4 ra-15 relays on a satalite *should* be enough to get a path up to a single hg-5 dish located at eve. though very weak signal if eve-kerbin is at max distance. a single ra-100 should give better coverage. if you upgraded your trackingstation to lvl 2(or better, 3) it should also be strong enough to reach your sattalite. Off course if you have extra ground stations disabled then ksc needs to be in view, so to speak. helpfull tool on following topic for figuring out what dish to bring
  4. great tool, but I think Jeb messed around in it, cells A7, F8, F9, G8 and G9 seem to be messed up.
  5. I find the text difficult to read in the centre, where the back ground turns a lighter colour, easy fix is to use white letters with a black outlining(in open office it's called shadow, dont know about m$ powerpoint) can't comment on the actual content as i haven't used mks so far. Looks complicated so tutorial would be nice
  6. 1.1/10 I dont know what sort of wolf that is, but Im sure it owuld burn up on entry. evil thing to do to a wolf, but not very in the grand scheme of things I slowly remove all caffine from all coffee and other caffinated drinks world wide over the course of a year, then when eveyone is over their caffine addiction I make all drinks 10 times as strong then theye were before
  7. Like this guy, I'm 80% sure
  8. you got it all wrong, if it's at 6666 then that's not proof it is evil. It's proof that it went beyond evil 6000 ago
  9. thanks for updating Are you still planning to add science/data for labs? or is that "being worked on(R)" and expected soon(TM)?(in other words, planning too but unknown when you have time for it)
  10. @hab136 I did, even deleted the leftover folder from gamedata, but still got that message. The message for trying to install a mod you already installed yourself is different, something along the lines of "ckan will never overwrite files not installed by ckan" so I am guassing this is some licensing issue, you continuing an abandoned mod(with ckan not knowing it was abandoned).. Then again, I dont really know anything about how ckan handles mods being added so I can be way off
  11. well it's in stock now(though the safe deployment color is grey instead of green)
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